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  1. Yesterday
  2. I bought myself 'Le Tonkinois' varnish for the oil tank of my motorbike. Found someone using it on raw bicycle frames and that seems to hold up brilliantly. Haven't used it myself yet though.
  3. Thank you for that dude, I'll get some!
  4. A guy I know with a bare metal chevy truck uses anchor wax on the cab and bed, keeps it from oxidizing and feels mega faaaaaancy.
  5. Connect bike to generator, use ghost to reduce your carbon footprint and lower electricity bills? Always wondered why movies focus around making ghosts go away, when they can be tricked into producing green energy.
  6. The metal is just raw from manufacturing but thr wood has been stained mate
  7. World-level street riding, as usual. The music matched the riding well, especially in the last run. And it matched the spring awakening feeling as well.
  8. Last week
  9. Pokey hernia tug
  10. Probably got a hernia lifting it into the house, if that counts?
  11. Lovely stuff Ads! Although I don't comment, I made and account on WSCC and have been following your progress with this over the past months. Properly cool build! Serious kudos for the way you've gone about it mate
  12. Fired up first time
  13. Jesus, I'd expect bum fun with that kinda investment.
  14. New bars, stem and tyres! Feels so much better! Definatly not designed for an old school build. Last picture is the old setup
  15. Insane riding, new bicycle? something looks very different !
  16. Nice video....Love the fakie manual at 2:14...
  17. Bunch of roses and a bottle of wine.
  18. So much one wheeled goodness in that, blows my mind that's the level of video you're knocking out in an afternoon. Could have used some edgier music though
  19. Have you treated it with anything Dan?
  20. In with some items randomly placed please ignore aloe Vera he was just placed there when I was moving shit around lol So happy with it
  21. I need to update this soon, I've made a shit load of furniture soon for various customers.
  22. Top work
  23. Haha thanks mate
  24. Hey everyone...I recently vlogged in Edinburgh with Adam McGuire and I managed to get enough good looking clips to want to add music and make a little edit. This was filmed in an afternoon and some of the riding is rough around the edges but the response I've had has been good so I plan on using Adam again to film something a bit more polished.
  25. The unit is impressive but getting it into your house is even more impressive! Nice work!
  26. Gravity contortionist. Unreal watch!
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