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  1. Where did you buy that from? Inspired have been out of stock of those bikes for a bit now as far as I'm aware.
  2. The new Arcade Fuse and Pro bikes have come and gone I think there's supposed to be some new ones coming in pretty soon though, including a possible Team bike in some form.
  3. Plus it comes with a 150mm stem as standard so you've got scope to scale it up to 165mm or 180mm.
  4. Yeah, he still rides - buys from us from time to time
  5. Just caught up with some BMX videos and clocked the Cult 'Something New' video after seeing it as a recommended thing on Youtube. Dan Foley makes riding bikes look so good, it's actually given me the spark to want to ride again. Seeing something other than sloppy as f**k, gash looking, bitch cranky, lack-of-creativity riding is so f**king refreshing.
  6. Cranks will always bed in, so you will always need to re-tighten a new pair of cranks regardless. As mentioned before, ISIS splines sit on a taper so they won't/shouldn't totally bottom out on the end of the spline on the BB axle either. As before, you'll probably be able to tighten the crank onto the BB a lot more if the bolt is actually greased too. It will be feeling way tighter than it actually is simply because of that.
  7. If the Middleburns are older they will have worn in a bit so they will fit better. I've seen people with new cranks that sit a similar distance away from the stopper and they've worked out fine - you just need to keep on top of making sure the crank bolt is tight when you're out riding. You'll be able to get a lot more torque through the crank bolts if they're greased too. It looks like the bolt is dry as are the threads in the BB, so that won't be helping you get them tighter.
  8. The BMX track is pretty fun. The skatepark is fairly average. There was a fun streetier bit to play around on a little further into the park though, although I don't know if it'll still be there. Can see part of it at around 7:30-ish (the start of my bit of the video):
  9. Not sure if they've changed the piston material, but aside from the hose fitting you have to use they'll be pretty much the same, yeah. The MT4/6 calipers have a bit more machining so should be lighter but not by much.
  10. How much grease have you used? Usually the cranks won't bottom out fully against the stopper on the crank arm. There's a very slight taper on the cranks that should stop that from happening. If they're super worn they will do, but not all will. I've had a few combos in the past (Try-All cranks on a Trialtech BB) where there was a bit more of a gap, but without seeing a photo it's hard to say for sure if it's 'right' or 'wrong'.
  11. New cranks will often be really tight on splines - usually just a LOT of grease is the key, on both the splines, the inside of the BB threads, the crank bolt and under the head of the crank bolt too. Tapping the cranks on with a rubber mallet can be fairly common with some new cranks. It's a good sign though, it should mean the cranks last longer and don't end up developing play - if they went on easily it'd be more of a concern.
  12. They base everything on making their products modular so they can hit different OEM price points, that's why they're all so similar. As an end product they're different though. For example, the MT2 now comes with what appears to be regular rim brake hose and a regular barbed fitting rather than a banjo fitting (which makes routing the hose neater/easier/better) and the reinforced Kevlar hose. It's mainly differences in the details like those.
  13. It used to be 2-piece, they've changed to one-piece. They no longer have the same hose as shown in that photo, they've switched to a different fitting/hose system now as shown on our website.
  14. The hub should fit fine. Are you putting the tensioners on the inside or outside of the dropouts? Both Trialtech Sport Disc (M6 bolts, 5mm allen key head) and Sport HD Disc (M10 bolts, 8mm allen key head) hubs fit the Console. They're all 135mm spaced so you shouldn't have any issues. It might be the frame itself is tight for some reason, but if you only need to splay the frame a small amount that's not so bad. If it's majorly out then it suggests something is up.
  15. I got battered by Ali into doing them the 'right' way - getting your weight really far forward is the main thing really. I learnt them brakeless then had to relearn them again when I had brakes as I kept pulling them when I didn't need to as grabbing a handful of brake is my default reaction to "I'm not sure what's happening" situations. On a 24 though just getting your weight forward and really pushing through to let the bike just roll up works super well.