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    A few weeks ago I headed down to Bike Trial Academy UK, and spent a few hours being blown away by Charlie Rolls. Here's a video from that afternoon. The Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate 20" that Charlie rides is now available from TartyBikes
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    I think we're mostly in the same camp on this one - as trials riders we're a bit 'unsure' of the riding, it doesn't flow that well and isn't as 'good' (broad term) as Ali or Danny for example. BUT, entertainment factor is really, really high. It's the sort of thing you can show to your mum or girlfriend and they'll enjoy it, not noticing the small details we do as riders. And I think that's what it's aimed at; promoting his sponsors, getting loads of hits on YouTube etc, and if it's riding a trials bike then fair play, it can only be a good thing.
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    It was mentioned that I should start filming another video, so I did, but I'm just really not enjoying it. Here's what I've filmed before I decided to stop. It's somewhat a mish-mash of half-baked effort, but I guess that's just who I am now!
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    Had a hankering for a short wheelbase 26”. Yet to fit brakes. Edit. The frame was ridden as a jump bike by a 5 stone 12 year old, so hardly has a mark on it. The white mark on the top tube is a lightning sticker. I don't even think its ever had brake bosses fitted.
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    2019 riding season was quite messed up for me, have not ridden much, but still got some clips to edit. Expected more from my 15th riding year, but glad that I am still in game. Cheers.
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    Don't normally post in here but too bloody chuffed on the luck I got out of a nasty ass burled branch I picked up off the street just now! (Goop in crevices is unset pastewax because I'm a dumb-dumb.)
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    A little showcase of the natural stunts next to my house. That last one took a bit of doing, hopefully a proper edit soon.
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    not sure why this wasn't posted yet. since i last saw him before radfest, jack has improved massively. some nice lines in this!
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    The world needs more triton trials bikes
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    Just finished rebuild my all time favourite bike thanks to Ben at Trials Addict, now time for some dirty droppy g's!! First few clips on my instagram: tgs_chriss GU Frame Zoo forks Trialtech Bars+stem Echo headset Trialtech bb Ko bashring Echo cranks Rear maggy - front vee Trialtech rims - rear pro4 - front echo hub WAW Vee Tyres
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    One afternoon. Absolute madness to be able to pull all that out of the bag. Such good riding throughout, and edit was good too, Mark! On another note, I haven't read it in a while, but I can't help but think that if more comp / TGS trials riders made videos like this more often I think the number of topics and conversations about trials being 'dead' would be significantly reduced. If people were willing to put more into the scene there would surely be more of a scene. Maybe i didn't need to open that conversation though....sorry
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    Hey all. Until very recently, it had been a long time since I rode trials - and even longer since I posted in here. I managed to get a few friends together to start riding again and naturally the photography hobby kind of came with the riding. Check out my first trials edit in what must be around 12 years. I'm older, (much) fatter, less flexible and with less bottle and I had more fun making this one than any of my older videos. During the process of filming this, I've felt stronger and braver every ride and hope to progress again. Anyway here it is. and thanks for watching. Link to Youtube Alan. Edit - embed doesn't work... sorry about that.
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    Mate of mine just posted on FB giving away his old Adamant for nowt so I thought sod it! Gonna pick up tomorrow, should be interesting
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    Late last year picked this frame up from a chap called Mike up near Sheffield, have been building and changing odd bits over Since the start of the year to get it spot on. Pretty happy with it now, always like one offs and stuff that is a little different. This replaced a 24” Leeson I had held onto for a long time waiting for something a little different. Tried to keep it relatively light but strong enough for street. Think the build comes in just on 9kg. 24” Customer ti 24” Frame and Forks (close to mk2 fourplay geo) Hope Pro4 Hubs front and rear on onza drilled rims Bonz 2 piece cranks with trial tech bash Shimano XT disc brakes with EBC red pads Clean Carbon Bars Trialtech stem Tioga Pivotal Spyder Bmx race seat Gusset plastic pedals Gusset lock on grips (not convinced might go back to foam!) Kenda Krad tyres (probably getting changed to conti soon) Thanks Matt
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    i took a shit in the street walking home from a night out whilst on the phone to my mate, i was minutes from my house. i didn't know about this till they called me the next day telling me to change and shower. this will happen again this year.
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    A huge respect for filming stuff like that and making trials more visible, however.. When I was watching the video I was immediately pretty sure that there will be a bunch of critisism on the trials forums going on. Not because there usually is, but because of how his riding in the video looked like for me personally. I almost felt like watching Danny but without the smoothness and accuracy he has. Same kind of smile and happiness going on, the big ballsy stuff and camera angles, but mostly lacking the precision I was looking for at least this time. As a trials rider the riding part was a bit disappointing to watch to be honest, like most of the stunts almost failed a bit and there wouldn't be enough time in the production to try again and correct them, I mean even the basic ones like drops looked very harsh. I'm sure Wibmer could do better if he really tried or had a chance to try, as some of his instagram stuff has been quite impressive to watch. Maybe it's the pressure who knows. After all, I'm a complete newbie and 100% sure will never reach even quarter of the balls size that Wibmer has. Just telling my opinion as a viewer who appreciates good looking riding over anything else.
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    Full disclaimer on below: my opinion doesn’t matter, he’s far better than I am etc. I was never a Fabio fan. I always thought his riding was kind of... plastic. It never interested me. Even though he would do the same things as say Ali for example, I would always prefer to watch Ali. And I still stand by that. however, that video was fantastic. There is a hell of a lot of work put into it, and Fabio has some serious balls for some of those lines. Even just the fillers were proper hucks. There’s the obvious corporate side of things which are a little annoying but the video itself overall was great. Much more riding focused than I was expecting. Big props to him.
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    Some clips summer 2019, thanx for watching.
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    Three things make me happy. Anything Mike beck posts The constant stream and mild racism money spending and overall entertainment from the Maestro trials guy who keeps buying trials riders and wondering if jack carthys orange has ever actually seen a hill.
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    One Integra Type R in my possession Engine mounts in, rad mocked up. One or two more bits to aquire and I can get the 24 in and running.
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    Sad to see the forum have so few users nowadays. Good times were had on here.
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    You're using muscles that you never knew you had. It'll take time for your body to adapt to the punishment you're giving it but you'll get there.
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    Just blagged this old beauty off a mate for the princely sum of free!
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    Amazing scenery and riding! For more info about Thomas see https://www.cw-sportmanagement.de/en/thomas-pechhacker/
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    If you're looking for an arcade-like geo with a slightly shorter reach, I've been thinking of selling my ti dean lately
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    Yes and no... Some of the Red Bull skate team have had some 'proper' skate videos that weren't gimmicky, and were just straight up skate edits, similar to the Rich Forne videos done for Monster. Just seems to be that a lot of the riding side of Red Bull's videos need to have some kind of 'narrative' shoe-horned into them. I suspect part of it might be that the production side is probably a lot different between the two. From the random stuff I've read/heard about Red Bull productions, there's a lot more corporate kind of stuff involved, needs to be story-boarded, usually has to be producers/people like that involved who work with Red Bull, etc. As a result I imagine you have to have more of a choreographed kind of video. Kind of seems with Monster's support for video projects it's looser in some ways, although I believe they were the ones who said that everyone in the Make It Happen video had to wear helmets. Pretty low bar for entry though to be fair... For people who prefer just riding and not-so-great music, someone's done a riding only cut: Does go to show that a lot of the riding is pretty serious, but as ever you have to persevere through the 'story' to get to it. It didn't feel quite like this video was as well structured as some of Fabio's older videos, with just random "ready to be taken out and used as a viral social clip" sections put in there, but it does mean it'll appeal to more people I guess. Would be cool to see a straight up riding video from him one day though, similar to Danny's Cascadia/Epecuen videos.
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    Maybe Matt is too busy eating toast or something to post but here’s this
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    To clarify: I'm enjoying riding, just not filming. Thanks
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    The pedal car is coming along
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    After making an edit of Ian riding here I decided to come back with my bike
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    I’ve seen him do it enough times, but that last hook to front was a genuine “what the f**k” moment for me.
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    I accidentally a whole van Picked up a 14 plate lwb sprinter in dark blue for 5.5k with 228k on the clocks to convert to a family camper
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    as above. trials is really difficult. also, feel free to discard this as its very much personal opinion, but quantifying the riding when you're learning i think is a mistake. i dont know enough about how you ride, but when i was a beginner, it was never "2-3 times a week" "1-2 hours", it was intense frustration, not going inside until id progressed somehow, for however long, because it was fun. still is, although im still shite in comparison to some. you gotta put in the hours to progress early on, get that bike control. its not like going to the gym. it wont run like clockwork- just because youve ridden a certain amount doesnt mean youll be any better. (to an extent- more time on the bike is always a plus.) its a skill that takes a lot of effort, fails and crashing to progress. sorry if that seemed rude, i didnt mean bad by it. its good to see people getting into it regardless, keep at it! put some clips up in here so we can see and advise.
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    It's not really the answer you'll want to hear, but unfortunately trials is just really hard. Most of the skills you're looking to learn are all about body positioning and movement, and the only way you can learn them is by going out and spending the time learning how your bike feels and reacts, finding out what slight shifts in body position do, refining your brake control, etc. You can research all the steps you need to take to do it, but you still have to put the time in to learn those movements. You will get some leaps in improvement - especially with things like back hops where you might be able to do 3 or 4 one day, then suddenly it'll click and you'll be able to do 10 or 15 the next - but for the most part it is a bit more of a slow grind as you improve your technique. You just have to take the little victories when they come, such as adding an extra back hop, improving how long you can trackstand for, adding a few more degrees to a pivot, etc.
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    Hey all, it’s Mitch. I used to ride trials when I was in my late teens but since having different priorities such as university and family commitments it wasn’t possible to continue riding. However, since moving back up to the North West, I’ve been able to buy myself a half-decent spec Marin XC bike to get myself to work and back. I’ll be looking to get back into trials riding over the next few months and hopefully meet up with some of you off the forum for meets and rides. If any of you are from the Liverpool or Manchester area, feel free to say hello.
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    These days trials asks a lot more of a disc mount than it did 20 years ago, but from what I remember it never looked terrible, not "Giant" level anyway. It's pretty low profile, but it's also 20 year old Alloy.
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    Click below for a link to our full video episode of playing a Game Of Bike at The Blocks last week. https://youtu.be/_fmmdjhl2q4 Enjoy!
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    I’m finally getting one
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    Wow, that takes me back. Old frame with modern parts. Nice.
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    It's only 2mm narrower than a front Trialtech Carthy rim, any old school fork will be fine, I'd probably check Echo etc though.
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    Bike is filth, red Hope hubs on D521's with matching skewers, road cassette and mech on gripshift, tensile cranks, V12 pedals and sketchy as f**k USE forks. Forks are disc mount however and front wheel isn't so will have to source some suitable replacements and get another magura to match. Or strip it and sell the sellable bits.... Ooorrrr ride it with a rear brake only like a hero