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  1. I'm out of the loop with the Car thread and didn't realise you had that going on - nice work dude
  2. Cool - just need a couple of bolts then
  3. AFAIK they've never made one that takes 8mm bolts. They did button head M10 bolts that required a 6mm allen key, and they did M10 bolts that took an 8mm allen key, but aside from a QR I thought that was about it. 6mm allen key/button head bolts: 8mm allen key/not shit bolts: Both are M10 with the same pitch (1.5 from memory).
  4. Typically you can get away with a reasonable amount. I've seen some fairly heavily scratched carbon bars and forks keep on going, but it's worth exercising your judgement with that. If it's a deep gouge then it might be worth keeping a very close eye on it to see if you can see the start of any cracks form, but if it's just a little scratch here and there it's all good. For strength, the Crewkerz or Clean forks are the way to go. The Crewkerz forks require a through axle front hub which theoretically helps stiffen up the front of your bike a bit, but if you've got a standard bolt-in front hub the Clean forks will be the best for you. Going for the Clean forks gives you a lot more flexibility with hubs you can run which is worth bearing in mind.
  5. Just came here to post this - some really, really good riding in that! Nice work from all of you guys.
  6. To be a little more constructive - it might seem like vlogs are all candid clips thrown together, but they're never that straight forward. For example, if you thought taking the bike out looked shit you can just do it again and pretend that was the 'real' one rather than making people watch you do the same thing twice, when it's not exactly scintillating footage. Most vlogs are edited to be quick and choppy to keep people's interest, so taking your bike out the car then coming back and telling people you're going to do it again, then doing it again, isn't really sticking with that. Obviously it's your first time doing it so it's never going to be perfect, but just try and have a bit of a higher quality control on the go. If it doesn't need to be in there, don't put it in there just because it's 'only' a vlog.
  7. Fair play for getting it done dude At least you can both move on now without it hanging over you.
  8. + don't f**k someone who can directly impact whether you keep your job or not.
  9. Unless you're planning on spending the rest of your life with her, you're going to have to "face up to it" at some point. Why waste a month waiting to face up to it when you could just do it now?
  10. If you want to bin it off, why not just bin it off? It's a prime time if you're going to be mega busy with work stuff as you're essentially cutting the umbilical and she'll have to face up to it, rather than hoping she somehow reads between the lines and takes you having taken a new job to mean you don't want to be with her any more? Life has enough drama in it already without artificially creating it for yourself needlessly.
  11. That suspension bounce at 1:05. Yes.
  12. In the mean time, the bolt-up QRs worked better for me than the paddle types do. You lose the QR functionality for obvious reasons, but they do tend to hold in place better.
  13. Unfortunately not, sorry. They're completely different hubs, so there's no real 'kit' (bearings, end caps, etc.) or anything available to do that.
  14. I assume Kloe Kardashian, the Nottingham Post and "Hot Insta Babes 2" were thrilled.
  15. "When the wheel is built, the Pi Rope spokes have around 7-8mm of 'preload,' which means they can be compressed up to 8mm while holding the same tension." MTB hype generators are off the charts these days, unless they're just subscribing to that "Alternative Facts" way of looking at things.