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  3. Been looking at rampworx, looks pretty decent. The new area looks like it's got plenty of stuff to have a play on. Might just have to take a trip up there one day
  4. Tore apart a moulding old shipping crate to make some bookshelves. Reclaimed wood floats my boat. Forgot to take a picture pre-destruction but it was essentially green and furry. Had to chuck a few planks as done-for, but stripped the remainder back and found total gold Bear in mind this was in garage lighting, with a relatively poor phone camera, and no finish on the wood. Can't wait to see how much it pops with some oil!
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  6. <a href="">Appreciated</a> nice
  7. If the lever feel isn't stellar on the Onza brake, you could try lubing up the inner cable. It won't make a huge amount of difference to the performance but might help things feel a little easier to operate.
  8. Think the thing that comes across well with Charlie is that it generally looks like he's having a lot of fun riding. Just playing around doing ridiculous stuff. Some of the other top UCI guys don't really come across like that, although that could be by design I suppose.
  9. His technical ability still blows my mind. Remember riding nationals when he was tiny and his balance was on another level even then. As he's got older/bigger/stronger he's not lost any of that, just now combines it with huge moves. Nobody else rides like him
  10. f**king carnage. Wowza. I can't push past the image of a two-foot tall kid on a neon green Crossbow.
  11. Thanks, Adam! I have noticed the little red wheel, tried tinkering with it a few days back but it seems as if its seized up. I'll see if I can find a way to get it to move. I was looking on your site last night to be honest. Pricing up some front and rear pads, a bleed, a new rotor and a new chain but it'll have to wait until I have the money spare before I get in touch.. I did see you sell the full BB5 for £35 which seems ideal but like you said, I have read that apparently the "Onza" brakes that come standard can be pretty decent so maybe it just need parts replacing.. Again, times are tough coming to the end of each month :/ and with a trip to paris next month. I'll have to see what I can afford! But for sure, I'll be giving you guys a ring in the upcoming months to see about taking the drive up to the shop.
  12. Welcome! Sore hands is pretty normal until you get used to it again, but your rear brake with standard pads on an untreated rim will be hard work. Some Tr1al pads would be a good shout. Rear brake: bleeding is not a standard maintenance procedure for HS33 brakes. You only need to do it if there is air in the system. To test, turn the red TPA wheel all the way to minus and pull the lever slowly. If the pads start to move straight away then you're good. If the lever moves a bit before the pads move, there is air in the system. Front brake: That cable disc Onza fitted is actually very powerful, providing it isn't contaminated, which it looks like it might be from the photos (the rotor should be silver and shiny, looks a bit brown?). Wipe the rotor with a piece of clean toilet tissue and see if anything comes off. If it's contaminated, it will be cheaper and easier to get a new brake. Cheap hydro brakes are a bit crap, if you're on a budget a BB5 works very well and you can use the existing lever and cable.
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  15. Hi. I've been into Rampworks near Liverpool and Ramp 1 in Warrington on a street trials bike recently. Both have street sections which had enough to keep me happy for as long as my body could take. I'm fairly beginner though and not sure how much would be there for good pure trials riders. Graystone in Salford looks good online, but I haven't been in yet. M
  16. To reduce the travel of the lever, turn the silver part anti clockwise. Ensure also that the distance between the brake pads and the disc is about 0.5 mm on both side. If not you can adjust this on the caliper (on both side I think - the inner side with a screw and the other side by tensioning the cable)
  17. Can't answer your question but when the weather sucks for a long period, I go to a place close to where I live that is covered and that has some nice rocks ... I can spend more than one hour there training the basics again (riding backward, pivot front wheel, 180°, etc) or just ride over the rocks. Still better than going to the gym
  18. Currently I am building a new 26" bike to ride street/trial but also park. That is why I am looking for cheap parts that are easy to service. For the brakes, I went for some Shimano BR-M375 mechanical disc brakes, actuated by Avid speed dial 7 levers. I love the ergonomy of the Avid levers. All the other V-Brake levers I had do not come close (Deore, LX, XTR, some BMX levers). Why the Shimano and not the Avid BB7 or 5 ? The reason is that they use the b01s brake pads, so I can use my favorite Trickstuff Power brake pads (that I strongly recommend), that are not available for the Avid BBx serie. I like to use some old Shimano cranks in with steel axle. On my other bike I run an XTR m970, best cranks I owned. On the new one I will problably use some old SLX cranks. It is always difficult to find the appropriate bashguard though.
  19. Saw it on PB, thought it would be appreciated here! and... 35 times isn't that many, is it Danny?... but there again, it is a bit of a drop.
  20. If you are mechanically minded it isn’t too hard. With a bleed, the pads replaced and a cleaned rim it should be plenty good enough for learning. The front brake I am not sure who onza rebranded for those but if the pads have any markings on them that might help. I’d replace the cable with a linear Bmx cable of some sort and probably the pads again and clean the disc. If not look for a second hand hydro front brake like a Shimano deore and they would be a good brake for starting off
  21. So, my UTR never came through and I just chased it up. Turns out there's a little button that says "Next", which you need to click to finish registration (Despite me getting an email saying it was done and six different check boxes highlighted green). You could say it's my fault for missing that, which it is, but I'd also argue that the website is hugely unhelpful and misleading. I'll probably have to pay a late filing fine, which to be fair I'll take on the chin - I've been pretty lazy on this one.
  22. Hi Matt, thanks for replying! Yeah, it's an HS33 on the rear. I have seen the bleed kits available, is it something simple enough to do myself? If so, I may invest come payday along with new pads for the rear just to be safe. The front brake is just branded Onza. Presuming it came standard with the bike x amount of years ago? I have these pics if they're any use for someone with knowledge to help me out..
  23. Hey Roy - a decent set of pads will make a decent difference and a clean rim with a bleed for the rear - looks like you have a HS33 on the rear - what is on the front? There are some pretty good front disc brakes for not a lot of money these days. All that said you will find your fingers will maybe ache as they get used to the amount and how hard you pull the brake. However a better brake will make it less painful!
  24. Hey all! First time poster. So, I bought this last week for, what I think... not a bad £150! I don't really have a riding background onwards of the age of 15 (now 28) and most certainly, not a trials one. So i got the bike to give it a try during the very little spare time I do have. I've just had my first proper 40mins or so on it, surprisingly, it's not my back which is really sore considering the riding position on these and me being 6ft2". Its my hands! From pulling the brakes! I've found I've got to pull on them quite hard and there is quite alot of travel in the levers resulting in my hands aching! I cant imagine it's too normal having to squeeze so hard, is it? To the point of aching hands. If not, is there any little tweaks I can do? Call it a noob question if you may but, it's a beginners thread remember Thanks in advance! -Roy.
  25. I can vouch for that bike being suitable - you didn't hang about on the climb at the beast that year! (Proof again that I'm the limiting factor, that hill almost killed me!)
  26. Still riding my small 26" intense 5.5, it's wheelbase is about the same as my trials bike (1080ish), reach is 330mm so according to manufacturers it's unrideable. Compare it to things like the geometron with 1370 wheelbase and 520 reach it's tiny, but then I'm only 5'7"ish and prefer short bikes. I have slackened it out a little by overforking and offset rear bushings so the head angle has dropped from 70° down to 65.5°, I dare say that it's not as planted as the latest greatest enduro bikes but it does me just fine. If you don't mind sticking with 26" and potentially having to hunt a little harder for tyres/rims then there are some bargains to be had as no one wants to buy them
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