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1 hour ago, Adam@TartyBikes said:

I don't see why not - there would need to be some custom spacery jiggery pokery though.

i'm asking because i'm not really sure about that new lockring system. guess you just confirmed that one would need a spacer because the single cog is narrower than the FW. 

btw. if you at tarty are ever stuck with a pair of those without a FFW (return or whatever), consider me interested. 

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Shimano type spline on those cranks right?

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The Trialtech Carthy Signature Series Rims are now available - currently out in 26", 32h form front and rear.  Ridiculously stiff but pretty light too (577g for the rear, which isn't a million miles off other companies rims, despite the Trialtech rim being a hell of a lot stronger).  Due to them being double wall the sidewalls have a bit more support/stiffness too so should improve brake feel.  Carthy seemed very happy with his, and Joe Prattley and Gilles Coustellier have been giving them something to think about too.

A video overview thing from Trialtech: 



And some general photos:







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Great news! 

These are proper trials rims, why focus on drilling holes with different pattern for so many years when getting a proper die to get a proper rim profile is the way to go!


Can't wait to ride those.

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