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  1. Cool video ,it has a really nice vibe to it keep it up.
  2. Sweet scott nice one for the info ,il get in touch when bikes built
  3. f**kin wicked that 10 out of 10 ,
  4. about a year now ,hythe and dymchurch look dece to ride ,Got a frame ,will build it up for the summer
  5. Dymchurch
  6. meh
  7. Look at that lovely sky
  8. Kinhell that was quick Noiceeeeeee looking bike ,what is it ? a breath or something ? bet it rides beaut
  9. I got that from self reflection its a trials forum ,filled with Humans ,and guess what humans have feelings and humans need support ,Id rather raise people up instead of smashing them down
  10. You wondered why ,but never came to the conclusion that he could be suffering an illness ? you wasted your time wondering then When you have serious problems ,every word ,every gesture can and does effect you in the strangest of ways realize everyone is fighting a battle inside of themselves ,some battles are far far harder in some than in others kindness and understanding goes a long way in a society and culture that has failed humanity as a whole
  11. Lets see what you got ohhhhh whats that ,Your even shitter ? thought so .
  12. WELL DONE NOB ED You dont understand what this guy goes through on a daily basis. ,you ''know'' this guy has some problems and you play on them ,maybe one day you might just go through the same ,and maybe come out the end with just a little more compassion
  13. Perfect
  14. Dont be silly dave ive not been down that part of the woods for years and years and years but yeah ,massive die off in trials
  15. This is a good video ,let the people of trials forum watch it pleas <3