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King C King C 07/18/07 good condition and quick sending. cheers pengsmelly pengsmelly
Has anyone seen my shoe? Has anyone seen my shoe? 07/13/07 Excellent buyer, Immdeiate payment, would deal with, and possibly bum, again. Walleee Walleee
Walleee Walleee 07/13/07 Excellent, would happily deal with again. Well wrapped and as described Has anyone seen my shoe? Has anyone seen my shoe?
Fishy Fishy 07/13/07 they wernt the new style zoo bars like said, but for the price i don't mind. quick postage (y) Ben Jones Ben Jones
Fixed Pants™ Fixed Pants™ 07/11/07 Top dude, pays in a flash. Will always deal with! Concussion Concussion
Fishy Fishy 07/11/07 Very good. Postage was quick. Good seller. King C King C
LewMadden LewMadden 07/11/07 Awesome, i delayed with sending money cos of mother etc but he bared with me, send the things, brilliant. Fixed Pants™ Fixed Pants™
Concussion Concussion 07/11/07 AWESOME, will always deal with this guy. Fixed Pants™ Fixed Pants™
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