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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sorry Android double post
  3. Well after all these years its time for some retro feel.frame didnt even have the threads tapped.unused condition
  4. I haven't watched that, but Graham Hancock is pretty well known for peddling nonsense history.
  5. Honda Electric unicycle : Check more electric bikes on my blog.
  6. Oof. Trials bike?
  7. It's not today'riding and it does not deserve its own thread so here it is. Minute Insta edit
  8. I used to ride years (+10 ago) and have a load of HS33 levers somewhere. I also have the longer single finger lever blade (can't remember the brand) with metal reach adjuster. That was the most powerful rear brake. Used to run avid ultimate v's and levers at one point too. With heatsink v pads. They were the lightest and best feeling brakes I had. Those original red levers in the post, as said are not HS33 or HS11 (11's were awful) but are the middle HS22/24 type with a trials spec.
  9. Have you thought of how to make a remote of this? I was thinking of something that squeezes the seat post clamp and a lever would loosen that action letting it rise. Any one else have similar ideas?
  10. i have a mod frame in my attic and the stays are so long it could fit a 24 with some slight modification
  11. Yep gonna run a disc without a doubt and short cranks as used to short cranks on flatland bmx Its an old frame so prepared for it to feel weird . so 26 inch it is then
  12. This happened on the way home last night, thankfully I had come down off the hills and it didn't happen when I was away in the middle of no where. But think it's the final nail in the coffin for the bike, just to much needing fixing. Back to the pushbike for a while till I can sort a replacement out.
  13. It'd ride weird, even with 26" wheels.
  14. Yeah physically it'll work with a disc but the geometry might a bit odd. From an old thread: Chainstays - 400mm Top Tube - 571mm Seat tube - 310mm Head tube - 120mm Head Angle - 74 Seat Angle - 73 BB drop - +.5mm Wheel Base - 1020ish (haven't put a fork on it) So yeah, long chain stays and low BB will be interesting (you might want to run short cranks if nothing else) but crack on and enjoy.
  15. Assuming you're using a disc brake rather than rim there's no reason it won't work. Might ride slightly odd though!
  16. That was a good watch! And good commentary, beats some of the live feeds from UCI
  17. I ve just picked up an old revell bikes frame and am wanting to put 24inch wheels on it ...would this be possible or is it just for 26 ??? As can't find much out about them
  18. Last week
  19. Bouncing off the limiter at 13k. Beautiful sound. That thing is going to be a monster!
  20. Doubt anyone is going to watch this but if you're interested in this topic this might be for you.
  21. Are there other bikes close by, maybe there is a jealousy thing going on?
  22. I hear they did their research, saw your TF avatar and that was that... Your best bet may be their social channels. They seem fairly active on there, and might be a bit faster to reply to messages through them.
  23. Hey guys, does anyone have a direct contact, email or whatever from someone at HOPE that is responsible for marketing, sponsoring etc.? I mailed them several times, but couldn't get through to them please pm me, let me know.. appreciate every help I can get Cheers, Chris
  24. Thts ace. Nice to see Chris too!
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