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  1. Talking of awful cars, my new whip is such a long boi. Gorgeous inside though
  2. Ha beat you by £30 and mines a 53 plate eequally as shit though. Absolutely awful car.
  3. How much did you pay? I need to sell my corsa
  4. Or rusevelt haha
  5. Mike's right that does look really gud. Gud write up too
  6. New toy on the way. Beyond excited.
  7. We don't get that British bad teeth image for no reason. That's awful though. Every 6 months for me.
  8. I meant as in you get head over heels after one date
  9. I swear this happens to you once a year or something
  10. Well i've done a fall back in love with Boris, perfect timing ready for valentines too... I swapped the clio over with the Corsa as I needed to fix the handbrake on it, so out Boris went and I figured i'll give him a wash whilst he's outside. Really glad I did as i've come away smiling so much and realised that he's now at a level that i'm really happy with (the spoiler has helped massively) Exterior pictures 20180204_164108 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164113 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164121 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164146 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164159 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_165640 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164210 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164215 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164251 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164312 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164348 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164523 by dann2707, on Flickr Theres a hole in the floor that needs welding up asap. It's from where the pedal box used to be. 20180204_164600 by dann2707, on Flickr Engine bay, i've got a clean bottle to go in but the one you see is on loan until I flush the coolant out etc. The heatshielding is all removed ready for the exhaust too. 20180204_164703 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164719 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180204_164728 by dann2707, on Flickr I'm just waiting for the exhaust to turbo flange to be laser cut at the moment, then I need to sell this Corsa i've got then I can get the exhaust made and it's happy boostings from there.
  11. 5/10 more like
  12. I'm sure you'll be able to half that time mate.
  13. It's also amazing going on this thread t0 my first girlfriend in 2010 hahaha. Some of the shit that went down was hilarious. Firdt date to the cinema f**k yeah bahahahha
  14. For what it's worth I didn't buy a girlfriend.
  15. Plot twist. Daves veg patch is just his f**king weed farm that he smokes. Must be for the bullshit he comes out with hahahahah