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  1. I should be good either way but can hold off a bit until summer if needs be. Woilbe good to do an event with prior planingould be f**k off forum you're still doing this then.
  2. That's mind blowing
  3. Pics required!
  4. What car is it and what stands?!
  5. Why would it be scary aren't you using axle stands? I 100% don't go near the car unless it's on stands. It takes one Google search of car jack collapse to read the news articles of cars falling on people to make me think wtf why would anyone even consider it? Weird.
  6. Finally found some time to upload these on the computer... This was from my first track day (Blyton Park) after doing the megane 225 engine and gearbox conversion so as you can imagine it was a tentative day for me. A few things to note really: 1 - I probably wouldn't have paid for these photos from the track day as they're not AMAZING... but it's kinda sentimental as it's the first one i've done after the conversion and some are good. 2 - I was taking it fairly steady with it being my first track day after the whole overhaul of pretty much..everything. 3 - The weather was rubbish towards the end of the day but it made for some great power slides. See the video below 4 - I wish i'd cleaned my f**king intercooler! That black jizz stain is peeing me off on the photos hahas 5 - The car went really well, I have some driveshaft rubbing issues, the springs are too soft especially now it's got a heavy old lump up front and I lost my brakes at 100mph so that was fun. Overall a f**king ace shake down for the boosted mobile. 6 - No one and I mean no one looks good in an open faced helmet I look like Yoda but a fat one and i'm not even fat ffs. I'll be honest, the drive home was quite a humbling feeling knowing that i've done it all in my garage and it got me there and back and thrashed throughout. Enough waffling lets go. DSC_4895 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_4938 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_4918 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5022 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5013 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5049 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5065 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5022s by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5249 by dann2707, on Flickr I like this one the most DSC_5239 by dann2707, on Flickr And this one the most too DSC_5275 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5462 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5520 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5461 by dann2707, on Flickr this one is gash DSC_5473 by dann2707, on Flickr I'm not sure what's smoking here but we can worry about that at a later date DSC_5489 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5521 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5551 by dann2707, on Flickr DSC_5522 by dann2707, on Flickr When it was wet [MEDIA=youtube]2phhXkAwtQs[/MEDIA] And I just picked a random vid from the day, not showing how fast I am here as i'm taking it steady [MEDIA=youtube]654BKp1E2cg:51[/MEDIA] Cadwell at the end of the month too.. Cheers for looking
  7. Yep
  8. Off topic but I'm going to Berlin on Monday until Wednesday as a random trip and I would really appreciate good food places and places to drink suggestions! Please drop me a pm if you have any good ones! Or if you want to meet up for a beer?
  9. This is a great thread
  10. New exhaust from the turbo back. Copy and paste from CS Well today I picked it up from Flux Fabrication and I thought my smile was exhausted, it was not. It looked even better in person. I then drove it from Flux to the nearest alignment centre and man... i'd forgotten how quick it was even not giving it some due to the lack of alignment. I got it aligned to 12 minutes toe out each side and 2 deg negative camber. I then drove it back to my house giving it some now and again and it genuinely scared me at times. It's an absolute weapon. I think the lack of insulation and carpet etc combined with the power is just a scary feeling inside it's like all hell breaks loose. Problems to note and things that will be getting sorted out. - Its cutting power when gunning it in third, almost like a boost limit then cutting fuelling. Will speak to Chris when i'm at Efi in a few weeks to see if it's something in the mapping. - The brakes feel great now i'm back to boosted brakes but....................... the car is fish tailing badly when braking hard, like one caliper is working much better. I think the seals / pistons need changing as I was looking into it a few months ago as one was seeping a bit. Overall they look worn and perished. So will buy a piston and seal kit I reckon. Whilst the car was on the ramps for tracking I took some more pictures of the exhaust in place. It looks just.. perfect! 20180414_105012 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_113121 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_113130_HDR by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_114540 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_114544 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_115016 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_115643 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_120330 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_120345 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_121141 by dann2707, on Flickr I really like the size of the tips 20180414_120318 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_105036 by dann2707, on Flickr 20180414_105028 by dann2707, on Flickr Mapping in a few weeks time.. lets hope I can make a bit more power than 256bhp now i've sorted out the boost leak. Even if I don't and the fuelling is adjusted to account for the boost leak fix and new exhaust I will be very very happy at this power.
  11. Bumalls a bumall at the end of the day - Ghandi 2016
  12. Sounds like tinder
  13. Anyone completed it yet?
  14. Engine tables are coming along well. I've got 11 in total now and sold 7. They're so fun to make too.
  15. That's one I made earlier it's the party spec version. Have your mates around the top.