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  1. Is anyone using a 5820k and does overclock on them. Let me know I need help with it! Cheers Oak
  2. Worth keeping an eye on Facebook market. I found a friends stolen BMX on there too! Goodluck man! Oak
  3. I'll see how it goes first! If I end up liking it, I'm most probably going to end up buying the MT7's too!
  4. Yeah I've found a pair of MT5's for £100 just to try them out! If I don't like it I'll most probably go back to Hope Brakes! Thank you for the help guys really appreciate it! Oak
  5. The not having the BAT and pad rock like you mentioned makes me feel like I'd just get the Tech 3 lever Trialzone set-up. I like having the lever travel a very pull quite short it just helps me with my manuals! I tend to pull the lever a bit too hard if I have a lot of travel cant get used to it! I do still want to try the MT brakes but if there a bit temperamental makes it a bit nah for me. I'm not the softest rider to be honest unless I'm riding my mod. Thank you for the help guys. Really appreciate it Oak
  6. Thank you! Do the MT5's have the Bite point adjustments? or is it reach only? I'd thought the MT5s would cost more than that! Cheers Oak
  7. Hello guys and gals I'm looking for some new brakes for my 24" and looking for some peoples experiences with them? I'm considering MT6, MT5 and MT7 if people have used them please help with some opinions. Thank you Oak
  8. I would love to have a seperate drift car but where I'm living I have my park my car on the street no driveways on my road and also only allowed 2 parking permits per house (Wife's car is on the permit too) I did have a look at the E36's and E46's but I don't really know them cars. I'm more of a JDM person from all the cars I've had (3) As for the S-body's I've thought about it too I don't want to it to be sat in a workshop somewhere fixing someone else's abuse! I've found a S15 for £8900 I'll be going to have a look at it soon, I have a feeling the car has been VERY abused! I still love the shape of the E36 estate! Someone is coming to look at my car sometime next week. Hopefully I can get rid of it! It looks practical from the outside (2009 Lexus GS450h) until Lexus thought is would be a GREAT idea to put the Hybrid battery in the boot! I can barely fit my mod bike and a backpack in there or 1 golf bag and a umbrella. Wished I got the GS300 instead! I do agree with the expensive panels for the S2000! I've rarely seen people using them for drifting I thought maybe why not try them! I would go for the older BMW's but I also need it to be a daily. I did get an offer from a close friend for his N54 Single turbo kit. He's running it on stock internals too but if something did go wrong I don't think the N54 engines are as cheap as a SR20! or even an RB25 I have been keeping an eye out for those. Just waiting for the right one if I do not buy anything before then!
  9. I was going to Lexus GS300 (2JZ-GE) but the conversion to manual will cost about the price of the car, it is more practical but can't justify spending that much for a manual conversion!
  10. Well I mean. I've always wanted to start learning drifting, I've heard the MX5's Are a bit underpowered for drifting? As for practicality if I were to get a S2000 I've been looking at the Spoon S2k Hardtop. In my opinion the OEM hardtop looks odd and not a big fan of soft tops but bike rack SHOULD! be able to fit. It looks like the only downside to the S2000 is if I wanted forced induction, it's rather costly
  11. I need some help with choosing a good little car for daily use. I had the S2000 in mind and a Nissan S14 or 13 if I can find them. Budget is about £10k. Would there be any other cars you guys would recommend? I do prefer it to be JDM and RWD Cheers Oak
  12. Hello there! I have Marino 24" forks and a Hope Mono Trial No.5 Caliper using a 160mm Rotor on a Hope Pro 2 Evo hub with a quick release. Basically the rotor is rubbing the caliper. I've tried different rotors but doesn't help! Rubbing just on the below the right pad If anyone could give me some advice it would be much appreciated! Cheers Oak
  13. Thank you guys for the advice! I know it's suppose to be fun but knowing how I used to sidehop 48" in my mind it kind of annoys me how now I'm backing out of a 24" wall hahaha. I will keep at it. I might even start recording keep updates coming haha Thank you!
  14. There are a few places around like Birmingham. Shrewsbury and possibly a few places in Telford but havent found a lot. It doesnt take long to catch the train to either Shrewbury (20 odd minutes) or Birmingham (40 minutes). If you want to ride Message me or add me on Facebook.
  15. I'm almost in the area. I live in Bridgnorth BUT I haven't tried riding in Telford. I've just started riding again about a month ago!