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  1. HC1 has a different lever profile, and is a different length. It's a bunch stiffer too. It seemed to allow you to have the lever set a tiny bit further in without getting the weird spongey/lack of power feel you get when you wind the reach in too far. The HC3 blade has totally independent reach adjustment so you can set the end of the blade wherever you want it without affecting the brake performance (which is also independently adjusted).
  2. Ryan Leech only made Manifesto because Ali told him to. Some hefty moves in that video, you both make those bikes look like they don't weigh anything in a really nice way
  3. Yeah, they're relatively cheap although the original spinny-clicky ones are a pain in the arse to use. They're not super consistent, although they're not too bad. For serious though, like the style of it, especially how the Instagram feed looks
  4. It only counts if you do the Dymo stickers for real and scan them in.
  5. Which lever blade are you using? I've used the original, HC1 and HC3 blades on mine, and both HC blades made a positive difference to how it felt and operated. The HC3 blade is the way to go if you want to totally solve it but it is mega pricey. The HC1 should help a bit and will definitely be the cheaper option...
  6. Haha, not quite - I have been top down but it is noticeably different in there with no deflector. The seats are quite a different shape to the Mk1 so it seems to just whisk all the warm air out of there. Even being nearer the equator than you guys hasn't helped
  7. I'd be roof down more in mine but I haven't got a wind deflector yet, and with the lower 'scoop' (technical term) between the seats compared to the Mk1 it's like the f**king Arctic in there even with the heaters on. Whereabouts did you track the one that was in your/my old car Ads? I've searched online but haven't been able to find something similar, just some fairly shit looking ones that are either line barn doors or look like the least impressive roll bar ever.
  8. Thought it might have been from the shine over the logos on the front but the rear looked pristine. As before though, looks cool overall
  9. He's Dada Monistera now. #brandingproblems Bike looks really good, Karl! Are the logos on the tyres just coloured over or have you found a way of removing them permanently?
  10. The Kloud is the better of the two, but if you're buying something second hand you can't just go on which frame is technically the best - it'll depend on the spec, condition and so on.
  11. He gave it a go, but...
  12. No worries dude, thanks for getting me back out and about again. It's been really fun! Also, high fives for putting out a proper video, and working on it for that long. Trials is definitely missing 'proper' videos these days, and this is a really good step in the right direction. Top job on the editing
  13. None of those machines really involve you moving around the machine itself though, whereas you do with a bike. Your body position from preloading for a gap is totally different to your body position when you're at full tuck on a big sidehop.
  14. Looking forward to seeing the full video