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  1. Most things plumbed in now. Brakes all bled I just require a few other little bits and bobs. Including oh you know a full exhaust system but the car turned over on the first go just yesterday. Excited.
  2. I don't have time mate i've got a job...
  3. So not a single person there filmed it? Or did the wacky lizards bring down those videos online???
  4. How did you get it so cheap?
  5. Yeah Danny, also refitted power assisted brakes back again as I absolutely hated the pedal box. So now i've fitted an ABS-delete set up from a cup. Can't wait to have a decent pedal position again, It was horrendous before. Absolutely shocking.
  6. Agreed with the above. I used to love organising big group rides and knowing that the Leeds 11am granite walls meet up on a Sunday you'd always have at least a few people there. Had some incredible times but sadly it's just died down thanks to facebook and insta etc.
  7. Progress. In the form of a few pictures. Got the engine back in. Excuse the garage mess at the moment. It is absolutely killing me seeing it in such a state. 20171104_172527 by dann2707, on Flickr Voila 20171104_180110 by dann2707, on Flickr I then started plugging everything in. 20171104_185709 by dann2707, on Flickr Now I have messed around with the box mounts some more it's raised the gearbox up which means it's clearing a lot of things. Before the engine was resting on something.. more on that later for a lol story. The engine now happily swings on it's two mounts which is excellent news. Before when dropped in it was almost wedged. So the next issue, the turbo being so close to the master cylinder. We all knew it was going to be an issue so just showing the issue in hand 20171108_203947 by dann2707, on Flickr For reference and for those wanting to do the conversion (don't) this is how far away the turbo is to the mc. New custom downpipe required 20171108_204028 by dann2707, on Flickr Plumbed more stuff in. Engine bay is looking scratty as f**k lately. Needs a clean or just to take pics without flash... 20171108_213324 by dann2707, on Flickr Finally the engine is more level now compared to what it was like before. I don't have a before pic sadly. Not to hand anyway. 20171108_213401 by dann2707, on Flickr Next things on the list: Headshield for turbo. Maybe even a turbo jacket Custom downpipe new header tank bottle o/s gearbox seal
  8. No mate hope that helps
  9. Didn't get that lol
  10. Just a car friend. I'd be surprised if you know him, drives a black clio 172 as a track car.
  11. Oh nice, not far from me at all. I often drive through there to see a friend as he lives there too. The real ale place looks good.
  12. Hahaha brilliant. Glad you posted that as I was absolutely stumped as to what you were on about.
  13. Thanks for this. Going to check somebody those out. Where do you live?
  14. Post it then.. Haha
  15. Jolfa are you homeless