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  1. Dont feed the trolls
  2. Such awesome style and riding ross love your videos
  3. above
  4. try living with schizophrenia
  5. wacky lizards hahahah pretty good description of our world leaders psychological make up ,well locked in to a reptilian mindset ''fight or flight psychopathy and narcissism = cold blooded reptiles You still dont understand the concept of censorship do you dan ? If they dont want you to know whats going on they will make it hard for you to find out. theres plenty of videos on the deep web Go look for yourselves
  6. Media blackout as 1 million+ march against the corrupt government No doubt we will be seeing a ''terror'' attack to scare the people back in to submission
  7. Instead of the kneejerk reaction to a dave post may i suggest you do a weenie bit of research
  8. I know cannabis helps ive seen people come back from deaths door ''with my own eyes'' Its also handy knowing people who are working on the genome project
  9. Exactly what our friend is doing now ,instead of dying in a hospital
  10. Another friend beats cancer with the help of cannabis oil
  11. added ,stem,bb,cranks,pedals,chain shes rolling might get it finished for summer 18
  12. Switched the tryall 150x30 stem for a 145x25 bonz stem bb,cranks,freewheel,and chain have been added just need some brakes
  13. Nice video and style dude keep at it ,happy health to you
  14. Amazing looking spot.natural will make you a better more controlled rider on the street ,keep at it and good luck
  15. Nice video.You remind me of a rider in the uk called dan jones