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  2. You have a point there. But the way bikes were doesn't define how people ride it. Back in the day, people ride pure trials on these, now it's much more streetier with rotations, etc... And I am not keen on that
  3. Pendulum: In Silico
  4. Spinning some house music, live on Twitch now... Hit the link, listen in and get chatting if you like
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  6. Sorry man, I guess I'm an idiot with nothing to contribute. Thanks for setting me straight.
  7. I actually agree with you to an extent! Pashley 26mhz were the bees knees when they came out but I rode one recently and things have definitely come a long way since
  8. They were just shit mate! Trials or whatever you want to call it has come along way in the last 20 years!
  9. The Z1eHX is effectively the 'e-bike' version of the Z610HX. They discontinued the Z610 HX in lieu of that chain as they wanted a chain with a higher maximum load capacity/rating for e-bikes, so just adapted it to be the Z1eHX (which is also in line with their new naming system for chains). The max load for the Z610 HX was 1200kg whereas the new version is 1370kg, so it's a reasonable step up. That line of chains has generally been reliable for me so I'm hoping they won't have totally ballsed them up. The only KMC chains I've ever had repeated issues with were Kools - the Z510HX and Z610HX chains I've used have been all good. I've been in the process of breaking one or two in the past, but spotted the links splaying/having a bad time before they shit the bed fully. Hopefully manufacturers developing more e-bike chains will work out well for us in the trials world too though, it's a step in the right direction at least.
  10. What were the bikes we used to compete on back in the day? They had 26" wheels and a seat (almost identical to my Hex), were they 26" BMXs with seats or trials bikes?
  11. Wow, I don't get it...these things people ride are 24" BMX with lower handlebars... I am not looking down on it! It's just what it looks like and how people ride it. No need to use any kind of reverse psychology based on how I behave here 10 years ago. But since you seem to know what I meant better than I do, then please forget it.
  12. Lol, I have a single ply super tacky on the back (swapped tyres round), mainly because the dual ply weighed 4 tons, but my single ply is stretched over a 48mm rim so it's been ok so far, and it's huge. I don't think I'll find a folding Larsen, and I do prefer 2.35 over 2.25, but it's more about the tall profile.
  13. No! That’s the fun part! Rear you’re wanting a dual ply wire bead or folding 2.35 either super tacky or maxx pro depending on how comp or street you are. Front you want a single ply folding 2.35, same applies for compound. I use both the ikon and the crossmark and much prefer the ikon.
  14. Thanks for all the positive feedback as always peeps
  15. I did look the mk1 up a while back but I remember them being quite heavy, not looked up the mk2, is it a tall profile like the Larsen? I get lost between the compounds, dual ply, single ply, folding, wire bead and varying weight claims with Maxxis so I often just give up.
  16. Well that's not true, otherwise you wouldn't refer to it as a 24" BMX, which it clearly isn't. So either you're just niaive and need to be educated or your intentionally being obtuse to get a reaction. Based on your attitude over the years to anything other than a long low silver comp trials bike, i would say it's probably the latter. Sweet vid!
  17. I didn’t realize Ross was also racing BMX then, my apologies
  18. Please read my post again. I did not look down on 24inch BMX... I don't fancy them and I am happy to see some still ride pure trials on here. End of
  19. 15:13 looks like Kriss missed it Brilliant video as always.
  20. Last week
  21. that was amazing! Alex's and Kriss's parts were edited so well and of course the riding was nuts! Kriss isn't scared!
  22. I think the Crossmark Mk2 is the closest to a larsen...I'm running a pair now and I really like them
  23. Do John Gill still sell trials bike parts? I remember buying a set of Onza Muscleman freewheel cranks from there in the early 2000s
  24. im everybody's fwend! just sitting back and keeping out of it.
  25. Has anyone tried the new ebike chains for trials yet besides James Barton? You're more than welcome to chime in too, James.
  26. Looking at braking systems and the recommendations have been either: Avid BB7 Magura MT5 Shimano SLX M7120 Shimano XT M8020 TRP Slate T4 AG Design What do I go for? I really want sharp power. Don't care about modulation initially. Just want OTB catapult stoppage. Thoughts?
  27. Can't we all just get along and agree it doesn't matter what you ride provided you're not French.
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