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  2. id buy that in a heartbeat! drrrooooool
  3. Wish I had the space and skills to do something like that. My car would definitely benefit from being turned upside down and having lots of crap cut away and fresh shiny stuff welded in. Hoping to MOT it next month, having been SORN since October, but I fear the rust may prevent it...
  4. So very cool! Will have to pop my head in for a snoop at some point, bet it's even more nuts in the metal. Vaguely related: Still up for giving each other head swapping your large port for my small port head? I'm about to order a set of gaskets, if you are then I'll double the quantities
  5. Well this seems to have died so I guess I'd better stop lurking and post something. I finally finished making the bits to bolt the first wheel onto my 924, the wishbone's only temporary until I get more laser cut parts to have another go: Then this weekend I went and collected a pair of seats, then test fitted the drivers one: Might even finish it one day!
  6. My ankle will never be 100% again. it won't be even close in 2019. I will need to be careful with it. Just the way it is. I'll be wearing a brace for a while just to be safe. Strengthening and PT happen off the bike. I'm making as rapid progress as I can without damaging it, but at this point just need to start riding
  7. I’m checking YouTube on the daily for this
  8. Yeah man, we're out regularly in Bristol
  9. Hey dude, there's 2 of us that ride regularly in Bristol, send me a pm and we can organise something!
  10. Not sure I'd be happy using the ISCG mounts if you're planning to use a bash 'in anger'... What about something like the Hope 1-4 for a 32T? You effectively get two for the price of one (ish, they're not exactly cheap in the first place) assuming you tend to always ride with one foot forward. Sounds like an interesting build! Edit: I remember my Ring God being pretty burly (polycarbonate I think but chunky). You'd have to check if 130mm diameter is big enough but could be an option? eBay link.
  11. Last week
  12. They just wouldn't give us any rates relief, we asked for any kind of assistance whatsoever and they gave us nothing, we were making just enough to pay rent, bills and rates and barely a penny more, were it not for the rates we probably could have made a go of it Actually, thinking back, they tried to charge a bunch of my mates who share another workshop just for hobby stuff, business rates. They would not back down, I think that one went to court in the end when they refused to pay on the grounds that they weren't even running a business. Safe to say Erewash Borough council are a pack of twats.
  13. Some times in both casesnot as much as some people I know the former also lives in London and London air is dirty as the later didn't use filters in their roll ups you could argue that they were both gennitacly pre disposed to cellular mutations but meh As a now ex smoker i honestly can't believe tobbaco is still a thing it was starting to ride trials again after many years off that got me to stop smoking as i got out of breath while riding it would be nice for the argument if it was a red bull sponsored vid that made me catch the trials bug again but it wasn't unfortunately : )
  14. (This one is a bit old) Sure, you could find similar articles about energy drinks, but the number of people it is effecting is no way near that of smoking.
  15. That's fairly shit. Yeah they're both horrible for your body in different ways. How much did they smoke? It's amazing this far in, with so much knowledge and data about smoking that people still choose to breathe in smoke. I think once energy drinks have a long history like tobacco then people will know more, but for now it's just a fizzy drink with a cool looking can.
  16. I have 1 friend currently battling lung cancer she is 35 another friend of mine died of lung cancer at 45 ymmv
  17. How come dude? Over the limit for rates relief?
  18. I will never defend smoking, but that is a bit of a stretch to say the least lol. Brain damage? Depression? I've never heard of a 35 year old dropping dead from smoking. Do you work for Red Bull?
  19. Addiction, brain damage, cancer from one cigarette? What?
  20. 1vs1 After 1 can of red bull; in 10 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure will rise as caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream. 1/4 to 3/4 hour, you will reach peak caffeine levels which raise alertness and concentration. 30-50 minutes, all caffeine is absorbed. Liver absorbs more sugar into bloodstream. After about 1 hour you sugar crash and caffeine wears off (although sugar crash not with sugar free cans, obviously) you feel tired. After 12 hours the caffeine is gone for most people. For people who drink lots of it, 12 - 24 hours they may feel withdrawal symptoms so get irritated, headaches and constipation (UNLIKELY FROM ONE CAN). SUMMARY: Increased short term concentration and alertness. Mid term - sugar crash and tired. Long term - Not a lot. Now let's look at one cigarette. After one puff, the smoke affects how your body breaks down fat. Heart rate increases, and you may experience acid reflux. This then blocks absorption of Vitamin C and E and folic acid leading to weak and depressed feelings. As soon as smoke reaches your nose, the hairs 'freeze up' and mucus builds up leading to headaches and increased risks of illness. As soon an nicotine reaches the brain, it represses emotion, sense of direction ect. Then there's the obvious about addiction and cancer, you get the point. SUMMARY: Similar effects of red bull can PLUS addiction, brain damage, acid reflux, depression, emotionless, confusion, vulnerability to virus, cancerous, harming others around you, and just bad breath. But as you said, we're not discussing that.
  21. I have said it’s not a perfect comparison and myself have pointed out a couple of reasons why, including addiction. But saying that no parallels can be drawn between the two, I think, is not the case. I used cigarettes as an example because someone else brought them up in the beginning of the discussion. I was not saying that cigarettes and red bull are equivalent to each other. I would question the ethics of athletes if they were sponsored by alcoholic drinks, Coca Cola or McDonald’s. Red bull was singled out because of my friend’s personal experience and that they have a massive sports presence. This isn’t a thread about what is worse for human health, it’s about athletes getting paid to promote unhealthy products.
  22. Yes, and we're all saying that you cannot compare them. They are not in any way comparable.
  23. @Mark W Do you realise that 5 cans of red bull would add up to 135g of sugar? The recommended intake for adult men is less than 40g a day. Not to mention the rest of the chemistry set in them. I chose 5 a day for a good reason. I think it is a realistic number for someone who drinks excessive energy drinks. My point is that if taken equally, are energy drinks comparable to cigarettes, in regards to the negative impacts on the human body? I am fully aware that cigarettes are dangerous and I am not saying that drinking the odd red bull is worse then a smoking addiction. I am questioning the effects on the body of one can of red bull vs one cigarette, ignoring addiction.
  24. It was the council that ultimately shut down my business making us pay big boy business rates on our premises from day 1
  25. I think it is a bit addictive to some people, Monster plays a huge part too, and Monster doesn't come in the smaller sized cans. Have you ever been on a building site? I've seen people have two cans of Monster, for BREAKFAST. There really are people that drink four or five cans a day, that's 2 litres of pure chemical shit every day, if you're doing that Monday to Friday I would bet those 20-25 cans are doing far more damage than full time smoking, and I f**king hate smoking. 'The body is just not made to take that sheer capacity of toxic levels of chemicals' he told Daily Mail Australia. Rare case I know, but there's something in it. Plus, it hasn't been that long since all these drinks were associated with action sports and every kid was downing them, it's quite a new thing, so give it a few decades and I'm sure there'll be plenty of 40 and 50 year olds with brown teeth and shitty hearts. Liquid just isn't as threatening as smoke so people aren't gonna make as big of a fuss about it, and it's much easier to be around if you're not into it. I know which I'd rather be around.
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