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  2. There are a few skateparks around that won't allow disc brakes - there's a couple up in Scotland and I think a few more dotted around in England too. Reasons range from "If you break a hose we'll get oil everywhere" to "Disc rotors are dangerous" - i.e. bullshit
  3. Hi Archie, yep there’s nothing against disc brakes in the park, a couple of the guys who ride here run double disc as it is. Out of curiosity why did you think there might not have been an allowance? Just wondering!
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  5. Build thread required!
  6. True Swoofty, those factors come into play(not just tyre pressure(psi)), just wondering if your guys setup, feels sorta like mine..(touching the rim occasionally)...Guess its not to far off..
  7. That is an awesome looking place! Where is it exactly?
  8. That is a great idea! Where did you get these PU clamps? And what is that guide made from? Any guide to build that tool?
  9. There are a few more variables to that question. Rider weight, which tire and rider finesse. I'm 170lbs and only notice hitting the rim on drop gaps and kicking up to my max on a sharp ledge with 40psi rear. With 35psi in the front I notice more deflection when I push off, but not rimming out. You can see the finesse aspect in comp riders; for the same gap/drop some riders just seem to land softer than others.
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  11. Should be a handful. What kit is that? R1 engine?
  12. The only correct answer is eightypsi.
  13. Hi all, I have recently moved to near High Wycombe and I am just about to make an investment on a trials bike again after a good number of years off one. Just curious if anyone still rides this way and if there are any decent spots for a very rusty, 35 year old rider getting back into hopping about. Cheers, Brett
  14. just a bonus question from me... when jumping on a rail with the rear wheel i sometimes maybe 1 in 10 feels the rear rim hitting the rail, lightly...but on the front if fx. i go up and over something or endo off a edge, when i push off i feel the rim touching more often, is this how your setup feels ??? im 45psi front/rear tyre.
  15. Love it....Right tool for the job...
  16. That is a pretty trick bit of kit, but definitely overkill. If I had that kind of free time I could RULE THE WORLD!! ;-)
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  18. 7 3/4 hour round trip and we have a cargo bike Needs a new rear tube putting in, cables lubing, front brakes balancing and a couple of patches of missing paint I want to touch up but it's all good. Persephone is going to love it, unfortunately mrs wife has banned me from mounting catapults, bows and arrows, axle knives and a klaxon to it!
  19. A small length of spoke with a spoke nipple on the end works good as well, to keep things aligned. I do like some home engineering.
  20. Have you ever torn the brake hose or broken the fitting while riding? I have, and a few times. One time it happened during competitions. I don't know how I managed to press the fitting using bare hands, a pedal and a lighter, but after that I decided to build this tool.
  21. Overengineered solution to a problem that doesn't really exist, but very nicely executed. Kudos
  22. I ride spank rims on all my 24s, but I run Holy Rollers instead of Contis. I go with James Barton's setup, 40 rear 35 front. The extra cush on the front is nicer on the arms. I run tubes also and I'll start to get pinch flats around 30 in the rear. I pretty much only ride urban terrain too.
  23. I never liked the idea of installing rim brake fittings to the brake hose using a vise and a hammer. It would be so much easier to have something similar to the chain tool, that can press the fitting into the hose. Also, you don't always have vice and hammer with you The are some tools on the market for installing disk brake fittings, but they don't seem to be compatible with magura rim brake fittings. I found only one tool for installing rim brake fittings, but it is designed for usage in workshops, therefore it is large and expensive. So I decided to build the tool myself, and make it in a portable, pocket size, so I can put it with a bleed kit and a bottle of fluid, and have it with me just in case. Quite satisfied with the result, the tool works really nice. Using it is pretty simple. At first, you put the fitting with the guide into the hose Then, you install the hose with the guide into the tool And fix the hose in PU clamps of the tool using allen key Now it's time to start pressing the fitting into the hose The fitting goes into the hose really smooth, no extra efforts needed And it's done!
  24. I had an awesome day yesterday with Luke. Here just some pics of a long day
  25. I personally wouldn't have put too much value on them, they're non adjustable and the steel stanchions so would guess they're either a base level oem trail fork or DJ. Cleaned up and serviced I would say 50-75 off the top of my head, knowing which model they are might help. Fwiw I paid 80 for my 44 rc3ti, 110 for my 44 tst micro and 180 for my x fusion vengeance hlr. All straight steerer and the x fusion are the best of the lot and in many ways equivalent to most modern forks.
  26. Pretty sure Ali C was in the 40-50 range and Danny Mac is in the 50-60 range. In the sick series video where Fabio wibmer takes his trials bike down a downhill track he comments on how him and elias have their tyres at 3bar, which works put to around 45psi
  27. Just enjoying this thing everytime I get it in now. Swapped the mechanical fan for a electric Spal to save loosing fingers.. It's so bad to drive it's great.
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