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  2. Nice to see a build thread on the go! You can strip that anodising off in seconds with caustic soda and hot water. I'd at the least do that for the axle, but ideally the forks too before spraying them (blue battle scars coming through the paint might look a bit ugly).
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  4. I also doubt you can remove / refit the steerer, but I'd have thought cutting the headshox one and welding a normal one in would work fine.
  5. i am currently and been using something like chinese made brake pads. Super cheap but gives me stopping power i never expected. Started from curiousity unitl it becomes my preffered one.
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  7. Another two gone today- Avro (who we moved from to PFP) and Green. The customer issue is only part of it- there must be hundreds (thousands?) of jobs that have simply ceased to exist overnight as these firms are falling over too.
  8. 6th largest in the UK apparently! We're with Bulb too, but given all the guarantees and safeguards in place not too concerned to be honest. If they go under then the contract is taken over by someone else, all credit is kept, and the tariff likely to stay for a grandfathered period too so a bit of time to figure out the next best option (potentially Octopus at the mo, according to a few sources)
  9. A standard magura pad that’s well bedded in is great for street. I have jitsie pads on my Marino and Giant STP - these are super granny but the power fades immediately after you feather the brake, I.e doing a manual. I’d say try the standard pads and if you feel you want more bite then consider jitsie/trial tech pads (which are the same)
  10. The fork that I chose to design this bike around is the Czar 24/26 urban tapered fork. I've had a few of these forks now and I really like the way they feel. Plus, they were discounted on Tarty Bikes, but only in anodized blue. The frame should come from Marino in silver so this fork will have to get some rattlecan lovin in satin black. I'm feeling orange accents for the build, but I'm not sure what to do about the red 15mm through axle. It seems a little excessive to strip it and re-ano it in orange and painting it is probably not a good option. I'll probably leave it red until the end and hope it doesn't stand out too much.
  11. Shit the bed - I had no idea this was happening. I’ve not paid much attention to the news for some time (biggest lasting COVID life change) but as it turns out Bulb could go down the pan too! We’ve been with them for ages and they are a pretty big supplier.
  12. Thanks for doing this.
  13. I was pretty adamant on buying something new for my dad in order to get a warranty, also adamant in choosing something with a Bosch motor as they appeared to be the most reliable and no hassle if there was any warranty issues at the time. E bikes definitely have more issues than a regular bike, not helped by the fact they’re usually ridden more, higher stresses, extra weight and so much going on in a small package.
  14. Watched 'Nobody' last night which was quite entertaining. It's obvious that it's done by the people who brought you John Wick and also quite 'Equalizer'y and a good watch but it's a little 'hollow'. No one kills his dog. No one steals his car. The main character just doesn't quite sit right with me. That's the writing though- Bob Odenkirk is great and it's still very watchable.
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  16. Sorry I didn't check back to see this but the good news is that the episode is online now: Hope it's useful, feedback welcomed!
  17. Yeah my guess would be a nope too. Don't know for sure but gut feeling would be that the fork legs are welded to the steerer which is formed and milled or whatever above the crown race.
  18. That's an interesting point. As someone who completely distrusts LBS and would far rather do everything myself I really don't like the idea of being tied to getting stuff done in a shop and not being able to work on bits myself. Equally I've heard that there are plenty of people having issues with motors, batteries etc. which is also far from ideal and ties you into warranty repairs etc. which shouldn't be a regular thing ever in my view.
  19. Thanks Guy 1 - Good point. I hadn't noticed it did that. I'll sort it out tomorrow. Thanks. 2 - It displays twice for two types of search. Left is an AND, right is an OR. I did write it in the description just above... It's just a pre-existing plugin so it doesn't do exactly the type of search I want. I'll write a custom plugin to do it properly some time soon and then go down to one search form. 3 and 5 are somewhat related - No. As soon as other people can upload, I have to vet each and every video to check it's not porn or something. Also opens up the whole can of security issues. It ALSO means that people will upload endless clips of sidehopping a bench or doing a footjam whip, and it will make it difficult to find the good videos amongst the bad once again. This is not a site meant for huge social interaction. It's for people who know what they want, and provide them with an easy way to access it where it is otherwise quite difficult to find. (And remind them of The Good Old Days!) 4 - I did reach out to a couple of people but it didn't really pan out. I might include more people in the future if it takes off. It's worth you knowing that it's just a Wordpress site. I made several versions fully coded from scratch, but I spent so long on arcane details that I realised it's silly to reinvent the wheel. Wordpress is kind of perfect for this website's goals, assuming a few custom plugins get made. I'm particularly happy with my first one which puts the "Show me a random ___ video" under each video, and then a link for each of the video's categories. The search you mentioned above will be my next
  20. Such a great idea and initiation! Points and ideas: * By default - typing it redirects to the Non-secure version (http), you can change it to auto redirect to https. * The search form is being displayed twice. next to each other : * Maybe alow other users to add videos and tag them? * Maybe you get get more help by publishing the source code on Github, so people (like me) could help you out extending and improving it. * Maybe allow unlimited tagging, allowing users to tag themselves on vids they are on, then enable search by people attached here a screenshot from the advanced search.
  21. I’m of the opinion they’re great but there’s still a lot of space for development and improvement. I’ve first hand seen people use them as tools to aid their recovery after severe injuries or health problems. Without them it would have been much harder for them to step onto a bike again or their recovery would have been longer. My Dad is a larger chap and hasn’t been athletic for a number of years, for his 60th birthday I bought him a Cube hardtail e bike and it gave him a new lease of life and freedom. We were able to go on rides together it’s been brilliant for him. For me personally I’m interested to see how these lighter weight full sus bikes develop such as the SL specialised range. The big attention grabbing power numbers aren’t really necessary for most riders and they can still be pedalled reasonably without assist as well as having respectable weights. I definitely don’t need an e bike though, it would be a nice luxury though in future, would sure make some photo shoots easier. Having previously worked in bike shops though they need more refinement. It will come with time but it’s still a ways off.
  22. Continually amazed by all the stuff I still manage to not know ever existed! I would imagine not, to be honest.
  23. Hi so I have a pair of cannondale ultra forks with head shock I was wondering if it’s possible to press out the steerer tube and press in a standard 1 1/8 steerer. Here’s how it is currently any thoughts?
  24. Anyone else been messed up by the current domino effect of companies going out of business? We had just moved to PFP a couple of months ago (on a variable rate) but they've now gone bust and we've been automatically moved over to British Gas just as prices are sky rocketing and giving me not many options.
  25. Happy to post you the HD if thats easier, I was only going to wipe it and drop it off at a charity shop anyway.
  26. So for no reason in particular, I decided to order a Marino. I'm still currently in love with my Crewkerz Guilty, but nothing lasts forever and it's nice to have a 'backup' bike. I'd been looking at the latest Silex bikes, but none of them were exactly what I wanted so, enter Marino. This will be my Marino build thread over the next however long it takes to get my frame from Peru. The design was finalized and deposit accepted on September 6th, 2021. The numbers are a little Arcade and a little Guilty, but I wanted tapered headset, vertical dropouts and 73mm BB. We'll see what I actually get. I'll keep updating as I go with bits and bobs that will go on the bike. Feel free to make suggestions or comments about my choices.
  27. so I would say as you mentioned - the chances of going 10years with abnormal rhythm and no side effects would be small so I would expect that people who have that side effect would be included in the statistical analysis? same with blood clotting, I can’t imagine that the chances of getting a blood clot AND it being lodged somewhere with no side effects and then turning into a fatal hit are particularly high. but yes I would class both those as short term effects as they happen immediately and 99.9999999999999999etc of the general cases where those side effects happen will likely be recorded as part of the statistics. the only other thing I would say is there is a bit of confirmation bias going on here probably (on both sides). My experience is entirely different with vaccination. For a start I only know a handful of people who actually got COVID (officially) and none who had any kind of bad experience with it. And again I know no one who has had anything other than a sore arm and a mild fever with the vaccination. If it were different and I had an experience like yours I’d like to think I’d still have it but I might not. The beauty of stats from such a big data set is that the overall stats will be pretty accurate but an individual may be lucky or unlucky with what they see?
  28. Awesome. I'll be in touch It might be logistically easier if I just head over your way for a ride some time and borrow the HDD rather than transferring them. Any that I and my own personal discretion deem "good enough" and I can't find elsewhere online, I can shove them on here The first one that comes to mind is one of a group-ride you made in Nottingham back in the Zero/Zebdi era. Looked for it to put on but couldn't find it. This is a site very much in its infancy, so content, flow and appearance will likely be changing over time.
  29. Amazing to see someone put the effort in for stuff like this. I will certainly spending a lot of time on there and then stapling my kids eyes open in a few years to it as well for a proper education…
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