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  2. I have just purchased a second hand 20inch onza. I’m really enjoying it but not sure if it works for me completely. It has v brakes all round which seem to work ok but have a lot of pull. Thinking about jumping on a larger wheel bike. Can anyone help with what the difference would be for 20, 24 and 26? thanks
  3. Bell 4forty. Not that i ride trials anymore anyway - but its the best fitting trail type helmet ive ever had
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  5. Hey mark! love the first pic! what camera do you use? You've got some skill!
  6. Yeah i totally agree with that.. it would seem weird. It would be cool to see if over the years changing bikes has improved or decreased my skills
  7. It’s been talked about for ages and finally Shaun Goddard has taken it upon himself to start an app/site for detailing and locating riding spots. Most people who are on Facebook or insta will know about it already but thought I’d post it on here to let others know and try to encourage people to get some spots tied down so one day you can visit any town in the uk and be able to find the spots quick and easy. Here is a link for the site. As it is early days I’m unsure about the ability to download it as an app yet but the plans are set and it is moving fast towards a professional app integral to the riding community. Rob
  8. The link to Ali's website is broken - needs a colon after the https. And I think some of these would look great as prints/posters (ie Past the point of no return, Pulling shapes, and the video thumbnail one). Any plans for that?
  9. They’re stamped +20 It looks to have been re-bored but without measuring them I couldn’t say.
  10. Whats written on the pistons? Has it been rebored at all?
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  12. Update: Frame is now a nice silvery color!
  13. As well as shooting the video of him, I took some photos while Ali was down. Here are a couple - you can find more here.
  14. There was no edit. smh Ali did a bit of a write up about it for Pinkbike, which also features some photos I shot:
  15. I'm super happy with my iXS Trail Evo helmet! Fits perfectly!
  16. I've been using that Carnac for 3 years now and really can't fault it. Would happily buy another (and am tempted to get another for £13 for when this one needs replaced!).
  17. It's strange that you rode a mod for so many years and moving to 26" wasn't weird, even though people was used to you on the old Monty/Deng/newer bikes. But moving back to 20" seems weird for some reason? But it would be good to see you back on one.
  18. Guess who's back, back again, Ella's back, back again...
  19. I have found them on YouTube and can watch it on there but would like a copy of them ideally. thanks though
  20. The Carnac XC or the OnOne XC look pretty hard to beat for the price and that little spoiler will no doubt help my downforce at speed. I can't do the skate style helmets bc the lack of holes just boils my head. More ventilation usually makes a helmet more expensive. Good find there! I've been using a Specialized Ambush for years now bc it's very lightweight and airy, but even on sale they're pricey.
  21. one from back in 2014! who thinks i should get another mod trials bike?
  22. One from 2014!! who thinks i should get another mod trials bike? :D
  23. Shameless plug for my LC:
  24. Really enjoyed the vlog. Shame i could not get there. Rode the 1st round at Seymour arena and still have a love for tradition venue comps. Being nearly 40 i to suffer with fatigue. Ha ha ha Hope to see both of you at next years.
  25. Youtube? Dougie Lampkin!
  26. Hi, I'm trying to find the series kickstart (made in 1979 approx) please advise if you know anyone that may have them even if video tape! Any help would be much appreciated
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  28. Some of us were waiting for Ali C videos long before danny mac was gettin pimples I think he’s put his time into being pretty daaaamn smooth he always was. Danny mac copies are international, very easy to spot. Just put them in an actual section. Im just waiting for danny mac to ride a long wb pogo again Wil edit when watchdd...
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