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    im interested
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    what time , where?
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    really ha ha =)) well basically your translator made a mistake in the second part, but still good. Good video, good riding and style.

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    Hi everyone

    What about Russian Rider?

    Living in Moscow. Started to ride in 2003, had 2 stocks and 2 MODs.
    Twice champion of Russia in 2004 and 05.
    Now in New Balance team. Also sponsored by two trials shops in Moscow.


    1) Professional trials ( competitions, shows )
    2) Professional Drifting ( Competitions, street drifting, shows )
    3) Trampoline jumping ( For fun but with instructor )
    4) Freeride (Ski)
    5) Rc Drift ( Competitions, for fun )
    6) Slalom ( roller blades )
    7) Movie making ( Final cut Pro )

    What am I doing here?

    So, to be honest Im doing my Masters in International Management at Oxford Uni.
    I also took my bike with me from Moscow but forget about helmet. =)

    What do I think about UK's riders?

    You guys are SICK !!! drop-gaps, side hops ... crazy.
    You have lots of street riding events, thats why probably you are really good at street trial.
    I used to ride with some good riders and really good friends ( Phil, George, Will ... )

    To conclude, Hopefully i can meet other riders, and I would more than like to have some English friends to travel around UK.

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