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  1. im interested
  2. Hey, I have a frame for you! Echo mod excellent cond.

  3. what time , where?
  4. really ha ha =)) well basically your translator made a mistake in the second part, but still good. Good video, good riding and style. Kruto!
  5. Hi everyone What about Russian Rider? Living in Moscow. Started to ride in 2003, had 2 stocks and 2 MODs. Twice champion of Russia in 2004 and 05. Now in New Balance team. Also sponsored by two trials shops in Moscow. Interests 1) Professional trials ( competitions, shows ) 2) Professional Drifting ( Competitions, street drifting, shows ) 3) Trampoline jumping ( For fun but with instructor ) 4) Freeride (Ski) 5) Rc Drift ( Competitions, for fun ) 6) Slalom ( roller blades ) 7) Movie making ( Final cut Pro ) What am I doing here? So, to be honest Im doing my Masters in International Management at Oxford Uni. I also took my bike with me from Moscow but forget about helmet. =) What do I think about UK's riders? You guys are SICK !!! drop-gaps, side hops ... crazy. You have lots of street riding events, thats why probably you are really good at street trial. I used to ride with some good riders and really good friends ( Phil, George, Will ... ) To conclude, Hopefully i can meet other riders, and I would more than like to have some English friends to travel around UK. Cheers
  6. Hi, im interested in todays ride// send me your №

  7. Hi mate, are you going to ride today? Can you please give me your № .

  8. Hi mate, are you going to ride today? Can you please give me your № .

  9. Hi mate, are you going to ride today? Can you please give me your № .

  10. Hi mate. I think im up to Southamtons ride. send me your No