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  2. Who was it on here that was converting the Pro2/4 to 116mm spacing?
  3. Who was it on here that was converting the Pro2/4 to 116mm spacing?
  4. Who was it on here that was converting the Pro2/4 to 116mm spacing?
  5. So is it aliens? I've Stopped catching up sorry guys
  6. It was mentioned in the commentary, i don't know if its always been like this in the last event? With regards to jack your right, its almost unfair, glad to see Sergei having a pop at the top place though
  7. Jack's just in a class of his own at the moment isn't he?! So fast and confident. In other news wtf is with the scoring? So now each section adds up to 60 per obstacle? What was wrong with the clean-5 dabs thing that's been used, well, forever? Edit: Also Nicolas Vallee in section 5? What were the observers watching? Toe touches obstacle? Meh. Blatant hop while already dabbing? He haw he haw, but ee iz french!
  8. New Tees!!! Hard tail lines.
  9. Yeah I get that. But it’s soapstone no? Completely possible for a skilled craftsman to work into great detail?
  10. I'm not saying I agree with everything these people are saying. You've got to have a bullshit buffer with these videos. I look at them hollow skulls and I personally can't see how you could do that with a chisel. I think the point he's trying to make about not being able to get his 3mm twig in the gap is that the tool to make the cut out would have to be smaller than 3mm. That's a tiny chisel and a lot of skill to be able to do that.
  11. F1

    Yeah, that’s the nature of f1 at the minute(and probably forever)... i didn’t watch the race, and haven’t bothered with the last three. I’m a big fan of f1 but it’s just such a lame series at the moment. Everything about the cars seem just dull - the rediculous weight and stupidly complex ‘green’ engine, the increasingly complex Aero to get round an increasingly complex rule book. (Nothing new just iterative minute details). The tyres! The squabbling is dull and the increasing numbers of drivers without the actual talent but with the pay check, leading to less drivers making a difference. I love the technology of f1, but it’s just so dull right now as a racing series.
  12. “Lathe” is a bit leading - the guy is also banging on about advanced tooling too which seems a bit silly, it certainly appears that some have been turned, but there are other ways to skin a cat. My guess would be there has been actual science conducted on these things, and my second guess would be if anyone had discovered anything other than period tools were used to make them it would have been big news? I’m comfortable that the skills the people who made all these things were amazing, but completely within the bounds of technology posessed at the time. The bits about not being able to stick a twig in a gap are just lolz.
  13. Same as above, I emailed inspired and they said that they were selling too many as full builds to have any left over to sell frame only until mid next year
  14. 2:41 into the video? I noticed that myself. So you don't think any of the others were done on a lathe?
  15. it's rude your not posting your other bey.
  16. F1

    Bearing in mind 2 drivers got investigated and reprimanded for ignoring blue flags maybe they were just being extra strict with it? It was a fairly high profile incident to boot.
  17. F1

    To me, if that was a battle for the lead I would have said 50/50 blame, Ocon didn’t back out and Verstappen didn’t give room to a car that was at least alongside. The only reason Ocon got a penalty seems to be because he was unlapping which sucks balls.
  18. I love how that video talks about things being done on a lathe then shows a column with features that couldn’t be done on a lathe.
  19. F1

    It's a tricky one though - that move was pretty Vettel-esque from his recent attempts at 'overtaking' people. Can see why Max wouldn't have thought Ocon would have still been there as people had generally backed out of moves like that (e.g. Bottas/Ricciardo), but mirrors/giving more room would have been a safer bet. Ocon could probably have just held off and used the next DRS zone too seeing as the Force Indias are pretty rapid in a straight line. Benefits of hindsight/armchair expert-ing...
  20. It's almost like there should be an area of archaeology which concentrates purely on that part of history. You could call it something like Egyptology...
  21. That says a lot to me. What we get taught in high school is a stripped down easy to understand version of certain things. That's why you have higher education to go into much more detail. Maybe the evidence is out there or has been found and just hasn't been analyzed properly? Speaking of giant lathes... That to my uneducated self looks like those pillars were turned on giant lathes. The skulls on that dudes hat are impressive too. I'm not saying its ancient technology I'm just blown away with what's out there all around the world.
  22. But there kind of is (I think). Fairly sure the timelines of 'known history' (i.e. as it's taught in schools etc.) is well documented enough to be 'proven' in the order that we understand it. Hieroglyphs (sp?) are an Egyptian thing and they can be used to tell the story of the various part of their history, their leaders, those who have been laid to rest in the pyramids etc. etc. Giant granite sarcophagusses within those tombs again relate to the same era with hieroglyphs telling the stories. What there isn't evidence of is a group of highly intelligent toolmakers and engineers with access to far more advanced tools ad materials existing long before the Egyptians doing it all for them. I'm sure there are lots of things that have been lost over the years that we aren't aware of and of which no evidence remains (water powered lathe/tools maybe? I dunno) but the actual evidence only really points to what we know (or at least what we think we know). You say "not everything that happens leaves evidence" but when you're talking about what allowed people to make things from solid rock the only tools more advanced that the copper (or whatever) tools that we think they used would have to be stronger and harder than the copper ones and hence would leave evidence somewhere in the area. As far as I'm aware that's simply not the case so we have to work on what we know and can prove.
  23. F1

    You'd think RB would've told Max that Ocon was on fresh rubber and looking a bit racey...
  24. Those were good times, even if the reason behind it was the total opposite. The principle of those rides clearly worked though - using DJ's passing as a way to bring people together and remember his life in a fun way. Always got there in such weird ways too. Not having a car back then and people seemingly being really happy to go well out of their way to pick people up led to some interesting times. Pre-SM SM/Mods/Admin group car sharing, being picked up by Rich Pearson from a random train station car park, Tom Chilvers de-touring through London...
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