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  2. Well most of our staff have been furloughed, 4 of us left to work full time and keep the company afloat. I'm doing 100% of the design and drawings for about 1.5millions worth of work over the next couple of weeks. Doing it all from home but might need to go out to site a couple of times to do surveys. Would be nice to be able to stay home and work on the van conversion more but on the other hand I'm still on full pay Persephone is 5 on tuesday, today I taught her how to use an electric drill to screw screws, maybe next week I'll get her on the chopsaw
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  4. Perfect will call you Monday
  5. I have some bearings kicking about, give us a call or email at Tarty next week and we can sort something out
  6. They came out very easily so that’s good. I have a bb press for my mountain bike but that will only work for one bearing, like you say I will have to put the axle in and then tap the second one in. Just need to find a new bb in stock to buy now. thanks for the help
  7. Officially the nicest feeling levers I've ever felt, so light to pull!
  8. When the weather hasn't been this nice in a long time, it's pretty damn hard to discipline yourself to avoid social distancing. And when you don't see the reality of the outbreak within your own community, that's even harder to follow social distancing. Maybe the UK needs to go through the anguish a huge spike or peak period of deaths before people take notice and take precautions.
  9. Password is "forwards"
  10. I think it's costing me about £150 a week.. Managed not to pull the trigger on a mountain bike yet, simply because I'm not sure if I can get through all my current projects before the lockdown is over over here. People are getting impatient and thinking we should be let out again, but the amount of people currently tested positive daily over here only means that it's stable, not under control.. It's not helping that 90% of the days have been sunshine and loads of people are out, but at least most seem to be keeping their distance. Still, until there's so few cases that one can again start checking where they contracted and who they've met etc. the lockdown technically shouldn't end. .. It seems to be getting more people back onto TF though!
  11. Tarty is getting checked pretty much every hour now....its only a matter of time...
  12. There's been plenty of hype floating around about Hayes' new 4 piston brake. I finally found one for $120 and decided to try it out. I only got it yesterday so I'll be abusing it over the next week or so to see how it holds up. First trials related opinion is not good however because it weighs 318 grams compared to 273 grams for the Magura MT5 it's replacing; a staggering 45 grams! It also seems to have the same amount of pad knock natively as the MT5. Full review soon.
  13. Isis axles have tabs on them that seat against the inside of the bearings. You can hammer on either side to drive out the first bearing. You can use the old axle to drive out the remaining bearing or use a socket large enough to press against the outer bearing race and a socket extension if needed. When you put in the new bearings, a bearing press is ideal, but not 100% necessary. You can use a piece of wood and a 3# mallet to drive the first bearing in the old fashioned way. Some tips on putting the new bearings in: freeze the new bearings at least overnight and use lots of grease on the frame and bearings. You'll need that large socket or a pipe to drive in the 2nd bearing because the axle will be in the way. Good luck!
  14. It’s nearly complete. Need a higher set of Azonic bars and a silver seat post then it’s complete.
  15. Well boredom has gotten the better of me and I've decided to buy another bike. This whole lockdown thing is certainly costing me some money
  16. All the flash backs recently.. just waiting on hibernation to rear is head
  17. Thanks Adam. Rubber or wooden mallet? I see you are currently out of stock as well?
  18. Yep, smack one end of the axle with a mallet (not hammer).
  19. Hello I have a mk6 pure with the Spanish style echo urban isis BB. I need to replace the bearings because they feel like gravel. I have only found one post on here on how to remove it but the post is really old and no longer has pictures. can anyone shed some light on how to remove it please? From what I gather I either need to use a puller tool or beat it with a hammer cheers alex
  20. Schools are pretty much predicted to be done with for the school year here. We're still under a non enforced stay at home order. However a lot of stores are stepping up now. Walmart will be temperature testing all employees, and I've heard my old place of work which is a hardware store will be testing the temps of customers too and have banned under 16 year olds. I think the issue we're having here is that people are taking the whole family out shopping rather than just 1 person going, things like that. I was talking to my father in law this morning because he'd called my wife to see if she wanted to be picked up and go to get something to eat and she said no because of the stay at home order. So he called me to ask about that, he didn't really seem to get the severity of it and didn't understand why he couldn't even come over to ours. He's also been wandering around stores and clothes shopping just for something to do. So there is really a long way to go with educating people with things like not visiting family and going to shops for essentials only etc.
  21. Porters tap frenchie got me excited.
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  23. Don't know the password, dude. Hopefully this helps though...
  24. Yeah winter here is pretty much November to April. Literally half the days of the year see temperatures freezing or blow. I'll never get used to it.
  25. "So here it is!! SRT - Uninspired in Barcelona Earlier this year Alex Dark, Ben Lazenby, James Bragg, Shaun Goddard & myself (Ryan Brian) spent 5 days riding in Barcelona. This is the end result! Enjoy!!"
  26. I'd be game for that. Sent you a pm.
  27. VERY old topic but does anyone have the password for this video? Is Dan still about??
  28. I'm running Zee on my Console, stock pads and Magura rotors. I think they could be better but I haven't tried different pads yet or non-Magura rotors with them. Not sure if changing the rotors would make much difference. I've seen other threads on here recommending EBC pads (red or gold?) (can get them for Zee on
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