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  3. Well I've still been getting this issue recently, it culminated I think when I went to Radical Bikes in August on their re-opening after the worst of lockdown was over. Other than a single ride, haven't ridden the trials bike since. Decided I'd give trials a break for a few months and attempt to improve my upper body strength. Been doing low reps of dips, pull ups, bodyweight rows, push ups etc. Low reps because I'm not strong. Still been getting the strained feeling. Have found to some degree these exercises improve it. Wondered if it's possibly week rotator cuff, but not sure. Found scapular pull ups and push ups actually help. Seems though I find some exercise that helps and a while later need to find something else. Trying to mix it all up more and do more movement based exercise as noticed all sorts of instability in general and shoulder seem a bit lopsided. Seem to hold right shoulder up a bit... wonder if in connection with holding a mouse at a desk for long periods.. Anyway, hope to get back to learning trials at some point but got a lot going on at the moment.
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  6. Nice work man : ) Loving the manual to Up to fronts smooth as you like
  7. I am usually not fond of this kind of bikes, but this is nice and far from a Frankenstein bike!
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  9. Hi all, I am happy to share with you my new video project. So much hard work but it´s finally here. Hope you will like it... Jan.
  10. Definitely not a beginner anymore! One thing you could work on now as it will help your progression is getting the front of your feet on the pedal and not the middle section of it only. It will take time to get used to it but definitely eases things later on. Keep up the good work! I wish I could manual like you!
  11. Sorry about that, I think the Someone in Bristol was blasting music, should’ve turned those clips down...
  12. Enjoyed that! Nice to see the progression - the background noise and music was messing with my brain in some parts
  13. Lots of progress this summer. I feel like I’ve turned the corner from “complete amateur” and have levelled up to “middle of the road average” This is so I can bookend that. theres a video I’ve always wanted to make since the day I started riding, and instead of the lines being pipe dreams, now they feel more like realistic goals.... one day. anyway, hope you like. More of a compilation I guess. Vimeo because YouTube are being dicks again.... cheers
  14. Last week
  15. So, this turned up today! Totally unexpected a d unannounced. Parcelforce driver did mention he remembered the parcel as its so bloody heavy, aswell as noticing the taken to a drop point sticker hes put on there.
  16. Update got a rough roof and some waterproofing on before it rained loads. Sooo much left to do but at least it’s kinda protected. Hoping to finish the roof structure and insulation by the end of the weekend.
  17. I feel your pain, mid-life/lock down spread has hit and the love handles have grown! Food was one of life's few pleasures during lock down and my eating habits haven't returned to pre-LD levels. I'll just add "be less fat" to the to-do list.
  18. What do you guys think about the effects of wheel sizes in trials? And about changing wheel size on a bike?
  19. Getting squishy in the mid section, working from home sucks, 25k steps a day down to not much at all is really starting to take its toll. Might have to actually spend some time doing cardio in the gym now *spits*
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  22. I forgot to update this thread, I did finish it and it’s on my mk1 fourplay: Really happy with it, also managed to find a silver avid lever for the front BB5 (which saved me from further polishing!)
  23. The current walls will be wrapped with a waterproof breather membrane and then battened out for cladding. At the moment I’m going to treat up / stain some cheap 12mm ply, but might not be a long term option. Budget is tight so just want it covered for now. Other consideration is you aren’t going to see much cladding as most of the front is glass and the sides and rear are virtually all hidden. Cladding is sooo pricey!
  24. Pulled out all the housing sections, got everything lubed up, it's all flawless. I'm honestly out of ideas. At this point I'm assuming it's a faulty derailleur or shifter. Someone suggested I get one of those hanger calibration tools even though I've bought a new hanger, those aren't cheap but if it'd fix the issue I'd buy one.
  25. Done that with some 05’s they come up really nice with little bit of elbow grease
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