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  2. Thanks for the input lads. Plenty of options to cover all price points. I might have to start with the budget option until we move as I also won’t have a lot of space. Having to work from the dining table. Good to have a rough idea of costs though. Planning the new home office set up already. I treated myself to a nice chair this week so the audio setup may have a be put on hold until next month.
  3. I'm heading to Bristol city centre in a few weeks with a mate of mine so it would be handy to know of some spots ahead of time so we don't waste too much time scouting. We're both on street trials bikes and can only up-to-back wheel comfortably about 2 foot high so we're after some beginner friendly locations if anyone knows of any?
  4. This is an awesome build great work
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  6. Im interested, its still available? best regards
  7. Im interested, its still available? best regards
  8. Depending on budget, a really nice setup is: Zen iFi DAC KRK Rokit 5 powered speakers That's a mid-range system that will give a nice punch.
  9. Arms were absolutely knackered from riding, severely lacking conditioning when it comes to gripping handlebars!
  10. Or if you want cheap, there's the LEPY LP-2020A amp £25 from amazon (stereo phono and/or 3.5mm jack inputs, speaker wire outputs) - again the mic would plug into laptop. Just got one for a Raspberry Pi hifi with DAC & old speakers for tunes in the shed.
  11. Most of them will come with some form of mic input, though there are a few that might not so read descriptions carefully. What type or features are you looking for? Cheap as possible, smallest size etc. There's a hell of a lot of options to choose from if we don't know what you're after! Your mic's jack narrows things a bit, but there's still a lot. You will still need an amp though. My recommendation because of what I have on my desk: SMSL AD18: Very flexible array of inputs, and is a combined DAC and amp. Sounds good enough to me with my little Diamond 9.1s. Certainly for passive listening. Obviously not audiophile grade, but that's what good headphones are for No mic input as it's strictly for out-bound signals, but you could put the mic in to your laptop's port as most programs let you define distinct input and output devices for calls etc.
  12. I start a new job on Monday and i will be working from home, I know they are going to provide me with a laptop and monitor which is fine. However, i like to listen to music while i work so i want to hook up some speakers to the laptop so i can easily mute music and have better quality audio than just using the laptop speakers. I have some nice quality speakers from a old audio set up but no amp. What's the best way for me to connect the speakers and also an external microphone to the laptop, do I need a USB DAC, do these come with mic inputs? The microphone is a rode video micro if that makes a difference. Thanks Joe
  13. Yes, I think the trial and error method helps in many ways of life Yes, there is a truth in these two tips, thank you. I also want to add that if the rotor rubs, we look at the clearance, which block it touches, we relax the caliper mount and slightly shift it towards the rubbing block, while the plane of the block should remain parallel to the plane of the rotor. We tighten the mount slightly, check for clearance, repeat the procedure if necessary. If the rotor rubs on both pads, they can be diluted by unscrewing the adjusting hexagon in the brake lever a little, while the brakes will begin to grab later, if you need, on the contrary, a smaller handle stroke, then the hexagon must be screwed in, you may need to align the rotor. Regards, Justin Wilson.
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  15. You make those muscle ups at the end look too easy!
  16. Here's mine from 2018. Was doing this daily 5 days a week all year (milder weather in SE England). Not always this route, sometimes would stay on the roads, or extend it if enough time and energy. Stopped when covid hit. Have moved since so a new commute when I return to the office.
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  18. That made me very nostalgic for my old commute around Lake Ontario. Compared to my London commute now, I do miss those wide American roads.
  19. Mini seats - which briefly came and went
  20. 100% affection, all the time (on their time) especially if you're the one that regularly feeds them Taj would always curl up on my lap, as soon as I would get into bed he would then curl up on my pillow and snuggle my head, since he pegged it over the rainbow bridge a couple of years back, marmalade has now taken on the mantle because she's the only cat now and will reliably come and lie down purring on my chest as soon as I get into bed. We don't get a huge volume of livestock* anymore, typically a mouse a month if it's the season and she can be bothered to hunt (12 years old now), taj in his heyday would regularly bring a baby rabbit in a night and eat it all barring the back legs and tail. Rarely did he let it go alive in the house, apart from the time it was a full grown adult rat, had to be 14" long and dumped it under the bed (typically crammed with boxes of stuff) at 3am *shrews/mice/frogs/rats/rabbits/blackbirds/starlings/pigeons and an attempt at a crow! edit: oh and mans best friend, the doting loyal labrador is just a f**king doofus nutcase whose sense of affection is charginfg 38kg of flesh into the front of your knees at high velocity
  21. They show plenty of affection, in fact just the right amount for us. I’d just rather they didn’t bring home injured/dead animals.
  22. One for the 'things I don't get' but why do people have cats? They're basically just dickheads who would sooner watch with utter disinterest than piss on you if you were on fire and show zero affection...
  23. So the job's just come back up again with a different, newly worded, seemingly more professional advert [The original interviewer, and to a point the process, was bewilderingly inept). Seems the mythical grommets that could be bitched around for <=£6.70/hr either didn't fancy it (I trolled the indeed HTML for info and, quote, "<10 applicants") or the flaky college age messiah they did take on for the rush start was about as reliable as Northern rail. Still, as I must be a glutton for punishment/totally f***ing daft I've put in for it again, essentially to see what if any response I get.
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    Kimberly Raikonnen just looked like Kimi in a wig.
  25. This might be why I have a complex about the hole sizes in my rims. See how the locknut on a Schrader valve actually disappear into the hole That locknut is has a 10.5mm diameter and comfortably rattles about in the hole so the hole must be at least 11.0mm diameter which makes my 5.8mm diameter tubeless presta valves an extremely lose fit. (Yes I know technically it doesn't matter). For obvious reasons I didn't wind it in any more but it will probably eventually rattle its way down there at some point anyway.
  26. This is the 2nd summer I've commuted home from work. Decided to timelapse it a few weeks back. I'm lucky enough to have 3 different trails / gravel roads to choose from that'll take me in the direction of home if I'm feeling more adventurous than just taking the main road. This ride starts by leaving work and doing a small stint on the Waabizheshikana trail which winds along the edge of a small section St. Louis River before it connects to Lake Superior. This passes the start of the Munger Trail which I ride up to the main road that takes me back down to home. The Munger Trail actually runs about a 5th of the entire length of Minnesota from Duluth to Hinkley. It's about 67 miles and hope to be able to ride it all one day. All 67 miles are completely paved. It used to be an old railway line and is named after Willard Munger, a local politician who was the longest-serving member of the House at over 42 years.
  27. Nun Mary is in the courtyard riding around on her bike, when mother superior shouts: Come on Nun Mary, come on in, we are having lunch now. Nun Mary says no , no, just one more lap, one more lap! Mother superior: Ok, but how many times have I told you to put the seat back on!!
  28. Amazing riding, love the way you casually throw in a bar spin.
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