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  3. f**k man, that sounds shit. Hope the Mrs is ok if nothing else.
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    I don't believe Red Bull and Max are still whinging about Silverstone. Glad the 'new evidence' that RB tried to use has been chucked out and the appeal quashed. Weirdly I'm looking forward to seeing how it will be shown in Drive to Survive!
  5. I've been learning trials 3 years now but only recently started off the bike balance practice. Would recommend. Try standing on one leg for a minute, swap legs, not too difficult.., then repeat but with your eyes shut. Really felt it on the ankles and lower leg. Can't promise it will actually help but maybe will let you know in six months time! Good for when your upper body is suffering. Loads of other balance exercises available on YouTube but that's a good beginning.
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  7. Just wanted to post to encourage you. I'm 40 and started last year. On a Hex now. Pulled shoulders and sore back at times, but it's so much fun. Working on improving my backhop now and hopping off of stuff. Been taking a bit of a break for bike race training, but will be back to it full force after that. Anyway, good luck!
  8. I would lower your seat or even switch back to the metal one it came with because you don't want to hit your seat every time you bunny hop.
  9. Hi I'm Jamie I've been riding street trials for 9 months and I kept braking parts on my bike and came across trials forum when searching about problems I was having.
  10. Mrs had a out of the blue seizure, spent 7 hours on A&E and wasnt allowed in with her. so had to stand outside for the entire time, disgraceful. Got a call yesterday from our storage company, can i please come check my unit.. Go down there and notice the ceiling has come in and flooded the storage unit that has all of our stuff in it whilst we house hunt. so its all f**ked. now i have to do the insurance dance. not a great two days.
  11. You definitely can learn trials on an expensive bike But trials is a thing that takes alot of time to learn and theres no point of spending 2k on a bike that you might not use or might not enjoy riding.
  12. I recently put some new cranks brothers stamp 2s on my trials bike and they were tight for a week of riding or so and it's almost like they just loosened in an hour today. I've tighten them back up now but I just found it unusual how they just loosened today. After a week of staying tight.
  13. We’re fortunate to have spots dotted around the North West within 40-35 mins of most of us and there’s plenty to do in my native Wigan. to be honest I’m not loosing much sleep about not travelling to bigger, better places until my skill set allows me to ride more than just a couple of things at a given spot.
  14. My take on that... Kids finished school for summer (approx 2 weeks ago). Human factor: Nobody is going to get a test if they aren't told to (by school, for example) or they don't have symptoms (remember, nearly 40% of people are asymptomatic, even without the vaccine). So: Number of tests being carried out dropping off since 2 weeks ago: Therefore: Number of 'positive cases' drops, due to a combination of the above. Other ponderings: 1) I still don't understand why a negative test doesn't over-ride a 'ping' from the NHS app. Unless the tests are not accurate enough to be relied upon... 2) The UK is carrying out about 1m tests a day and reporting under 50k positive results (<5%). With a test inaccuracy of higher than 5%, how can any of this be trusted?
  15. Yeah this is pretty much what happens when you declare a 'freedom day' and stick to that date regardless of anything else. Although it seems that covid cases in the UK are rapidly declining right now, and no one is really sure why. It really just goes to show that no one really knows fully what's going on and what to expect.
  16. Just out of curiosity... The vaccines don't prevent you catching covid (whichever strain is currently most virulent) but does appear to blunt the impact of the virus so to say. So we are opening up to quarantine free travel for most places next week as long as you are double jabbed. So you can still carry and transmit the virus just fine, it's not going to kill you personally so efficiently but you can still give it to all and sundry that you travel with? So the infection rate will once again rocket us into lockdown 247™. Seems a bit daft if you ask me? Double AZ jabbed here by the way, not had covid.
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  18. I can just see it being an annual thing like the flu vaccine, given to those most at risk, designed based on the most likely/dangerous variant expected (as with the flu).
  19. Makes no sense to me. Having someone pay for a vaccine is just a deterrent, countries are desperately trying to convince people to get vaccinated now, I don't see how they'll ever not be free.
  20. More antibodies gives better viral protection, who knew My guess: 5th jab onwards will be payable, when the general population have been scared into thinking they'll die from whatever the latest variant is. A good link about viruses in general, with explanations in layman's terms:
  21. Got the ping. Two months ago I had Covid, last month I got evicted and had to panic move, and this month's ending with 10 days of self isolating again. Staying in one room really drains me out, hard to muster up the energy for working from home. I think I might be an idiot for being surprised more people weren't coming back into the office, I'd been going back the past two months and it was lonlier than anything. The whole dynamic of my job is so different given covid, still not really sure what to make of the world now, and this ping has really pissed me right off but I'm trying to hold onto my morals by having the app. What a faff the world has become.
  22. Looks like a 3rd is on the menu.
  23. I can recommend early 2000 1.8t passats, crap on fuel but seems pretty reliable and cheap. Mine is on 195K and in the last 9 years its cost less than £700 in maintenance (excluding normal serviceing).
  24. I'll drive up to 2 hours each way for an evening ride and 4 hours each way for sunday ride. If i limit my self more than that I end up riding the same places all the time and get bored of them.
  25. Awesome photos, I really want to get out on a trail with my camera!
  26. I too was taught that, technically, the normal course a virus takes is to become more infectious but less deadly. (during regular bio class, nothing specific) However according to an, admittedly, quick google, Indonesia definitely has delta too. Let's just hope viruses can't develop masochistic tendencies.
  27. Totally agree with you. Facts and figures are nothing without context. There's always the possibility that the virus has spread more than we know and nearly everyone has already had some version of it. That would mean that the first waves would wipe most of the "Weaker" people out. I've had my first dose of the vaccine and I'll be getting the second dose. I'd rather not have had it at all but I'm not too worried about it.
  28. So that does look promising for the vaccine but I think there’s other info to add to the pot which can effect figures, I’m honestly not just saying this to be difficult btw! The virus mutation could be effecting how many people die from Covid. Usually a virus is deadliest when it first spreads to a new species but actually a virus really doesn’t want to kill its host as that means death for the virus too…this is where it starts to mutate and change into something that is usually less deadly. The delta strain could still be highly infectious (hence the second spike) but less deadly (hence the lower death rate). Do we know what strain Indonesia has? It looks like they didn’t have a huge first wave so it’s possible they haven’t had a mutation yet but I admit that’s just speculation on my part. I still want to wait until things have settled before I fully make a decision.
  29. This shows examples of countries with a good vaccination program compared to those without.
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