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  2. Weird, never seen a Hope one break. What a caliper though! So, in summary, just buy the fattest adaptor there is.
  3. Related to this, people getting really fixated on particular celebrities and what they're doing or wearing. People also get that way with football teams, which is pretty weird too.
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  5. I have broken Hope's 180mm adapters twice. After that I switched to 183mm version and have no any problems with it.
  6. Looks awesome And the Michelin HOT S in the front
  7. Didn't nick manning tap something huge in GET one?
  8. Holy crap! Fontenoy might take the win with that one. I'd forgotten how big he went. Bricks are usually a standard 65mm with a 10mm mortar gap. Counting up the rows and the soldier course on top, I got a super sketchy TF-tape result of about 1.46m. They just stop looking like they make sense, after a certain height.
  9. Here is the final build with the new cockpit and few other old parts waiting for this rig. It rides like a new bike. I am now preserving my back when I pull manuals and bunny hops, it feels more like my dirt. Now, it's time to practice more and more.
  10. I didnt scroll down far enough, was hoping you'd just taken some out the shin/calf. Floaty foot syndrome.
  11. Here is at minutes 2:00
  12. Aurelien Fontenoy is also one of those who do monstrous taps! Almost sure I saw him do 150+ cm (around 59inches) in some vid
  13. That is the final build...for now,at least.
  14. He's been in politics in some form for something like 45 years. Think his son's dying wish was that he ran for president or something like that. Part of it is no doubt the power side of it, but he does just seem to be one of those people who have that draw to some form of public service. The lives of he and his family would have been a lot easier if he'd just retired after being Obama's VP, so it seems they're all on board with it. I guess removing Donald Trump from office was quite a big draw too... More on topic: something that baffles me every time I see them at the supermarket are the magazines that seem to pretend soaps are real life. It's just insane.
  15. I feel like I've seen the Biden thing quite a lot with volunteer and charity groups, there are quite often older men who's motive seems to be wanting to create some sort of legacy since death is approaching and they're rushing to give something back. I did just compare America to a charity group, no regrets. Maybe I'm so competitive it renders me as not competitive because my thought process is if I'm not winning a gold medal at the Olympics for the 100m then I can skip it. What I like about trials is even a beginner can do something cool, but athletic events don't really have that factor to them. Or maybe I'm just bitter because Harry beat me at the 100m during year 11 sportsday.
  16. The earlier they do it, the more I hate them.
  17. These people
  18. I very much enjoy the 'wheel tractor fork' there Think it's already been mentioned but fishing, definitely. I would also agree on the silly exhausts and the current fad of the farty ones (think mostly DSG boxes?). People who argue on twitter (or any social media for that matter). People who ring up to complain about TV shows. People. I've probably got a load more that I'll add another time too....
  19. Cyclocross. Wtf.
  20. I would say it's the opposite for me, I don't understand the enjoyment of running, apart from things like 100m where you try and be faster than everyone else.
  21. Ah yes, that reminds me - the Biden sniffing children / women thing. I don't understand that.
  22. Not sure it's quite as hefty as the Brum tap in question, but the tap at 1.35 always blew me away, especially with the short chalky run-up! Also stumbled upon some other old vids in my liked with some rather sizable taps on offer:
  23. I don't get athletics, the whole commitment of training to shave off half a second or add a few cms just seems crazy. I get enjoying running and jumping and climbing but the competitive aspect just seems boring. Especially shotput, who knows why someone would get involved in that in the 21st century.
  24. From memory, rather than putting something between the tyre and tube, he actually cut the tube open and put something inside the tube then sealed the tube back up? Seems crazy to me.
  25. I've never seen that before, that's a decent sized hook even with the slope...pretty sure that's close to chin height! Yes the slope makes it easier but I still never considered that tappable!
  26. Consider him a martyr, I guess?
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