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  2. Thank you.I think i am going to try 100/12 stem and Pro FRS 40 mm rise bar that i have.It is 800 mm,but it is going to be cut down to 720-730. I really appreciate your time,because there i have no luck to find what stem (length and degree) Martin Hawyes did use back then,so any help how to build it is welcome,to reference point,at least.Still waiting frame to arrived (i am outside UK)and i will post some pictures when it is ready. Have a good time.
  3. White & company? They're the famous one that started with horse carts and model T ford box trucks. There's corgi toys of 'em and all sorts. Our hometown one is Steeles Removals. Side tangent is that they have a Reliant on top of a container out front that i/the family are 90odd% sure is my Grandad's Rialto van, now liveried up to look like the one papa steele started out with.
  4. Did you ask them what is was? [Joke] Could do with that kinda powah for all the SMIDSY cnuts of Barrow sat creeping on the clutch bite @ T junctions... Youda thunk that 2 lezyne style cree lights set up x beam pattern on flashy flashy at full chooch & a knog on the peak of the 661 evo brain bucket would be enough. But nope. Still get pulled out on at point blank range - even when I align myself centre right of the carriageway, then tuck back in mid left after the junction. It's not like none of this is in a street-lit area either. Honestly feels less prone between the hedges of single trackers and 16ft wide lanes in the murk of midnight blackness.
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  6. Due to how that design works, and with the dropout/disc mount being a chunky boi, I don't think there's any real issue with the caliper taking any load in that kind of way. It's a similar deal to what Koxx used to do on some of their frames, as well as the Brisa B26D way back in the day. It does have some advantages, but as Cap says it's got some real disadvantages too. Getting an adaptor in there as well would be tricky, especially if you were running a larger cast/forged style adaptor. I'd assume that if you could, with the new position the caliper would be in that hose guide is going to be just for show rather than having anything to do with the brake hose.
  7. Those are pretty good points, Cap. Also, in this position, doesn't the caliper become part of the rear triangle and get stressed from braking, ie it becomes the support brace. Seems like it would be beneficial to run an adapter to take those stresses, assuming you CAN run an adapter.
  8. where is this place??
  9. Hey Guys! I've been a little bump lately due to a lack of motivation for riding... So i was searching for the good stuff on the internet to get some motivation. So, what's your favorite trials video? I'ñll attach this old pearl from John Webster
  10. Not seen it in person but I personally hate disc mounts in locations like this, if/when they are on the wonk it makes getting a facing tool almost impossible to get in. Also if you are on a ride and need to adjust/tighten your caliper bolts you are going to have a job fitting a multitool in there.
  11. Cant really go wrong with maybe a 100-110mm stem with 10-15degree rise with 2" riser bars with 20-25mm of stem spacers underneath.
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  13. Can we take a moment to applaud Charlie for manualing a comp mod like its a 24" Street bike!
  14. No problems....if i am still alive after this! Any hints about stem length and angle,handlebar’s too?
  15. sick that Gary!! we will have to get a ride on the go!!!!
  16. Leon is 100% right. I have snapped 2 calipers . Both of which were due to using the standard shimano adapters. I changed to chunkier adapters and no issues with shimano calipers on deore or twin pot XTs. I found the twinpot shimano calipers with trial tech pads on a 160 rotor (I know people tend to run bigger but I just didn’t need anymore power and preferred a smaller disc as less likely to get knocked) is the most reliable brake I have owned.
  17. I couldn't type a comment cos my jaw dropped so hard it knocked my phone out my hand
  18. I was thinking the same thing. no one seems to care about this type of riding anymore! baffles me how its not got any comments
  19. Post unique content on here that hasn't already been seen on facebook. I saw it via my subscriptions on youtube. It's very good :-) Also disappointed that nobody posted Duncan Shaw's Group Ride in Dundee vlog, also really good!
  20. Dunno? Let us know.
  21. Trialsforum must be well and truly on its way out if there’s no attention given to something like this....
  22. It's not the first bike that I've seen with the disc caliper between the two stays there. It does make sense what with it being tucked away and so protected there. There must be some kind of downside though. Not as easy to fit adaptors and bigger rotors to, maybe?
  23. It's a real shame custom alu is nearly impossible to come by. I have 3 custom carbon builders within easy drive from me, but besides Scorpio, I don't know any custom alu frame builders that can do a street trials frame. According to Albert, Scorpio is worth it so might see what they can do in the future. But like you said, between the Hex and the Czar 26 I'm not really wanting for much else.
  24. Has anyone seen one of these in the flesh? The geo is nothing new, but that rear brake mount... Gimmick or improvement? I really like the Camo Ti version of the bike, but I have no money.
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  26. Not quite a big bangerz line compilation, but a collection of all the instagram/random clips from over, what turned out to be, a busy and very fun summer! All in fairly chronological order starting from the end of May, after 2 months off, up to the beginning of October, all from street or Trial park rides. Thanks to everyone to helped film clips ( Mostly craig and his Iphone) and to everyone, especially the local BITD crew for creating some great rides over the summer! Locations include - Maidstone Folkestone Gravesend The Biketrial Academy (Cambridgshire) Herne Bay Radical Bikes BikePark (Chelmsford) Dover Chatham
  27. You can snap any caliper if you use a weak adapter, or the wrong washers, even having rock hard tyres will contribute to it. In my 5 or 6 years on a 24" I never broke a single caliper, and that was always a 203mm rear rotor. Always used the fattest adapters and nice wide washers.
  28. Which Saint though? The M820 were supposed to have much weaker calipers than the M810, also, show us what adapter you're using, I bet it's a skinny one!
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