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  2. I enjoyed that a lot! However, I now would like summer to be able to go riding again.. The spots look sweet and the tune was really nice too. The one right after wasn't too shabby either!
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  4. Awesome, that all went together really well and that cut at 2:12 was niceee.
  5. Even worse than that, it's not even a bike site it's one of those sites that lists literally everything, bike stuff, random clothes, household goods, you name it they probably sell it!
  6. Just drop them in some diesel, plusgas is mostly diesel
  7. Hi guys! I hope everyone it's ok! I wanted to share with you my last video, i think this is my best riding video, the one that i really tried my best, and tried to push my riding to another level. And i think i'm happy with it. I hope you guys like it, and i would love to know your opinion.
  8. vario styx
  9. I had something not dissimilar when I ordered a couple of frames and stems from there too. It was called or something? Pretty sure it's all a tax-dodge method or something slightly shady like that, rather than an outright scam. Still turned up quicker than the one thing I ever ordered from Trials-UK in the end
  10. I managed to find a website that had DMR Backlines in stock so ordered a pair. Slightly dubious about the whole situation mind as the website was in French, based in Canada (which explains the language). The rims were extremely cheap (£40 posted) but are now on their way, not sure what's gonna arrive if anything but the price isn't that much so won't be the end of the world of it all goes tits up. Interesting thing was when I got the shipping information from them, the rims were shipped from China and went to America via USPS and have just yesterday passed through customs in Miami. God only know where they're going to end up but will be interested to find out
  11. Watch a few of his vids on YouTube it’s just insane, I wonder if modern comp bikes would take those kind of drops!
  12. I never stopped wearing baggy jeans lol I wear these now: Trying to find men's jeans nowadays that don't resemble girls jeans is actually quite hard.
  13. I have now. “Ima call security, that’s a $9000 Gorilla” is the best line from any MTB film ever and Ryan Leech’s first missed gap to rail was terrifying to watch! Baggy jeans are due a comeback.
  14. I was 16/17 when Chainspotting came out so it was what I grew up watching while riding trials on the street. I even copied the whole audio from my VHS to a cassette so I could listen to all the music while riding on my Panasonic walkman, it was just a straight rip so it had all the dialogue as well lol I have it on DVD now so about once a year I watch it.
  15. I know there not just trials but a bit of everything. The chain reaction series of films and riders anonymous when I was younger I remember buying these on vhs from halfords and then at some point on dvd I loved seeing the likes of Ryan leech, shawn denny and lance trappe (I think that's his last name).
  16. bearings out of a headset / caged bearings or figit spinner bearings are small dunt the outer race with a hamme should crack open flick out bearings just a thought
  17. I was same but Revolution instead of Evolve, I did upload it to Vimeo but looks like my account has been deleted at some point
  18. I’ve been rebuilding the gearbox and diffs on my trx4 and I’ve discovered some seized bearings. Can’t find my plusgas for a temporary fix and small bearings seem unnecessarily expensive, or in China with a huuuuuge delivery time.
  19. ak-mtb#3 had abtrials section cant find on you tube unfortunately mike bentham ie miketrials trialskings new world disorder 2 fat tyre fury were some of my inspirations / motivators
  20. not sure bud not fully sure how to mesure it up either
  21. Love it! Any idea on the geometry?
  22. Just put an offer in on a house - I really hope we get it!
  23. well after 10 years out of trials and the bike hanging on the garage wall its time to start riding agin some new parts and a freshen up here she is
  24. Have you watched it yet?
  25. Evolve is amazing. Watch Evolve. Watch it now.
  26. Here's where it started for me... 1997 - pretty much wore my copt of this on VHS out. Can still quote large sections of the dialogue. Bad news Then Evolve absolutely blew my mind in 2000: Didn't watch this as much, but picked up some good tips in 2001:
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