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  2. I'm in kilwinning just now, where abouts are you? And just trying to get back into it
  3. I used to buy and sell a bit of tech stuff as a side hustle. I would for example, buy a broken laptop cheap on Facebook, fix it and sell it on ebay. iPads were something that I made the most money on, usually profit in the triple figure region. But I guess other people in the area started doing it, as broken stuff started selling really quickly and for higher prices. So I threw in the towel.
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  5. it fluctuates but at the moment it's $760 a month. Glad you're enjoying the content! That's a real shame to hear I've been extremely impressed with your work though so I'm sure you'll be snapped up pretty quickly!
  6. How much extra do you make from Patreon? I found your channel just before lockdown and I absolutely love it. It's been keeping me from going insane from the sheer dullness of schoolwork.
  7. Hi, I am a complete beginner from Swindon, I don't even have a proper trials bike yet but I try some basic stuff on my gravel bike.
  8. I'm in love with this build! The attention to detail is fantastic!
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  10. Really sorry to hear that mate as I know how much you loved that job! With your skills you'll get something sorted in no time though! If not I'm sure I can find use for a rent boy
  11. Was thinking of starting beekeeping a few years ago since we moved onto the in laws farm but never really went anywhere with it until this weekend when a mate was looking for a temp home for a swarm while he found new owners. Get a proper hive to move them into this weekend then I'm away!
  12. #oldmanissues
  13. New hoover does not work. Now I’ve got to go through the ballache of returning it. Ffs
  14. Did you manage to get mech hanger for it im on building up one and just snapped hanger
  15. I only quickly glanced and got dead excited at twin turbskis, dissapointed when saw they were lights.
  16. They sure are. Or jeep style anyway. I think they look good and the actual light output is crazy good (standard ones were like candles also...) . Cheers! I would absolutely recommend a 7 style car to anyone. So much fun!
  17. Are those Jeep headlights? Looks awesome, I think I'm going to look at something like this once we've got a house - a proper weekend car that I can keep in the garage
  18. After a whack on the head I came up with a Project idea, but I need your help to do it! Im going to create a Retro/Garage/Junk Bike, but because I have the decision making power of a confused toddler in Toys R Us, I can't decide what Frame to start with. Watch the video and comment with your Frame choice
  19. Car is up and running!! Had it mapped on Monday, sadly my exhaust is restricting it somewhat but it made 200bhp and 220lb-ft of torquey goodness. It really is incredible to drive. Such a difference from the pinto engine I took out.
  20. thanks for the suggestion. loving your bike!
  21. Built this, tested my noggin quite alot getting it to work properly but finally getting constant results! Got a problem with the lighting circuit but that's a walk in the park compared
  22. Hi,thank you for your time.It is very helpful to be explained that way,especially from someone who knows how to do it. Would think over your advice,i am sure that they will help me.I have quit practicing about week now in order to clear my head and start fresh,just stuck.....Very tough sport,indeed,for the mind,also. The most difficult is to teach yourself to do stuffs over and over and over...again. Have a nice day.
  23. Your MR2 speaks for itself dude, slap some contact info on there and start pushing it in the right areas.
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  25. I narrowly avoided that fate too dude, one of my team volunteered instead. Sorry you didn't get so lucky As Luke said, your recent stuff has been really nice looking, I'm sure you can get something going there. Push it on forums / groups and see what happens!
  26. Oh that's a shitter, sorry to hear that mate If it's any consolation, your fab stuff has been looking, er, fab, so provided you can get the word out it should be a relatively easy sell. Might be able to find a few bits I need knocking up and have neither the time nor the skills for, shall start scratching my head!
  27. Might have to ramp up some external fab work /manifold making as I've now been made redundant from what was my ultimate dream job. Ace. 2020 can literally f**k off
  28. no, Patreon is on top of that figure. I do have ads in my videos, I try not to have too many but sometimes I might add more just to bump things up a little
  29. Is that purely due to Patreon? I don't recall seeing ads on your videos.
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