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  1. Yeah, you're right - definitely haven't been any far right marches in London ever. Certainly weren't pro-Trump demonstrations either As JD said, "far" is the key thing with it. Justifying the behaviour of one extreme because of the behaviour of the other makes no sense. People just need to be less cunty, that's about it.
  2. To be fair, I can see the issue they've got in the sense that they need to mark out various levels of section in one area, but they could surely work backwards from what the optimal doublehardbastard section would be.
  3. If you think Sadiq Khan is anywhere near the level of fanny that Donald Trump is you're very much mistaken, unless Sadiq Khan has paid people off that he's raped, has been repeatedly accused of sexual harassment (having openly admitted that he likes to "grab [women] by the pussy" - several women have come forward saying that this was the case with them), bankrupted multiple companies by refusing or delaying payment on his construction projects just hoping that they'd run out of money before a court case could be won (totalling hundreds of millions of $'s owed to multiple contractors), etc. - that's just some of the stuff he did before running for office... EDIT: I agree that there's not a huge deal of point to the demonstrations, but still, comparing Sadiq Khan to Trump. Really?
  4. Vincent says no: "vincehermance 7th place at the @uci_trialsworld cup #1. Off the finals for the first time of my career because I took a 5 on a seesaw obstacle, yes a seesaw... How dumb is that lottery." A few riders missed out on finals by getting 5's for missing gates/markers. Not surprising with how weirdly laid out the UCI sections are now. Doesn't exactly make it any easier for random spectators to follow either, and surely it's not that hard to make them a bit more of a 'track' or 'loop' or whatever.
  5. Magura are pretty tight on warranty stuff so it might be tricky getting much out of them with it being second hand. Maybe worth a look into it though but I believe they usually want proof of purchase these days so you might get scuppered by that.
  6. I think you should do one
  7. But for serious, 1.7million, was on the news in Australia too IIRC. Not bad going considering he just went out and did the video largely on his own by the looks of things:
  8. It's not, which is the weird thing. CLS, Damon, Tunni, Andrew Dickey and those guys put out some amazing videos that were far from boring, and seeing guys like Carthy go huge is always great too. The only reason they're 'boring' is that no-one puts time into photos/videos, whereas the street guys do. Andrew Dickey's videos went relatively viral despite being 'pogo'/TGS so it shows it can be done. Ali's points related to this in the HKT Podcast interview he did were spot on.
  9. Before you get rid of the Fairlane, get it booked on a track day and give it some of this: That new beast is sweet though! Stylish
  10. #justmagurathings Sounds like there might be some air in the system, it'd be worth doing a little top-up at the lever end just to check. If it keeps doing it, I'd suggest buying an MT2 lever from eBay and just swapping your MT6 lever blade over to it and avoid having to deal with the hassle again. The MT2/4/5 bodies are seemingly a lot more consistent/reliable than the 6/7 bodies. Pretty sure it's something to do with the BAT adjuster. You can replace the BAT adjuster with a bolt which can improve things, although it stops the lever having the same kind of dislocate feature so if you catch the blade on anything it's more likely to snap the blade or the body.
  11. Sounds like a lot of the time it's event organisers who have to sort the live stream stuff, so it's not really a UCI thing as such. That player just wouldn't work for me...
  12. There was the Spank Spike Race 33 which is the latest version of the Spikes. Weird it's cracked the inner wall like that either way - be interesting to see what Spank say!
  13. Magura brakes feel much more like a rim brake in terms of lever feel than Hopes too. Think it's mainly down to the springs in the levers, but they just feel a lot more responsive and lighter at the lever. MT4s if you want to save a bit of weight (get some Jitsie pads for them) or MT5s if you want a bit more power (Trialtech/Jitsie MT5 pads again). HC3 blades are a worthwhile investment too
  14. Nice work Ricardo, good to see how your riding's been progressing That 360 nose tap drop thing looked big! Liked the line on the hip earlier in the video too
  15. New promo video for the Bronson - nicely put together Apparently if you've got surprisingly delicate sensibilities the drug references are upsetting, so be warned...