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  2. just found out that my (to be) brother-in-laws partners parents also went to look at the house and I think have put an offer in they recently sold their house for over 400k so can just buy it outright. I'd be pretty pissed if they got it. Apparently they heard that someone has put in a stupidly large offer, not sure how true this is but it's looking less and less likely we'll get it.
  3. Fingers crossed, I think in this day and age the possibility for the sellers of completing chain free and quickly can have a massive impact on things. Hopefully it's enough of an incentive
  4. Yeah, can imagine there'd be a lot of hassle to go along with it. Think it's just a case of expectation setting - it's always "We'll give you a call tomorrow morning" or similar. We're not expecting to be moving in this weekend, just say that you're busy and you'll get back to us in the next few days...
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  6. Thanks @Swoofty, I’m glad I ended up with paint now, it gives it a bit more of a premium look I think - the stickers certainly help too.
  7. Looks Good
  8. If they're anything like the majority of the Financial Services industry, the main problem is excessive regulatory hoop-jumping. Makes an hours actual client-facing work into a 7 hour marathon of form-filling, box-ticking bullshit. It's easy not to see a lot of that side of it and definitely frustrating from a consumer's POV and isn't doing anyone any favours. That said, a lot of mortgage-advise/similar is entirely unregulated, so a good chunk of the timewasting is just grossly unjustifiable!
  9. That is a beauty! Silver and black with red trim is hard to beat. The paint was worthwhile over leaving it raw aluminum. If only all spare parts builds turned out this well!
  10. Good luck dude, hope it works out! Forgot to really update before, but we had an offer accepted on a house so we're now on the ludicrously slow moving merry-go-round that is mortgage advisers, estate agents and solicitors. Those industries definitely strike me as being similar to 'the trades' in that simply doing what you say you're going to do when you said you were going to do it (i.e. the bare minimum) must put you above 99% of your competition. There's a slight element of f**kaboutery going on with the house we've had the offer accepted on which is somewhat leaving us open for the chance to get gazumped, but we're hoping the fact that we're doing everything we can to make it happen ASAP will count in our favour...
  11. Some updated pics, I finally got around to refurbishing the fatty r forks. Tweaked the front end to suit my riding style - but kept the original bar and stem.
  12. We decided we liked the house so much we put in an extra 3k over the home report evaluation...we’re conscious that we don’t want to add to the already insane house price bubble.The house IS a 180k house, once we start getting into 185k+ then it’s getting sketchy and more likely to lose money when we ever want to sell it. The estate agent said they’ve had seven offers on it since yesterday (we were the first to view it) and they’ll close it on Monday. So the good news is it IS still on the market, they haven’t had an offer they couldn’t refuse but I’m so nervous! I’m really hoping that they think we’re good match, I doubt we’ll be the highest offer but we’ve no strings attached being first time buyers and can make the sale quick and easy for them (they’re moving south so HAVE to sell it sooner rather than later). They seemed to like the idea of the house going to someone local who knows the area. we both REALLY want this house (I especially do as there’s another velosolutions pumptrack being built a 5 mins ride away from it) so this will be a nervous wait
  13. His body position in those first few clips makes it look like that bike rides exactly like I thought it would ride. If you're looking to aim more for the 'trials' end of 'street trials' I can see how it might be OK, but for anything more towards the 'street' end of the spectrum it just looks super awkward. This style of bike is always a compromise but it seems that they've skewed way towards the other end.
  14. Back brake added but waiting on some decent mounts to arrive (the newer type with the back brace). The decals also arrived so have put them on! Pretty much the finished article now
  15. I've already made it a routine to check all bolts on my bike before most rides. They seem to have settled in quite well over the time though . So I'll continue keeping an eye on the adapters as well. Thanks for your assessments!
  16. If you play your cards right you can use the trains to your advantage - for the last video with Ben, we were battling against the shorter days in winter so we ended up getting a train out in the morning then worked out way back in, or just used it to scope out places further afield then get the train home. In all honesty, some of the rides between spots weren't too bad (less so than they looked on the map), and there were random spots we came upon on the way from place to place. "There's got to be something" did become a trip catch-phrase just because so many of the estates we rode past seemed like there were going to be little session spots tucked away. It really was/is amazing how many great spots there are that never appear in videos. Riders like Charlie Rolls or Jack Carthy could put out some amazing footage from some of them.
  17. Exactly what @Mikee said The Hope style of adaptor in general seems a lot better than the really cheap cast ones, so realistically if you keep an eye on everything you should be good to go. I have a suspicion that loose bolts are a factor in some adaptors and/or calipers breaking, so spending a bit of time checking over your bike now and then will probably put you in a better position to minimise the chances of anything breaking on you than just replacing an adaptor every X months.
  18. That's turned out super nicely! Fair play...
  19. Beauty!
  20. A bit more work on it this morning and some clearer images, this stem feels much better
  21. Yesterday
  22. The same can be said about most components really. Anything breaking on our bikes can jeopardise our safety, but it happens and it's a risk that we have to accept. I wouldn't put it in the same category as chains, which wear with use. Good quality adapters, like the Hope ones, aren't something we hear of breaking regularly. So I wouldn't worry about them too much.
  23. Thanks for that, I'll need to figure out a way to wear my trials bike as a backpack and ride my roadie to get around all these
  24. Hi, I was wondering if replacing the adapters from time to time is a good idea or a waste of money? I did break a Magura adapter once and have been happily running the same set of Hope adapters since then with no obvious signs of wear. Since replacing the chain regularly is common knowledge, the adapters seem to be another crucial part for your safety . What do you guys think?
  25. Saw this and thought of you!
  26. For a couple of videos I made with Mark I pulled together a private spot map of London. It’s online now after I finished the last video. Hope it’s useful
  27. After an hour or so in the garage this evening this is how far I got: A quick roll around tells me the front feels a bit low for my liking so the 80x40 stem will be going on.
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