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  1. Cheers dave. I see my issue was spelling. Feel a tit now.
  2. I have been searching for some videos of Michel "No War" Nowak riding stock. Any ideas would be grateful
  3. Sweet!
  4. Nice comp video. Is the guy on the black echo "inur"?
  5. really inspiring vid
  6. Didn't think was to bad. Made it to the end. Thought the flip about 5.30 was in the manure. Lol
  7. Try Search petr kraus sao paulo
  8. Really cool.
  9. sweet little vid and some nice spots.
  10. Big jump at the end? Did he get it? Good spot to ride.
  11. Not his best.
  12. not anymore i believe you no longer need a acu licence to ride.
  13. Andy got a boo boo.
  14. sorry i could not attend will be at surrey hills in oct i will be bringing a gift for all that attend