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  2. Keep the forks! They suit it and wont snap at the sight of a hook. Saddle angle is going to be critical. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
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  4. Managed to get a full build Zero for a steal on eBay (worth the 3 hour round trip to collect). Currently in the process of switching out parts for some better bits (Hope and Mavic rather than Shimano and Planet X), a set of discs, some spanking condition Middleburn RS7's, Hope Stem. Ideally want to keep some of the parts retro, with some little touches of modern.. but the Inspired forks have to go! But so far, here she is:
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  6. Nice vid man, rider level is irrelevant though, come for a roll around Bristol, we can probably help with a few things too!
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Things have certainly come a long way from the last time I rode a trials bike. I’ve just bought a cheap echo control 26 and a monty 221 pr to see what feels best for me
  8. Fair. I only catch a very few bits of the skate scene, so maybe I only catch the "touristy bits".
  9. I'm sorry, I've missed all of this.
  10. Yes and no... Some of the Red Bull skate team have had some 'proper' skate videos that weren't gimmicky, and were just straight up skate edits, similar to the Rich Forne videos done for Monster. Just seems to be that a lot of the riding side of Red Bull's videos need to have some kind of 'narrative' shoe-horned into them. I suspect part of it might be that the production side is probably a lot different between the two. From the random stuff I've read/heard about Red Bull productions, there's a lot more corporate kind of stuff involved, needs to be story-boarded, usually has to be producers/people like that involved who work with Red Bull, etc. As a result I imagine you have to have more of a choreographed kind of video. Kind of seems with Monster's support for video projects it's looser in some ways, although I believe they were the ones who said that everyone in the Make It Happen video had to wear helmets. Pretty low bar for entry though to be fair... For people who prefer just riding and not-so-great music, someone's done a riding only cut: Does go to show that a lot of the riding is pretty serious, but as ever you have to persevere through the 'story' to get to it. It didn't feel quite like this video was as well structured as some of Fabio's older videos, with just random "ready to be taken out and used as a viral social clip" sections put in there, but it does mean it'll appeal to more people I guess. Would be cool to see a straight up riding video from him one day though, similar to Danny's Cascadia/Epecuen videos.
  11. Don't you for one second deny you stole that Will Smith track from my Morzine Insta story Ryans bar and stem works well for him. So weird looking though still. Was it a conscious decision to mostly film T.G.S!!! Instead of a mix of both street and "trials"? Enjoyed the edit!
  12. I think Adam has it spot on here and can only really echo his comments. Don't get me wrong I would be happy to be half Fabio's ability however if I was being really picky I did notice a few lines that lacked precision that the likes of Ali would have insisted on re-doing. It's obviously the style of film they went for but personally I'm not a massive fan of the heavily staged lines. That said, I can see how it could appeal to the wider public which is only going to help promote the sport. Regardless its still a great video, really enjoyed it!! Props to Fabio!!
  13. Charlie... What forks were they?
  14. I forgot to check NW again. I got quite a few parts for the new build from Brian. My frame is tapered though.
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  16. It was corny as f**k and I loved it. I would prefer not to see any of that grip tape stuff though...
  17. i see that trick quite stupid, but looks great for a circus show
  18. Can Danny or Ali do that standing on handles bar thing though? Pretty impressive when he went down those few shallow steps doing it I thought. Also a few moments made me chuckle. I'm a beginner, bad at trials riding, so didn't really notice anything to criticise. Re: Monster - I've not been watching as many Sam Pilgrim videos over the past year, think he's churning them out too much. And I'm sad he doesn't go out on his trials bike much.
  19. I’ve had a similar experience recently... I wanted to get started on within trials, bought myself an Onza SKA and it felt completely alien to me. Because of my MTB background I ended up getting a HEX and absolutely love it!! Just a thought but perhaps you would feel more at home on a more street oriented bike with a less extreme geo..?
  20. I've been in this camp since after Way Back Home. My rule of thumb now is approximately: if you're sponsored by an energy drink company and produce videos of an extreme sport, if it's Monster it's a video of the sport for people who do the sport, if it's Red Bull it's a video of the sport for people that don't. Big examples being Dan Lacey and Dakota Roche vs Kriss Kyle and later Danny Mac/this video. Are any trials riders with Monster these days? I don't recall seeing any since Hegedus was years ago. Edit: To clarify before people misinterpret my admittedly ambiguous wording - I'm not shitting on the riding in any Red Bull videos. Genuinely cream of the crop, whether it's to your taste or not and putting aside the "it was a bit sketchy" etc.
  21. I think we're mostly in the same camp on this one - as trials riders we're a bit 'unsure' of the riding, it doesn't flow that well and isn't as 'good' (broad term) as Ali or Danny for example. BUT, entertainment factor is really, really high. It's the sort of thing you can show to your mum or girlfriend and they'll enjoy it, not noticing the small details we do as riders. And I think that's what it's aimed at; promoting his sponsors, getting loads of hits on YouTube etc, and if it's riding a trials bike then fair play, it can only be a good thing.
  22. A huge respect for filming stuff like that and making trials more visible, however.. When I was watching the video I was immediately pretty sure that there will be a bunch of critisism on the trials forums going on. Not because there usually is, but because of how his riding in the video looked like for me personally. I almost felt like watching Danny but without the smoothness and accuracy he has. Same kind of smile and happiness going on, the big ballsy stuff and camera angles, but mostly lacking the precision I was looking for at least this time. As a trials rider the riding part was a bit disappointing to watch to be honest, like most of the stunts almost failed a bit and there wouldn't be enough time in the production to try again and correct them, I mean even the basic ones like drops looked very harsh. I'm sure Wibmer could do better if he really tried or had a chance to try, as some of his instagram stuff has been quite impressive to watch. Maybe it's the pressure who knows. After all, I'm a complete newbie and 100% sure will never reach even quarter of the balls size that Wibmer has. Just telling my opinion as a viewer who appreciates good looking riding over anything else.
  23. 1. You should use a Hope rotor with the Hope brake for best performance. 2. You need to - ideally - face the mounts so they are square with the hub. Then, as you say, use the shims to get the caliper and rotor aligned. 3. More power. 4. Looked pretty f**ked to be honest, but Hope brakes fix up well. As long as everything moves smoothly it will be fine.
  24. Could just be that the bird is a low bidget model aimed at beginners (I think). Most of the modernish mods I've ridden are really short with high BB. Maybe look for an Echo or similar, even an oldish Zoo Lynx would probably do what you want.
  25. Maybe Matt is too busy eating toast or something to post but here’s this
  26. Insane riding, I could just do without the tackiness to it but that seems to be his style. I'd much rather see a solid three minutes of riding than all the riding through an office type stuff.
  27. Can't imagine the production behind all that. Insane stuff, although the smooth edit would make it questionable to the average viewer to believe if everything done was real.
  28. I echo herbertlemon to be honest. Typically found in the past that I didn’t enjoy something about the style of riding, couldn’t ever put my finger on it and obviously accepted he is clearly very talented on a bike but just something felt off. However this one just seemed to have a different feel, more fun, more engaging and to be fair some of the stuff was genuinely pretty ballsy. Hope it continues .....
  29. The mod I have seems really low and long. Back then they seemed a lot shorter. It’s like starting all over again. I’m in Lowestoft in Suffolk. I’ve been looking at an old monty 221 as my mate had one back in the day so think that might be a little more familiar.
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