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  2. Cheers I might need to go that route if I can get a wider one
  3. I don’t really get it now a days either. eBay run so many £1 seller listings just list it at your bottom price on a £1 seller weekend and you can’t go wrong!
  4. I don’t really get it now a days either. eBay run so many £1 seller listings just list it at your bottom price on a £1 seller weekend and you can’t go wrong!
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  6. Welcome! Firstly the BB will be 68x128 most likely and I'm assuming square taper with it being Onza's budget bike (the general standard for trials is splined even though the rest of the bike world ditched it years ago!). If I'm honest I wouldn't bother upgrading the brakes, a well setup set of V's with decent pads (check out Tartybikes for a good selection) will be just as good as maguras and they tend to be a bit poorer when fitted with adapters for V mounts anyhow. Best practice would be to get the basics drilled and if you're sure you want to stick with it sell the bike and buy something with a better spec. The Onza Rip was always a budget beginners bike, no hydraulic brake mounts and a 20" rear wheel instead of the standard 19" so not really much point in spending too much on it other than to keep it rolling smoothly. If you decide to stick with a mod (20) then go for something with magura and/or disc mounts and a 19" rear wheel. Otherwise there's the 24" market (predominantly street trials based) or 26" (street trials or high BB seatless bikes) to move to.
  7. I've seen a load of auctions recently that were selling, ended then somehow are relisted and I can only assume it's people playing silly buggers not getting what they wanted. I'm yet to be stung myself but it's defininitely a dick move.
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  10. f**king sellers on ebay, just won a pair of wheels, tyres, disc rotors and cassette for £130 which were for one of my sons bikes. Paid instantly on PayPal then saw a message saying not to as his account wasn't working so I cancelled the purchase. Only realised now that he didn't get what he wanted for the wheels so came up with a bullshit excuse to get me to cancel it. Cünt
  11. I’ve been considering one of these for quite a while, been waiting to jump on any that come on sale. The black one looks great but they’re not easily available in Canada unfortunately. Any tips or considerations you’ve learnt from your machine?
  12. You can still get 36 hole alex DX32's. It's not quite as side as modern rims, but they're strong and work nice
  13. I've just starting doing some riding again and my rear rim is about ready to die. I run a Chris King rear hub I bought about 20 years ago which is 36h and I'd like to keep running it. Does anyone still make 36h rear rims for 26" anymore?
  14. Amazed at you getting away with all that cursing commentary sketch.
  15. Hi everyone Just thought I would introduce myself and my bikes ad I'm sure I will be asking for some advice in the future I'm living in sunny Cornwall, and have recently purchased my first trial bike, a basic Onza Rip just to learn on and will upgrade as I need It's pretty much stock at moment apart from upgraded pads but still V brakes, but will be hopefully upgrading at some point to HS11 or HS33 I am a big stocky bloke and my usual ride is a modified Voodoo Shango dirt jumper (upgraded crank and bearings, arms and DMR pedals, plus a 25t front instead of a 28t), and obviously has hydro discs both ends etc but the BB is very low which is ideal for single track and pumps etc but coupled with a heavy cromo frame and fork and enduro tyres, means its not ideal for back wheel hops etc! So have been thinking about a trial bike for a while and took the plunge I will be swapping out the slight worn and bent onza cage pedals for platforms either the DMR V8 or a set of Salt ones I have just as with size 13 feet they feel a bit nicer! Only thing I need to replace on the onza soon is the BB as it has a little play in it Are they a 68 x 120 BB on these? Square taper? Seen a VP BC73 68 x 118 and 6x122.5 which should be close enough? (1mm or so shorter or longer each side so minimal difference to chain run?)
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  17. I've got the XT double ring M8200 (i think) with just a cut piece of aluminum for a bash. I've had to file some teeth on a 22t ring before too.
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    Yeah I'd been delierately avoiding it, assuming that it would just be some nonsense glitzy crap about how fantastic F1 drivers are but it's actually really quite insightful. I'd hate to think how much Netflix must've paid for the access they've got...
  19. Bought one of these: It's amazing. Now spending far too much time learning how to properly use it and pretending I'm a barista
  20. I've got one for wheelies in the making and might do one on back hops as well.
  21. link? EDIT: found it!
  22. Cheers all super helpful. It’s a 2019 so going so at least I know where I stand now. I guess choice is either wait until some sram stuff comes available or dive in eithe saints and get creative!
  23. 2019 Hex here, the newer generation. A friend of mine with the same Hex made his triple 68/73 RF cranks work with some mods (spacing all the way to the drive side, cutting down the 22t ring tabs a bit); unmodified the ring hits the chain stay, as with my Deore, and likely also with the old Saints (they're all the same spec, old school triples, same chain line). I think Swoofty runs the newer XT double crank, which does fit, but you need to be creative with the bash ring. So for Saints, go 83 mm
  24. It's worth bearing in mind which Hex everyone's talking about too. The older generations used to be pretty tight on clearance whereas the more recent ones (since they switched to tapered head tubes) have been better. That kind of double spider setup will get you less clearance than the new school integrated mount style setups, but as before it should be more workable than it was on the older frames.
  25. Hi, Does anyone know the Onza genesis 20" bottom bracket axle width that originally came on the bike? I know the bb shell is 68mm
  26. What are you running for a bash or not?
  27. Your manual clip was very helpful for me,especially the looping out section.This one is good one,also.Would you consider to do more?
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