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  2. Urgh, I don't have any thin enough washers to line it up perfectly. Smallest I've got is 1mm. With or without it, it rubs either side.
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  4. not bed
  5. Personally I've gone for a custom built frame from Marino in Peru. This way I can adapt the geo to my needs. The geo I went for is a mix between the Inspired Arcade, the Inspired Hex, and the Jitsie varial but based on 26" wheels. Longer reach with medium-high BB, slammed chainstays... And a seat! If I were you and I was to go for a complete then it would definitely be either the Inspired Hex as a first choice and the Jitsie Varial 24" Hybrid as second choice. Remember, you can always roll the bars, get a longer stem, get higher-rise bars etc. FYI: I'm 6,1" and weigh 180lbs.
  6. Thanks for the advice. In terms of the Zoo 26 vs a 24" street trials bike like Jitsie Varial 24" Hybrid or CZAR 24" NEURON Pro Bike; what should I be aware of? What about upgradability?
  7. Home made re-anodizing
  8. Well you're a big lad so something like the Zoo 26 is a decent solid option. As for maguras front and rear not being good enough I'd say with decent pads and a grind they're excellent and will have no problem holding you! One thing though is the geometry will feel a million miles away from the frames of old and take a bit of getting used to!
  9. Sup everyone: Looking to get back intro trials from my .."heyday" but absolutely drowning in the choices. I'm 6 foot 3 and 240lbs and use to ride many moons ago an old-school Planet-X Jackflash. I'll be riding mainly in the city for SAGs but if down the line I get into more natural stuff having the option could be good. I'm thinking of the following: Jitsie Varial 26" HS/HS Jitsie Varial 24" Hybrid 1045MM Disc/Disc CZAR 24" NEURON Pro Bike ECHO GU 24 BIKE TRIAL ZOO! 26" Bike ECHO CONTROL 26" 2019 Open to others. Have a seat or being able to would kinda be nice, I guess. Here are my concerns and doubts: - HS 22's on the Jitsie Varial 26" HS/HS not being good enough - These street trial 24" bikes being way too small - These street trial 24" bikes having disk breaks and breaking them with my newby-ness - Going for a model which has avid cable disc brakes or shimano hydro ones Obviously looking for good quality to price value with options to upgrade down the line. I'm in the US. Thanks.
  10. Building up your tools/equipment is the best feeling.
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  12. I have ordered a ramp/lift for my unit. No more rolling around on the floor under cars!
  13. RJ

    I do that too , the videos don't do justice to how ridiculously silly some of those lines are, especially brakeless!
  14. Are you using a tool like this?|sfLMKCcqc_dm|mcrid|295296961877|mkw||mmt||mrd|129923uk|mslid||&mkwid=sfLMKCcqc_dm&pcrid=295296961877&prd=129923uk&pgrid=57437518777&ptaid=pla-522053076211&gclid=CjwKCAjwtqj2BRBYEiwAqfzurxCfFTFb04byNyQIFKvtnUxNIq3YXP35QLfylC2Rk0-TWRNXfhk7sRoCxdsQAvD_BwE If not, you should be!
  15. Mannnn why did someone make me think there was a new TRASSASSSINNN video...
  16. Little line on the little Alias today...
  17. It looks like your foot will jam in the front wheel each time you turn away from your front foot anyway! Footjam turns only!
  18. Cool bike, but every time when I see this thing I can't get around the fact how much copycatted the design is from Danny's Santa Cruz. Of course a simplistic carbon frame can't look too much different (keeping it good looking and strong at the same time) but I mean simple brand things like the headtube badge, seriously.. Wondering what SC thinks about that lol.. Definitely not a surprise considering the origin country, just sad how they actually make some really great stuff nowadays and not even single try to make it 100% cool even though it has potential. They even have a pretty decent logo already (a bit too Trialtechy though?)... Hurts my eyes as a grumpy overthinking designer myself but for most people it's probably allright, especially for the new younger street trials generation which this is aimed for. That said, good for the sport for sure!
  19. Bg are are total dicks. They had faulty meters in my sisters restaurant for years. When they left 6 months later they slapped a 20k bill on them that they had no way to fight, despite the fact that if they had proper bills it would essentially been illegal for them to still trade at such a loss. Ombudsmen didn’t even listen to the case either - rigged game. hopefully as you can prove when you left and have the email of the reading you’ll be ok eventually...
  20. ive got one but i am struggling to remove the original crank arms. one the left comes off no problem but the drive side with bash plate is solid. any advice
  21. Until the inevitable moment when you bash it off on a side hop fail I seem to remember having a full cassette and range on mine when I locked mine out. But the reality is you only need 2 or 3 gears.
  22. RJ

    It’s funny because knowing bristol, when I watched your videos from here I instantly knew how mental some of those were and that I could never have done them. The level has certainly moved on! I’m still a bit gutted I never made a last video using the 550d and some of the gear I had at the end, but after I broke my wrist again and then the team ended I guess life moved on a bit, Martyn had his crash not that long after and I bought a wreck of a house. the brakeless one was probably my fav out of those two - it was all just new. The video was a bit rough but was lots of fun, that London ride was awesome!
  23. i dunno what it is about white handlebars, but whenever i see them i think brakeless bike doesnt look too bad that
  24. Fair enough, chucking £10 at a set of new plugs when doing such a job would always be worthwhile though!
  25. In my defense, the spark plugs are the only thing I didn't touch during the engine swap
  26. It'll still run fine on 3, just disconnect the injector. I think they want to look at it first because they want to check what other issues there are - someone who drives a car with a loose spark plug generally probably hasn't done all the other work to a high standard, iyswim...
  27. The background to this is that the car spat a spark plug out and it's ruined the threads. A garage locally has said they'll do it, but they won't give a price until I take the car there. I'm hesitant to take it there without a price. They apparently want to see "what state it's in". I don't understand why they need to see it - it's not like an MOT where there could be other things wrong, it's literally just a stripped thread that needs tapping and helicoiling. Any thoughts? It's fair to say I have a distrust in garages, so maybe I'm being overly paranoid about it.
  28. That's pretty much the only way to get anywhere in a 5 even with all four cylinders in action
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