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  2. Always interested to learn... can you share some info or know where it can be found? Thanks in advance!
  3. . Interesting to compare your perspective.
  4. But what about the 18 year old's who use it instead of the vaccine?
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  6. Hey @Matt_71 glad to see another older person getting started. I'm 55 and while I spent most of my youth on a bike in some fashion, in many ways I feel like l'm learning to ride all over again. I'm in Canada and the trials community is woefully small here.
  7. Thanks, I'll check into Vottoria availability in Canada and the Ikon recommendation. Generally, tires, and more specifically 26ers seem to be in short supply locally.
  8. Actually lucky it's 26, much more to choose from Have a look at Ali C's YouTube channel, he's running some Vittoria tyres on his Hex. Don't know how available they are in Canada though. Besides the Crossmark, the Maxxis Ikon Exo is available with a grippier 3C compound. I may personally try those next (the wider 26x2.35 one), as the Crossmark in the wet can sometimes be a bit sketchy I find.
  9. I second the cross marks with exo. Assumed you were looking at 24’s - should read the thread better next time! I have been running them for a few months on the hex and didn’t pinch when I dented my rim so a thumbs up from me! They are pricey kind but worth it!! I had the contis you mentioned on it when I got it and I pinched those pretty quick
  10. Thanks for the lead, definitely helpful!
  11. I still stand by this.
  12. My bad, assumed it was 24. In that case, maybe look at Maxxis XC tyres with an Exo casing. I've been running a few Crossmark 2s and they're holding up well. Better casing than the Holy Rollers, not as heavy as dual ply.
  13. Actually my Element has 26'ers.
  14. They don't make Cross Kings in 24" for your Element. You haven't got much choice in 24" streety tyres. I used to run Table Tops and Holy Rollers, the latter were a bit more solid and durable, but as above, sidewalls still very thin. Hookworm as Sam said, but the Conti MacAskill tyre seems the tyre of choice nowadays in 24".
  15. The only danger I can find associated with ivermectin is that it’s dangerous to take in large doses and can have adverse effects if taken alongside other drugs such as blood thinners…sounds similar to paracetamol. paracetamol was the first drug that came to mind though, if you want to compare it to something you think fits better then please do. I’m not having a go at you (I know you’re a smart guy) but from what you’ve written it suggests you think ivermectin is quite risky? It’s had billions of uses since being created and only a few hundred (I think, maybe less?) cases of severe reaction or death…I’m sure more people have died from paracetamol (though I’m sure a lot are from suicide).
  16. Sorry but comparing ivermectin to paracetamol is ridiculous.
  17. So are you running the Crosskings?
  18. I ran them for years before the continental option came out. You’ll get pinch flats. Run a heavy DH tube at 35psi plus and they might not be too often. I did used to like a good pedal gap so that didn’t help.
  19. Thanks for your reply, I will certainly try and attend on the 8th. It should be interesting as I’ve only seen trials riders in videos. Hopefully I will be able to book myself on a beginners session in the next few weeks. Happy riding.
  20. Thank you for your feedback. I plan on visiting the trial academy in Cambridge and hopefully hire one of their bikes. This will give me an idea what a trials bike feels like. The build I saw on here was a Giant stp, which was modified for trials, looked pretty good.
  21. MVDP's crash was nasty! Apparently he didn't know they'd removed a wooden ramp from behind that rock! Awesome to see Pidcock take the win- I was 100% expecting Nino Shurter to take it with ease!
  22. I feel I’m in danger of repeating myself now, that video covers pretty much everything I can think of. *new drug(s) haven’t had the same safety tests as usual and have had unprecedented numbers of reactions and deaths (but I agree this could be because more people are reporting these cases but even with extra reported cases it’s still a high % compared with ivermectin for example) *cheap, tested, safe drugs showed real life (as-in people in ICU recovered faster and others had a lesser effect when taken early) success and in (limited) testing. (Ivermectin is extremely safe btw, saying there’s a chance of an allergic reaction is like saying you refuse to take paracetamol or ibuprofen because you could have a reaction to that) *restricting freedoms for refusal to take an emergency vaccine is unethical, discriminatory and edging closer to a dictatorship (ok that last one is a little dramatic). *With the government’s non stop lies (even before Covid with things like Brexit) and non-stop corruption I can totally believe there’s something happening that they’re profiteering from, Covid is now a 100 billion dollar industry. With a less conspiracy approach I think the WHO (which I’m not against as a whole) dropped the ball with Covid and kept on offering advice only to withdraw it later and say something else but to go against their advice was dubbed “harmful” so because they didn’t really go down the ivermectin route it was deemed “harmful” to suggest we should be looking at it and social media would delete posts or even ban people…these aren’t conspiracy tin foil wearing nutters, they’re scientists and doctors trying to get alternative information to people. *Any action from me is only done with advice from my partner who is very scientific (as I mentioned she was a biomedical scientist and has studied infectious diseases and virology, knows how to read scientific papers and where to get unbiased information and respected peer reviewed reports etc), even though I have a dislike for the government I don’t act on emotions, I adhered to lockdown even though I think that was taken too far and face mask wearing even though I find them uncomfortable. Those were just inconvenient though but I want more data before I get any jabs and I don’t think that’s an unfair opinion. Don’t forget, this is a pandemic. People seem to want all tests neatly presented in a box with a nice ribbon but the reality is that things have been a bit all over the place and everyone’s still trying to make sense of it all. I just want to wait until things are calmer and there’s better tests with better data and more long-term info. I encourage people to do their own research but also be mindful that if you’re not a scientist then don’t pretend to be…find someone you can trust (ideally someone independent) and see if they can shed some light, if they come back in favor of taking the vaccine now without waiting then that’s great, maybe I’ll eventually get the same info and join you or maybe the other way round.
  23. this doesn’t add up for me so I’d ask, what basis anyone is suggesting you don’t take it? If there are some stats that can show that you are more at risk from taking it than not I’d like to see it. The evidence for taking it are hundreds of millions of data points, and taking the advice of a single (or a few) scientist seems to me a bit of a feeling decision, unless there is some pretty hard evidence to back up any claim? What long term data are you looking for that’s missing? it’s a two shot deal which will be out of your system quickly, most side effects will show in a person within 2 months and these vaccines have been in testing and use for more than a year? yes some of the vaccines have serious side effects, but so does ivermectin, including severe allergic reactions coma and death, which are going to be higher risk if you are going to take it as unprescribed (possibly). Saying the drugs effectiveness is being suppressed is to me falling into conspiracy theory. Yes it has been shown to be effective when directly used on cells but as far as I can tell no published study currently has shown it to be significantly effective enough to use it as treatment. There was a trial that showed remarkable results in patients, but it has been withdrawn pending investigation for fraud I think? There is a new trial going on at the moment, but until there is proper data, taking a different drug that has its own serious side effects that has no proof of effectiveness instead of one that does and is being given free, seems madness to me.
  24. That's a good question. Definitely don't want pinch flats. What's the consensus on the Maxxis Holy Roller?
  25. In 40 years I’ll be happy to have made it to my 80s (well, late 70s)!
  26. Ivermectin has only been used for around 40 years, maybe less on humans. What happens if it gives you brain cancer after 40 years?
  27. There is some crossover between the two, but it's really not as much as you might hope. You can do some trialsy lines on a DJ, but it's about 200% extra effort and trying to learn trials moves on it will be an awful lot harder than trying to learn them on a trials bike and it will hold you back a lot longer and probably instill you with bad habits. You can ride jumps on a street trials bike, but it won't be comfortable. I don't ride one so I can't comment too much, but the lack of suspension, steep head-angle and other geometry differences make them... well... just a different kind of bike! I'm interested to know which bikes you've seen that give you the idea some people do use DJ bikes as there's a few things that might have mislead you: It's just their DJ bike which they use for DJ. It's a very specific bike for an edge-of-the-bell-curve type person like James Barton. It's actually an old-school trials bike, which were closer to DJ bikes than modern street trials bikes. I won't say don't do it, but if you actively want to ride trials as a hobby, getting anything other than a trials bike will make it more difficult or just downright unpleasant. If it's a cost thing, look at second hand bikes. There's loads of entry-level Inspireds floating around, which are genuinely good bikes and you can sometimes get a bargain. Entry-level doesn't mean bad. The frames are often just the pevious generation's premium model, and the parts are aimed at being functional rather than super light or bling-bling. If you don't know what you're looking at, post links to options that interest you here and people will tell you what to look out for or whether it looks like that one has issues. Depending where you're based, there could well be someone nearby who can help you out in person, too.
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