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  2. That was indeed a terrible video. Isn't he a top level comp rider?
  3. It's not really just the material - the design will play a big role in how long they last. Some companies don't make great carbon forks and they break faster, other companies (like Clean and Crewkerz) do and their carbon forks will last a long, long time. If there's no signs of them breaking then you're probably fine to keep riding them. Carthy used to break alloy forks pretty regularly but the Crewkerz Carbons last him a long time, so if he's got that similar increase in durability from switching to them you should too. The Clean forks are extremely similar to the Crewkerz ones, so they should be fairly representative.
  4. Still reading the comments, but really didn't want to miss the opportunity to express how truly awful every attempt he makes at marketing is. That takes the win for me, just quit this ridiculous you tube game. do demos like every other trials rider trying to make a living.
  5. Modern-ish ones are not that bad. The 156 for example was a step up in quality from previous models.
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  7. The Mavic Pro looks a bit too pro for what I'm after I does look like an awesome for of kit though!
  8. I've bought myself and my mrs an Alfa Romeo incredibly cheap. Am I insane or mental?
  9. I've got myself a DJI Mavic Pro and it has been fantastic when I used it. I've witnessed first hand people receiving cheap copies as gifts and the quality is just plain awful, I've seen them flown once when received then never used again. Just an utter waste of money. The mavic pro is great thanks to its portability and ease of use, it's also relatively small and quiet compared to others. As it happens I had just vaguely put mine up for sale today, I got a bit scared by the legislation, paperwork and insurance you need now if you're making money from it and as I'm trying to turn professional I thought I'd rather invest the money into my DSLR kit and remove temptation.
  10. Even my Phantom 4 is very decent, and that’s a fair bit older than something like the Mavic Pro - I’d have no issues getting one of those if I used the Phantom enough to warrant spending again.
  11. Hey y'all (and by y'all I mean the three or four active members), anyone got any experience of little drones for photos and videos? I've been thinking of getting hold of one of the little DJI Mavic clones but it seems like when you get down to it they're all cheap tat in one way or another. They've either got crap cameras, dodgy interfaces, don't work to begin with, lose connection etc. etc. So now, having seen some very impressive videos of and footage from, I'm tempted to bite the bullet and get something like the DJI Spark setup (with extra batteries, controller etc.). Big Jeff Lenosky (apparently) actually paid for one himself to use for filming stuff on his MTB and since we're off to Canada this Summer I thought that it might be cool to have something to get some interesting views and pictures from. Any thoughts?
  12. This is another level of wizardry. Not only about whips and tricks.his clips recently showed how much he improved in trials this last year. Can't wait to see you both working on a banger edit!
  13. top video, love a good group ride
  14. John Langlois is really good. Crazy how this is just a throwaway Instagram clip these days...
  15. I'm riding a 20 Clean carbon fork for about a year. It's still fine but i think about getting a new one because i don't know how long it will last. I never had any carbon stuff before. I broke a Echo aluminium fork some years ago also 2 aluminium bars. What do you think will be stronger? Alu or carbon forks on a 20 inch bike?
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  17. Thanks guys. It's amazing how much nicer it is to work on on a spit Mike, but it's all too easy to get carried away with the idea of 'if I ever might want to do this, now would be the time as it's so much easier with it in the air'. Danny, basically it's just because the old lot was knackered, I like making stuff and if I'm lucky it might go round corners better now. Not that 924s don't handle well to start with. I've moved the lower arm inner pivots up about 40mm and the ball joint down a similar amount, letting it sit pretty low without putting the roll centre underground (I'm sure you know, but I stumbled across this great explanation of why that matters the other day) I've also made very offset top mounts that give way more caster and push the whole strut assembly outboard without the increased SAI/KPI I'd get from just a lengthened wishbone. I've replaced the steering rack with a mk2 escort quick rack to speed up the steering and make spares easier in the future, and the uprights I've made use yaris rear wheel bearing assemblies and have brake mount's to take mk2/3 golf brakes. So it's now 4x100 (originally 4x108) and brake upgrades will be available off the shelf going forward. The back ends getting a similar treatment; a tube subframe with new arms, tweaked pivot points, Audi S3 rear brakes, mk4 golf front wheel bearings and CV joints etc. I'm essentially just using parts bin stuff to hopefully improve performance while keeping cost (current and servicing) low.
  18. New pads so plenty of meat. It looks like I only needed standard clamps after all? I held the cyclinders in place with the rim installed just now and it looks like it would work with standard clamps, at least until the pads wear down. My understanding is that I’ll have to move the cylinders in as the pads wear? I have only dealt with hydraulic disc brakes to this point.
  19. Tensile clamps are designed to space pistons further outboard, so you won't get more than a couple of mm movement. How much meat is left on the pads you're trying to run? Could get proper old school and screw a second set of backings on if you're feeling particularly baller.
  20. I am trying to set up an old 26" comp frame (ZOO with 99mm spaced mounts) with an HS-33. The bike previously had a V brake with adapters and has an old DX32 rim which is about 38mm wide. The V brake works but the bushings on the arms are pretty worn out and I like the feel of hydraulic brakes I have tried so thought it might be a good time to try some on my own bike. I found a pair of Tensile offset clamps thinking they might work a little better for clamping the cylinders further inboard with the narrow rim. At this point I'm not sure, I guess standard mounts might have worked ok since in this position the offsets don't get me any extra clearance to mount the cylinders further in. It does seem like it would still be good to clamp the cylinders closer to their centers however? The problem I have now is that the Tensile clamps have little "ears" protruding on the portion of the clamp that would contact the brake bosses on the frame but the bosses are too wide for the brake clamps to sit flat with the little "ears" in the way. I checked the clamps against my Hex as well and it looks like they would have the same fit problem... Looking at some pictures it seems like Magura clamps are made the same way? Anybody have any advice for the best work around here? I think I could file the little ears flat but I wanted to get some advice first because I think it would take quite a lot of work to make sure I get both surfaces flat with respect to each other and I don't think replacement Tensile's are available if I mess them up. Alternatively I may try to get some aluminum washers to fit between the "ears". This would be easier but then the clamps won't have near the contact with the frame bosses. I mainly don't want to deform the bosses on the bike or not have a strong enough fit. Before I go too far maybe I should just bite the bullet and build up a wider rim or maybe just new V brake arms!? Thanks!
  21. Biggest turnout on a ride in a while. Just a shame the security guards were on it. Other than that was good fun and great riding. enjoy
  22. That looks epic, shame you can't drive it like that without the front wings. I think i've asked this before but remind me again, how come you are rebuilding all the suspension? Whats the standard setup look like and how have you improved it?
  23. Flipp came down to ride the weekend gone, we rode Cov saturday and oxford sunday- couldnt be arsed lugging my camera around, so its just random phone clips 'twas a fun one. wasnt expecting the 20/30 turning up for the oxford stunts. shame we got kicked off pretty much everything. credit to John Shrewsbury for that rad second dropgap angle.
  24. id buy that in a heartbeat! drrrooooool
  25. Wish I had the space and skills to do something like that. My car would definitely benefit from being turned upside down and having lots of crap cut away and fresh shiny stuff welded in. Hoping to MOT it next month, having been SORN since October, but I fear the rust may prevent it...
  26. So very cool! Will have to pop my head in for a snoop at some point, bet it's even more nuts in the metal. Vaguely related: Still up for giving each other head swapping your large port for my small port head? I'm about to order a set of gaskets, if you are then I'll double the quantities
  27. Well this seems to have died so I guess I'd better stop lurking and post something. I finally finished making the bits to bolt the first wheel onto my 924, the wishbone's only temporary until I get more laser cut parts to have another go: Then this weekend I went and collected a pair of seats, then test fitted the drivers one: Might even finish it one day!
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