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  1. That's because it is an MT4 and an MT5? The only difference is the HC blade and "TRAIL" written on it rather than "FIVE". Aside from when Mantel are chopping stuff out cheap the Trail setup is the one I'd go for just because it's pretty cheap for two very good brakes. Semi-related, the HC blade fits all their brakes from the MT4 up to the MT8 (officially, at least - I've got the HC blade fitted to my MT2 lever body with no problems), so there's not really any performance advantages inherent in the lever itself apart from the BAT adjuster. That said, the BAT adjuster seemed to be the source of all my problems with my MT7s, and seem to lead to most problems our customers mention, so the MT5 is probably a better bet in that sense.
  2. They should be back in stock in late June...
  3. That's probably an extra reason to vote then Dave - if everyone thinks "I can't make a difference" then nobody does, and you never know whether there might be a bigger turn-out this time round. It seems there are more disaffected people out there who might want their voice heard. The thing with politics in the UK now is that I can't see any party other than the Conservatives winning a majority again. They've got the votes locked in of one of the largest, most consistent voting blocs (and are now being bolstered by the UKIP vote too, having swung into "UKIP Lite" mode), so essentially it seems that the role of other parties is now just to dilute their power. That's one of the reasons that this whole "Corbyn is unelectable" thing doesn't make sense to me. It seems that the Tories are still destroying things primarily for their own gain, and that's the thing that needs to be stopped IMO. The shit they've pulled with the NHS is unreal, their bullshit over rail privatisation is ridiculous (so a nationalised railway in the UK can't work but we're happy to sell our railways off to national rail services from other countries who then syphon off the profits while we help fund the investment needed in the infrastructure?), the deals they're striking with China for things like nuclear power are total dick, their austerity measures were proven not to work in other countries that tried them and still don't in ours, their funding c**ts are f**king up schools all around the UK, wage regression, massaging unemployment statistics with the continuation of shit zero hours contracts and unpaid work through DWP schemes, etc... Nothing "positive" they're doing makes a dent in all that shit for me. Sadly though, I see it being another hefty majority for them so it'll be fun seeing where that leads. It'd be nice if we had any idea, but bearing in mind the specatular U-turns May has made since she took power (e.g. the fact we're having another shitty election in the first place) f**k knows what will actually happen - especially with the way that Cameron and Co. made their pre-election promises before and said "If we don't uphold these then kick us out", but then deleted all record of that from their website... I get that no party fully upholds what they say they'll do, but they've got to be one of the most duplicitous parties out there. Their "We're standing up for workers rights" thing is a case in point - the introduction of a 4-figure sum to hold a tribunal to uphold your rights has meant a massive drop in the amount of people trying to take things to employment tribunals, and I highly doubt that's because companies have suddenly started playing nicely. It's like all the working class voters in America who voted for Trump now finding out that they're about to be f**ked over because he didn't care about them, just about their votes. EDIT: People saying they're voting Conservative due to how they'll handle the Brexit process seems mental too. Leaders from various countries of the now-EU27 have said that they don't know why May, Johnson and David Davis keep saying things that are patently untrue, and it sounds like they're not particularly hopeful that anything much will be resolved when they do all sit down at the negotiating table. That's not a problem for the EU27, but it very much is for us. Similarly, the idea of this election giving May a mandate to do whatever she wants in the Brexit process and have a stronger bargaining position doesn't really make sense either - just ask Alexis Tspiras, Yanis Varoufakis and Syriza.
  4. The Trialtech Carthy Signature Series Rims are now available - currently out in 26", 32h form front and rear. Ridiculously stiff but pretty light too (577g for the rear, which isn't a million miles off other companies rims, despite the Trialtech rim being a hell of a lot stronger). Due to them being double wall the sidewalls have a bit more support/stiffness too so should improve brake feel. Carthy seemed very happy with his, and Joe Prattley and Gilles Coustellier have been giving them something to think about too. A video overview thing from Trialtech: And some general photos:
  5. When riding in Blackpool a whole family rode past on unicycles. Dad, Mum, younger kid and a teenage looking goth/emo girl as well. She was not happy to be breezing around on a uni, but seemed pretty comfortable/in control on it.
  6. Yeah, they're shared with the MT2, 4 and 5. Think it's just the 6, 7 and 8s that are different as they've got the hollow part for the BAT Adjuster.
  7. It didn't in the video? At least when you were taking all the parts out of the box at the start.
  8. It's the HC1 rather than the ballersgonnaball HC3, but it just fits. I've essentially got an MT2 lever body, a HC1 MT5 blade and an MT7 caliper. The Hopes are nice and fairly consistent but don't have the same power as the 4-piston Magura brakes. Funnily enough, with the HC1 blade my MT...brakes actually have their bite point out surprisingly far. I thought they'd go pretty Magura-y and start pulling nearer the bar but they're solid. As an alternative option, mid-may Magura are releasing a brake combo that features what's essentially an MT5 front and an MT4 rear. We're going to be stocking them but switching the hoses so you've got the 5 rear/4 front. It's almost a tribute Ali C MT6/MT7 setup. But yeah, they're surprisingly cheap compared to most other brakes so might be worth keeping an eye out for.
  9. The BAT adjuster also makes the MT7s pretty temperamental in my experience. My frankenbrake (essentially an MT5 with HC blade) feels way firmer and more consistent than the MT7s I had. You don't get the crappy flappy blade thing you get when you have a lot of BAT adjuster dialled on too.
  10. Looks nice Morley, looking forward to seeing some clips of you on it! Bring back IslandStyle...
  11. Dude! You're alive!
  12. They kind of don't make Zoo frames any more - that's from 2011/12.
  13. Probably worth looking at your axle bolts/washers and stuff if that's the case. The tensioner bolts shouldn't really be taking the load of you riding (euphemism o'clock), so shouldn't really be bending...
  14. Hells yes. Nice work Ben! Rowan tribute-y line at Lloyds was a treat Style in general is boss too, as is the size of some of that stuff. Some of those lines remind me of the olden days when people used to do longer trialsy lines across a whole bunch of stuff (e.g. Rowan's vids, Boon, etc.). Was nice to see
  15. I believe Andy was hoping for this Felix: