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  2. I bought an XLC sprung tensioner off of ebay for £27 ish and its great quality
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  4. It used to be the law. Stock bikes had to have working gears, now they have to resemble timmys pogo stick and not be rideable on a trail. Short cage road 105 was my preferred, I would have a V brake cable, with large end to catch in the lever- but i would put that end right up to where the derailler adjustment was, and pull the cable through like normal and tighten it... couldnt shift, also zip tied the derailler body to the frame... no bouncy bouncy slap noise. If you wanted to shift, a cut in half grip shift was the jam... or mount an indexed og mtb shift lever on your seatpost...
  5. Anyone know a good alternative to a trialtech sprung tensioner? Need one for the new build but they're out of stock at Tartys and I don't want to pay £50+ to import one from Europe!
  6. Great riding great editing , definitely go for a ride inspiration
  7. X up made me smile big ! Great riding
  8. Just grind down the seat stays/chainstays no big deal, orange zeros are tanks drop some roofs after... paging trialskings rimexplosion video
  9. A fair few (4 in the last 2 years) not quite to Ross' level.. think @Ben Davies has surpassed me... maybe
  10. I think he's way beyond me lol.
  11. He's catching up with you and @Ross McArthur, @LEON. That is for sure...
  12. How many bikes have you owned? lol.
  13. Well a number of weeks ago - Ashton Justice came up and whilst it would have looked ace on the wall in the garage, someone wanted it to ride so a no brainer.
  14. Last week
  15. That was sweeeeet! Nice one mate.
  16. I ordered one
  17. I only read Kevin's comments rather than watching all the Stories, so I don't know fully what he was saying outside of the comments on IG. Initially I thought he was implying something else and got a little thrown by that, but looking back I see what he was saying. Essentially, I don't think the reach/stack measurements are going to work out exactly with the 'old' reach for a variety of reasons (roundings in the new calculations, measuring things by eye/tape measure vs. plotting specific points distances on a computer, and a few others). I'm going to look into it more and see what's up with it and see where variations are coming in, but for now as all the reach/stacks are worked out using the same datasets on the same bike geometry calculator, they should be a fair like-for-like comparison if you look from one bike to another. We're going to add the 'old' reach calculations back in too. We thought that as the new measurements offer a greater level of detail about feel that riders would basically be able to look at a frame they know they like, check out the measurements, then look at a prospective new frame/bike to work out what the differences would be, but it sounds like some people just want to know the 'old' reach. It kind of reminds me of when we first introduced the 'old' reach measurements to bikes, but there were some hold-outs who didn't care as they just wanted to base it purely on wheelbase. 'Old' reach is still a more accurate way of assessing ride than the wheelbase, but with the variations in frame geo and construction now we need something a bit "more". That 'old' reach is distorted by BB height and top tube length, and if you look across our range of bikes there's an over 80mm difference between the lowest/highest BB, and over 40mm is difference between headtube lengths (which is nuts!). It's hard to really know how they play into things, which is the point of the new reach/stack measurements. It'll take a little while for people to work out preferences and how they want a bike to feel and consequently the geo they need, but I don't think that adding more info is a bad thing. Admittedly if you prefer the 'old' reach us removing it wasn't ideal, but that's being reinstated so it should be all good from then.
  18. Be nice to see this reunion ride actually come together! when ever this shit blows over
  19. Any bike shop should have some.
  20. I found this very amusing. I did see some posts from Kevin Liu on insta yesterday calling this out but I hadn't really seen these new measurements. What was the overall verdict on that?
  21. Smashed those rails Ian, well done mate.
  22. Whatcha Here's a few clips of Rich Smith & I from a, adhering to social distancing rules, ride in Bournemouth at the weekend. It was so nice to get out on a ride with someone, after months of riding alone, taking it easy on local riding spots.. Hope everyone is safe & well
  23. Get ready for a minor level angry post. My mum has never been a cook, my meals growing up were 9/10 microwaveable. Now that I've been back this hasn't changed but she insists on making me one anyway despite me saying I will make my own later, I for off the dinner at 5:30 train a while ago anyway. Still, I come in the kitchen and there's a plate for me and I just have to ask why because obviously I can put the plastic container in the microwave for five minutes because obviously she knows I'll have to reheat it because I'm just not hungry at 5:30. I have voiced this numerous times and still each day I am obligated to reheat a microwaved meal that was made three hours earlier because it's either that or throwing it in the bin. Last night I said the same thing, 'no dinner for me this week, please, mother'. I have a pizza that I am very fond of and all day while I was working I was thinking at least I have the pizza to have later on. This lockdown thing has been a struggle for me, I have an ankle injury so even letting off any steam has been difficult and stressful. My girlfriend of four years called things off last month which I am very bitter about but oh well because I have a bloody pizza I'm going to make later. So, goodness gracious me, I hae to say my heart sank when I say a plate of microwaved spaghetti on the counter for me, I guess the I'll try again with the pizza tomorrow. And I want to see a history text book in twenty years where this is the kind of thing that's quoted when they talk about the public enduring corona virus guidelines.
  24. Cheers Luke, fortunately in my time I’ve not had to dodge too many ‘I can give you exposure/it’ll boost your portfolio’ bullets, maybe that’s cause I’m fairly strict with it. Me and my partner have done some weird setups in our time, initially short distance in Canada, then slightly shorter with a ferry inbetween, then back to slightly further, then living together in Canada, then living together in the U.K. and now super long distance. So we’ve ticked most boxes of how it’s done ha. We’re both dealing with it as good as can be really, just plodding on. There’ll be a big sigh of relief at the end of all this for sure.
  25. A mate of mine runs a small LBS and hes faced the same situation as you guys Dunc, totally just out of bikes which is a strange situation really.. Sorry to hear your situation too man with the visa etc, sucks that its put pay to that but hopefully long term it'll all come good!
  26. Ah man, that's a strong effort on the bikes-built-counter, but pretty weak everywhere else. How are you and Mrs Dunc coping with it all? I know things are pretty out of your hands so I expect there's an element of "just get on with it" as needs to be the case, and perhaps being relatively long-distance helps too compared to being used to seeing someone every few days, but can't be pleasant regardless. Some of the content you've been putting out has been genuinely awesome so I'm sure there'll be plenty of folk wanting to get you on their projects, it's just a case of whether or not projects are going ahead I guess. If you get reeeeeeeeeeally stuck I'll employ you to show me which end of a camera to point at things. I can't pay money, but you creatives work for exposure, right?
  27. I want one!
  28. So I returned to the bike shop I worked at part time alongside my photography and have been back a month. I have solely been building bikes locked away in an old workshop and this week ticked over 220 bikes in total that I've built since going back. They've been selling like hot cross buns. I foresee a problem that within this next week or two the supply of bikes is going to have completely dried up likely countrywide for low to mid range bikes. There's currently 14 bikes left in the shop in total when usually I'd guess there's easily 100 on display and many more stored away to be built. I'm somewhat expecting I could be laid off if that is the case and although I've had a few nibbles not got much photo work booked in. Anybody want to hire a bike mechanic/photographer? I should have been moving my life permanently to Canada right about now too, my visa should have been due a month ago but that looks likely to be severely delayed and their (understandable) travel restrictions are making me think that I'd be extremely lucky if I can even consider moving by the end of the year. I've not been with my partner since November. Tough and trying times on my brain box possibly ahead for me although I appreciate I've likely got it very good compared to others. If shit does hit the fan I do have a new gravel bike on the way to adventure on, a personal video project I could finally invest some time in and build a deck for my parents. Thankyou TF for being a strange avenue to vent some thoughts.
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