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  1. I wear mine, I just made sure they fit pretty tightly and it's Kinder f**king Bueno. I had contact lenses for about 5 minutes and the ability to actually see properly was amazing, and I can see that trying to get used to them would be the way to go for riding at least.
  2. Ali posted up a new vlog. I'm in it, ergo it is worth watching. But 4 cereals, John Langlois and Theo Collon are really good!
  3. Carthy's subsequently rolled his bars back after getting some wrist pain, and a lot of the new random stem geos are to counteract it so you can get your bars in an equivalent position without having to deform yourself in the process. To be fair, there's rolling them forwards, there's Carthy bars, then there's Carthy-wannabe bars. Some people went way over the top with it.
  4. Some tourists, a policeman and a dickhead.
  5. Didn't know DFS had got on board with the Tripod system? Seriously though, bike looks cool Continuing your trend of always having nice looking bikes...
  6. In all honesty, just curbs and whatever low level things I could find They're ideal for learning the basics on - I spent a lot of time in random car parks learning pivots, backhops and so on. It's well worth spending time getting the basics dialled in as it'll make progress in the future easier, and will usually mean you develop a bit of a nicer style or way of doing things too.
  7. The neutral grip position on two wheels doesn't really hold true when you're spending most of your time not on two wheels though? That's why comp bikes tend to have weird sweeps simply because the bars feeling comfortable on two wheels is irrelevant. Rolling your bars into different positions will change the feel/ride of your bike, and that's why people typically do it. I believe Carthy initially rolled his that far forwards to try and counteract some bar height, but typically having your bars further forwards will give some positives for being on back wheel or doing front wheel moves. It's not necessarily just the bars causing your different callous placements. When I used brakes I used a single finger on each lever and got no callouses on my palm by my index fingers, and only lighter ones on my middle finger as your hand wrap is different around the bar by not having your index finger there too. When I ride brakeless I get much more even callouses.
  8. Semi-related, does anyone know which "this land" they mean?
  9. Right?
  10. Do need to bring those seat grab tyre tap things back though Ali, been telling you that for time
  11. Those English hops up curbs...
  12. Gusset DoubleSix Pretty much any lockring will do, either steel (strength) or alloy (lightweight).
  13. The problem was caused an issue with manufacturing not design though. The correctly manufactured ones seem to have lasted fine according to the ones we've sold.
  14. I think it was more that they'd invested money in their new frame/fork/stem 1.5" steerer setup, and for whatever reason that run hasn't worked out. They're still carrying on with their parts (we received an order today), it's just the new framekits aren't being made. For what it's worth I've heard of other companies having something similar - lead times for production in Taiwan are super long, and if there's an error in production that can really f**k things up for a company. For the bars, it seems they had a sketchy batch of them. We had loads go out that were solid, then they suddenly started breaking, then went back to being fine. In fairness to Dom he was sound about getting them warrantied.
  15. Flying short haul I've got to witness my bike box getting thrown around by surly EasyJet baggage handlers as we sat on the plane looking out the window at them, and even getting thrown around in the rain (Gatwick) and snow (Edinburgh) they still handled it. The ones that went across the globe to NZ and back looked fine too - if you click here, the cover shot there is my bike box having been to and returned from NZ: Still pristine. If you've got access to bubble wrap make the most, and take a spare roll of duck/gaffer tape with you. Like Ross said, reinforcing the handles works really well too. If you make your box easier to carry, they'll be less likely to hit rage mode and start going into full-on slinging it mode.