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  2. Love your style on that bike, awesome video
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  4. Wutchatryintosay? (Strokes luscious beard) Nope, you're just a heartless b*****d! We're doing ok, just a bit flu like really. Kids have bounced back without any major issue Silly phone double quoted!
  5. Theres worse stuff living in that beard
  6. 100% most interesting part is that he's not running a tensioner.
  7. Wow, @aener, so good. I particularly liked the driftwood kitchen line and the 'up to rear into drop to bridge' lines you did. Bueno.
  8. 1:10 in I thought you were going round the corner for a second. I wouldn't put that past your abilities. Also it wouldn't be a Flipp video without seeing you eat absolute shit at least once on a bail. Great video really enjoyed it!
  9. 'LIke' is the wrong response but hope you guys don't come down too bad and get it over with nice and quickly.
  10. Really good that @aener - very much enjoyed the creative lines interspersed between the usual 'big' stuff. More please
  11. Yup, tested positve this morning.
  12. I'm planning to build my dream bike, in which things I like about trials bikes are combining: 24" wheels, high bb, comp geo and Hope disc brakes. I used to build bikes as light as possible, but this one will be a bit different. I'll try to build this bike with the main accent on stiffness, but still saving weight where possible. The first parts are already here! Titanium pedal cages made by Racing Line for my Trialtech Jack Carthy pedals. I've bent and broken the original 2-mm alu cages really quickly. These titanium cages should be much more durable, but we'll see. Rockman cranks. I love silver cranks because unlike black ones, they still look cool after a few scratches. Always liked the look of the Rockman CNC cranks, and finally got my hands on these. I've been using 300-g ultra-light Born cranks for 5 years. They were quite flexible, but held really well until the left one snapped. These 413-g cranks should be stiffer yet not too heavy. Trialtech lever blades for Hope Trial Zone. I really love the shape of the blade on Trialtech rim levers that I used before. It seems like they are the only blades on the market that are designed specifically for 1-finger usage. And they are also pretty stiff. So hopefully this will be a significant upgrade for my Hope levers.
  13. after 10 months of not having Wifi I've bitten the bullet and ordered a Virgin package. Just in case anyone here was thinking of doing the same I have a referral code where we'd both get £80.... Can't wait to be able to actually upload videos in a realistic time rather than the intermittent 4G I get here
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  15. And bullshit like that is the reason they get away with messing about doing gain of function research.
  16. Dead good Next up, Flipp rides a shopping trolley better than I ride my M5.
  17. Good call, it’s in the powder coaters for a while so unable to do so just yet (and I’m rather impatient). Window shopping your site at i9s whilst waiting is not helping. I really would like to run the V2 carthy rims but that rear is defo going to be too wide, unless I shave my cousts to like 2mm haha.
  18. So apparently I'm not a very patient person. I'd wanted one of these Silex frames so I took the opportunity to use all those 'Marino' spare parts and build one. I've been riding the skatepark more lately so I wanted to spare my Guilty from the abuses that brings. That's how I billed it to my wife anyway. First impressions are pretty good, but I'm glad I got the Guilty and not one of these. Guilty wins hands down.
  19. ever since I only do my usual practice, bit messy but did worked for me. Sand paper, dish washing soap (reliable one) and fire. I've learned this way back when doing service for some DH and Enduro bikes in Singapore. Then applied on any bike I have now, works fine so far. Anyway, will the metallic pads gives advantage of not absorbing much fluids than organic pads? I have been re-using my pads many times, everytime I accidentally spill brake fluid on those.
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  21. Big squeaky bike video. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty chuffed with a bunch of stuff in this, but having made it, I'm somewhat concerned that it's a bit... pants. I've ended up filming largley the "big" stuff I did, and neglected to film a whole bunch of the smaller, weirder type riding that is what actually makes me smile. Still - it is what it is. I'll hopefully remember to film the gross ones next time. I feel like I might stay on the stock for a while as I'm rather enjoying it.
  22. There was a Russian lad who used to frequent the forum a few years ago and was also a complete f**king nutjob, I think the two of you would get along!
  23. This might be very bad practice, but when I feel my brakes need to be cleaned I wash my hands and carefully fold a paper towel as to not touch the center, and put water on half it, and then spin my wheel and wipe each side of the rotor with it. I start with the wet side then go to the dry side and it gets a lot of black schmuck off. For the pads I carefully take them out and put them on a clean baking sheet face up and put them in the oven at around 350F for a few minutes, or until the pad changes color/smokes for a bit. After this I usually need to bed them in for a few minutes but they feel better afterwards. I've done this a handful of times and never ran into any issues but I do it carefully.
  24. Depends on pads and clamps, but assume no more than 38mm - you can just push the pads all the way back though and measure the gap between them.
  25. Tried a few, brakes always end up rubbish (needing new pads and rotors to get back to full performance) afterwards.
  26. Dave?
  27. Probably because there aren't any trials specific brake cleaners out there because the whole disc brake trials market is very small compared to other cycling disciplines. Trials bikes don't get any heat into the brakes so can't burn off any residue left by cleaners, a dedicated trials cleaner would probably need to be formulated that didn't leave a residue. That's my best guess anyway.
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