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  1. They'll pay up to the value of their insurance or the value of the product (if you've got proof of purchase and all that jazz) - whichever's lowest. You wouldn't really get anywhere with police/trading standards I wouldn't have thought - it's just a parcel going missing which could theoretically happen for any number of reasons, and theoretically that's why you'd put insurance on it to correctly cover your item in the first place. Hopefully you get something sorted though
  2. Looks from the bolts like it could be a Profile hub. Those bikes are 116mm spaced (how convenient) so you're kind of limited on any other form of freehub.
  3. How? Did it stop you being able to buy 'normal' trials parts? Did it stop you going out and riding your bike? Did it stop comps happening? The only thing lazier than dropping out statements like that are the people who don't try and organise group rides then complain there are no group rides...
  4. More good shit from Ben...
  5. To be fair Jack's been working on his precision, he was saying at the Weekender that riding with Will Ackerley has made him up his game. I'm impressed with how much Nico Vallée keeps improving. His level is getting pretty ridiculous now. Next generation coming through!
  6. Nothing has "killed trials", it's still out there. Trials-Forum =/= Trials
  7. Yeah, had a similar deal with them just now. I need to check they've actually credited our account, but noises were positive. (EDIT: Having just had a look, do you know whereabouts you can find that credit online?) Hadn't realised how cheap their night rates were until just now. Our place is electric only, so we have to f**k around with storage heaters (luckily don't need to use them yet as our place is warm anyway, especially as we're on the 2nd floor so get some heat from floors below) and immersion heaters (which we put on in the night). Should save us a chunk
  8. How did you go about that Luke? We wouldn't mind getting a piece of that too EDIT: Done. Too easy!
  9. I used to feel the same way, but since embracing it all a bit more there's a good community out there (including riders from around the world though, rather than just the UK), and it's possible to see more footage from riders you wouldn't ordinarily see much of. I've discovered a whole host of riders who I'd never have heard of otherwise, and it seems that there are great riders putting out some good clips from all over the world now. Covers both styles too - I'd never heard of Joacim Nymann until I found his Instagram account, and similarly I'd never heard of Sintaro Otake either. It seems like it's given some of the bigger 'pro' riders more of an outlet to put stuff out too - Carthy's posted some wild stuff on Instagram/Facebook, as has Danny MacAskill. The general community seems reasonably good on there too, people commenting on each others posts and stuff - it's not the same as a forum, but I think that's more due to this being a relatively dated format now. There are still little group rides going on too - nothing massive, but still groups of friends meeting up and riding which is kind of the point. Works for me anyway - that style of ride suits me much more than standing around for ages at average spots waiting for the queues of people sidehopping the same walls they always sidehop to filter through...
  10. Funnily enough we switched to Bulb at our new place about 4 hours after you went to them yesterday Luke. If only I'd checked out TF beforehand! As is always the case, TF coming up with the goods... As Luke said, Bulb offer to pay your exit fees from your current supplier so you can theoretically breeze whenever you want.
  11. Missing a #deadsailor in that description, but still...
  12. Non-skippable 30sec pre-roll ads. Grumble grumble. Moving to N. Wales in winter is not the way to do it...
  13. They just seem to leave a residue that doesn't really help things. Mountain bikes or motorbikes go fast enough that the brakes generate heat to burn it off, but trials bikes don't so it seems to be unhelpful overall.
  14. Nah, that sounds like you've got either a contaminated rotor or contaminated pads (from your "Good when wet, then gets worse" comment), so switching both out would be a good call. Just as a random other point of order, don't use disc brake cleaner on them
  15. Yep yep yep. Fully agree. Reminds me of when a certain forum member tried implying that Ozonys dropped Benito because he had an "awful style"...