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  2. That is some great balance, I can barely stand up most of the time
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  4. Cool video but there is nothing in it that blew me away. I spent most of my time trying to work out where to point my eyes.
  5. Brilliant. Although, I can’t help but think his camera man let him down a bit in this one. Just a few of the shots weren’t framed perfectly imo.
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  7. Got one in me wheel does king not sell directly?!
  8. I asked the question on 2 days ago, but had not received an answer. Can I be sure that BB raise is +70 mm on the frame?
  9. We measure the actual frames we get into stock. I guess most companies quote whatever geometry they send to the factory.
  10. Looks so fun! Good skills!
  11. What exact geometry does Crewkerz Desire 26" frame have? Whether its BB raise is +65, as Crewcerz write, or +70 mm as Tartybikes write? Does its wheelbase is 1080 mm ?
  12. Looks like you're keeping busy Sam! Is that you off track days for a bit now or should we try and get another TF day sorted out? I was at Cadwell on Thursday. Busy on track all day and a few car niggles, no clear laps but it was generally a fun day and has given me more stuff to tinker with!
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    Think it is safe to say that Leclerc, won't be doing Vettel, any favours for the remainder of the season after that Q1 incident. Liking the trackside cams which give a better showcase of how quick these cars are Surprisingly good race
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  15. hope the embed works,after 10 months of slacklining i'm starting to surf some bigboy lines and i'm really proud and happy with this
  16. I needed to build a bar for my upcoming wedding, so why not use up an old piano that's been in my workshop for 2 years... It was very knackered and needs lots of TLC to get it to stay together but it's solid enough now. So far I've gutted it, lined it out, made space for a mini fridge, and made it so the front completely hinges and creates a canopy for lights. I've never sprayed wood paints before, nor water based so that was fun.
  17. @Tom Booth I got myself some aluminium channel, it's far better now
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  19. Can't believe it was 5 months ago that I posted this! Despite 3 months out of action with torn knee ligaments, I'm now starting to pedal kick around quite nicely. Definitely left foot forward - whether this has anything to do with my right leg being the injured one and being really weak I don't know. Anyway thanks for the advice chaps! Cheers!
  20. I'll get hold of professor Noel Sharky for the definitive answers...
  21. ill be honest, I wasn’t expecting may to last longer than a few days at that point... but somehow we are even more f**ked than back then! At least she did the only decent thing and resigned at the right point for some cheap time of year jokes.
  22. Yeah nothing unfortunately
  23. I'm not too sure he's ready for Robot Wars mate. That said, how do you think he'd score on the classic spread of SPEED, STYLE, DAMAGE AND AGGRESSION?
  24. It's nuts how he just keeps going and going, can't think of anyone else that rides like that
  25. Love all the climbing segments.
  26. Chris is now the only person that makes me want to ride a bike.
  27. Georgeous weather. Sea looked beautiful. Hadn't knackered myself out before hand so no negativity colouring the ride. Personal best rear hops, 15 in a row.
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