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  2. Good work! Fingers crossed it sorts your problem
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  4. Danny could guest host the next vlog pretending to be Nick and see if anybody notices?
  5. Having met both, I'd like to hear eachother imaginary impressions
  6. So just thought I would post a quick update on my rear sprocket troubles. Tried a number of things to try and get it of but it was so tightly jammed on there it just wouldn't budge. With no access to a bench vice, in the end I went with the suggestion from monkeyseemonkeydo and got someone handy with an angle grinder to go at it. Worked away at the metal on both sides a bit at a time until almost through to the thread. This freed it up enough to get it moving with a hammer. Was a bit worried about damaging the threads on the hub so I wouldn't recommend doing it this way but it came off pretty unscathed. Took delivery of my new Trialtech sprocket today which is a direct replacement and went on without any trouble. Haven't had a chance to get out for a ride yet but i'm pretty confident this should solve the problems I was having. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help getting this problem sorted! Nick
  7. Always assumed that you guys would have met over the years, either at a trials event or, more likely, some kind of Mini orgy. I'd appreciate it if you could film yourself doing an impression of your imagined Prawn and upload it for our entertainment.
  8. Prawn sounds nothing like i expected him to.
  9. Is cool anyways thank you. I gonna order a pair of jitsies because they are cheaper long run and seems that the difference is not that noticeable. Thanks dudes!
  10. Trailforks App is pretty handy as well....
  11. I totally miss read this as being a V-brake question. I probably subconsciously read it that way because I want to help more people get into v-brakes. oops.
  12. I've been a v-brake user for more then 10 years now. I weight about 240lb, ~110ish kg. I agree with Mark that the CNC backings like the TNNs (which I use) are a must. Right now I like the Jitsie pads the best. I've tried the TNN and the Coust pads. They also work well. They all hold well but I think the Jitsie pads have a little better bite which is the harder think to get out of a v-brake. Right now based on what I've tried I would rank v-brake pads like this. There is a very small difference between each. 1. Jitsie 2. Heatsink Yellow 3. Heatsink Coust 4. TNN Green 5. TNN ADV (black) 6. TNN Blue One more thing I almost forgot. The Heatsink pads have a different backing. There backing is a little thicker. If you have tight clearance definitely get something compatible with the TNN backings. The Jitsie pads are a littler thinner out of the box too.
  13. Aesthetic looks great.
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  15. One of our offices is located in Bath, so yep I've been there a few times with the MTB. There's no proper trails, but up towards the race course / Lansdown hill there's some climbs and downhills, but it's generally foot path / dog walking areas and not dedicated biking stuff. Plenty to ride in the area, but you're best off heading to the Mendips, Wind Hill, Ashton Court / Leigh Woods or, ideally, south Wales (Bike Park Wales, Cwmcarn, Forest of Dean). If you can put up with someone who's very slow on the climbs, I'd be happy to show you some places with a few of my riding buddies...
  16. Went out this evening because any old excuse to 'test' the ride - front tyre now tubeless on rigid mtb commuter. I practice trials on it quite a bit, but this evening, I didn't take tools so saddle was at full pedalling height and I wonder why I'm shit at trials. But even at my best I'm still a bit shit. Watched so many videos for inspiration over the past few months seeing people hop up ledges higher than I can even jump without a bike is just pissing me off. Homeless bloke under a concrete carpark round corner was doing a far better rant than this about dogshit while I practiced.
  17. @MadManMike is your man I suspect, be carefull though he might try to ply you with rum, hot peppers or perhaps a new haircut
  18. found these going through the computer of things i filmed/were on my camera, felt like making a video. featuring Mistawong™ Zach, and myself. some good rides in here. (think matt held the camera for some of my clips) fun times. roll on 2019.
  19. I’m trying to get back into it, also after nearly a decade of no riding! Natural or street?
  20. That issue with fit is just the world of trials, where 9/10 times you’ll have to bust the grinder/dremmel out to get a new part to fit on your bicycle... thats what makes trials fun ! custom fabrication
  21. Alright guys, Ive recently moved to bath and looking for some trails, (and bicycles friends) Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers Dave.
  22. Cool, makes sense Am I right in thinking this is the last year the Worlds are in China for now? Seemed to remember reading they had a 3 year deal covering 2017-19.
  23. I think smooth rims are one for rose tinted glasses. Id much prefer something that can be used in all conditions.
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  25. Looking good!
  26. Impressive bike you got there.
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  28. Here's a video for you all. TF's very own @Prawny Baby has put out his first vlog!
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