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  2. It's definitely not big drops to flat. It's the bash landings for sure. Always break the drive side and usually have 2 spacers on that side too, but my setup is different now.
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  4. Got no idea what this is about but this line cracked me up.
  5. Subtle way to sneak in an entirely out of context link to your PC repair site though. Nobody noticed a thing.
  6. Yes, already confirmed it is 3 mm. But the 3 mm hex tool in my set is a bit too big or poorly 'machined', won't fit. Other 3 mm tools fit fine.
  7. Yes. This set is all metric, and shiny 'silver.' I have an imperial set that is dark.
  8. Has Rusevelt got a new username?
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  10. About 230 University of Bristol students crowdfunded the week's trip for Herman Gordon and his wife Denise. Mr Gordon said: "God bless you all. Everybody will see this and think that I'm a trillionaire." A video of the cleaner breaking down in tears when he was told about the trip in June went viral. Asus Support` Mr Gordon, who has worked at Bristol University as part of the cleaning staff for 12 years, and his wife stayed at the Montego Bay resort. Mrs Gordon thanked students "for this gift that they have given to me and Herman The initial post called Mr Gordon "the jolliest man I have ever met" and said "if you wanna reason to smile, go talk to him for a min or two". A day later, Hadi Al-Zubaidi, a 20-year-old medicine student at Bristol, anonymously posted that he was starting a crowdfunding page for him. The target was reached in a week.
  11. Been using mt5 since April 2016. Not broken once, they have taken some knocks but not many, pad clearance is shit, modulation is shit, but they just seem to work. And the power is really good. I wouldn't run mt7 they literally fall apart.
  12. Used or not, the ZEE has two extra pots over the others you have listed. So on paper the ZEE would be the obvious choice. Did someone Hiiiiiiiiiya!! your common sense?
  13. Cool story bro
  14. If we are talking about cheap shimano setup, what's better ZEE(used) or SLX/XT/XTR (used)? Because I see them for same price from time to time.
  15. Sorry, I should have been more clear. The bike looks too short for the rider. I gave my Vader to @Paperclip
  16. Jesus. How much landing on your bashring are you doing? Or is this big drops to flat?
  17. It's the same as the Hope retaining pin. 3mm sounds right, I'm not gonna run out to the garage and check right now, sorry.
  18. Yeah I've cracked all the shimano BBs I've ever trialsed on. My euro BB bikes I run Hope BBs and no problems for years. The other SLX setup is on an Echo so Spanish Eclat BMX bearings with 24mm BMX spacers. Worked out better than I thought it would.
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  20. You sure it's actually a 3mm and not some random imperial one that's found it into the set?
  21. I was going to mention this too. I tend to go for the known thicker discs to get faster pad contact and less lever travel. I like my levers to bite quick and at the same distance away from the bar, so as to not contact the back of my middle finger. Obviously there's tool assisted lever adjusters there to fine tune too. SHIMANO.
  22. Nothing wrong with the Echo 3 mm bolt, it's my 3mm hex tool that's a bit off (too big.) :-/
  23. Do you think it might just be the thickness of the tubing? I saw it and thought it just another Arcade copy but in aluminium - not especially short? Or possibly you've just gotten accustomed to your longer 24" with a seat's appearance. I'm probably biased the other way.
  24. 937. We still do... today's version of this thread would be "Who's got the lowest bars?", or actually maybe "Who's got the most blackest-and-reddist colour scheme?", and everyone would win because everyone rides the same damn bike now.
  25. As long as you are happy with the bike that's all that matters! I just think its nice to have a pair of brakes with the same levers and calipers. As long as they work for you though that's fine. The grips are down to what you feel comfortable with. In my opinion they aren't the nicest looking grips but as long as they feel right to you that's all that matters. The rear rim is more of a competition style trials bike rim with the drilled holes and ground braking surface. I think that bike would suit a non drilled rear rim. For the rear tyre again I'm going off the looks. I think something a bit less aggressive and faster rolling would suit a street looking bike.
  26. Left the thread inside the frame. Done it a few times trying no to run spacers as this gets some more "cup" material inside the frame(im thinking this should make it stronger), and using a 24mm spacer to get chainring clerance.. saint bb is ordered...
  27. Since 2017..
  28. It is 3-5mm shorter than most of the Inspired frame except the top of the line Skye. That frame is 13mm shorter than the Ozonys... I would call that painfully short.
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