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    With the first competition of the year coming up on the 27th of June, I dug out out the old wagon, pulled the brakes and squished the tyres. Still seems to be working!
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    Afternoon - I've been back home for 10 days or so, and in between the rain and working, I managed a couple of rides with Adam and Joe! Adam helped me film a couple of clips, so thought i'd stick them together in a wee video. So, for you're viewing pleasure (or something like that)...
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    Filmed some Footage of Craig lee Scott last year during lockdown as he fancied a little spin on a couple of occasional rides ( doesn’t mean it’s a come back ) Well he’s still got it and can jump up down anything.
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    Here is the bike as it stands now: I’ll get the back wheel stripped down over the weekend and rebuilt on the spank. Had a quick mess about on the drive and it’s a lot of fun, may opt for a short stem in the future and possibly stick these tyres on my Ashton in lieu of some slicker skate park/street friendly alternatives. I absolutely love it though. Street sesh this Sunday for sure.
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    Got some higher rise bars on it now and is a lot nicer
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    It’s nearly complete. Need a higher set of Azonic bars and a silver seat post then it’s complete.
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    Not thrilled to be doing this, but needs must! I've uploaded a new video, but it's behind a £1 paywall. Sorry! It's about 4 minutes of main video, and a further 2.5 minutes of extras. Follow the link: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/flipp I don't have anywhere near a big enough appeal to get advertising or sponsorship payouts, and I can't seem to get a job. Thought I'd see how this goes down. I'm assuming badly.
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    Front wheel was useful for more than just bashing into stuff.
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    I was so puzzled where that story was going to end up
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    Going through the garage and there’s enough parts for a full-ish build. Current state is this: Jack Flash Trials frame (A recent addition), Gusset forks, B.M.F on Deore hub rear, Mavic on basic Shimano front, Planet X stem (mega short) and some badly painted risers. BB is imminent then will whack on a set of cranks. It’s lighter than expected, short as I thought and retro as!
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    Mortgage approved. Feels like things are actually happening. In related news, I have no idea why anybody gets into the business of being an estate agent or conveyancer. All jobs have a degree of faff/stress to them, but it seems like you'd need to have some kind of sadomasochistic desire for perpetual f**kery* to want to get into those businesses. *Or just like being a stressy f**k to other people I suppose.
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    "Horner: "Unacceptable" for F1 team bosses to be allowed to lobby stewards" The same Christian Horner who was 'lobbying stewards' this weekend (his excuse was because Masi told Toto to speak to them), and has done plenty of times in the past. Drive To Survive was interesting in the way that it portrayed Christian vs. Toto as the guy who was winning everything, and the guy who came in and started winning everything. Obviously they're looking for ways of presenting story arcs and narratives for that show, but it does seem kind of true that there is that resentment that Toto swooped in and stopped Christian being the golden child. EDIT: That story keeps on giving: “I saw Toto, who was lobbying the stewards, and I heard he was going there to do it, so I went to make sure that our view was represented,” explained Horner about why he was spotted at the stewards. “I don't think it's right that a team principal should be able to go and lobby the stewards. They should be locked away so that they're not influenced. “For me, it was unacceptable that he had gone up there to lobby the stewards. I wanted to make sure that there was a balanced opinion given, rather than trying to influence pressure on the stewards to make a menial sentence.” Of course you did, Christian. In the same way that you kept going over to Geri Haliwell's place while you were married to tell her that you were a big fan of the Spice Girls.
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    I recently bought a used Inspired Element. The seller told me it needed a rear brake booster. Being new to the sport I was a bit perplexed by two bolt vs. four bolt boosters plus the centre to centre spacing was narrower than anything I could find. Popped off an email to Tartybikes yesterday (Sunday) and to my surprise I got a reply within a few hours. A few questions and pictures later I have a new carbon fibre brake booster on order. Thanks Ben and Adam @tartybikes!
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    Full write up from my social media: “Here is my brand new, totally custom, one of a kind, REEB Cycles trials bike. . This has been a concept of mine for well over a year now and to see it finally come to life is a literal dream come true. I feel like 8 years old and it’s christmas. I had been on my echo and inspired trials bikes for close to 5 years and wanted something fresh… something more down the middle of the road geometry wise which I wasn’t finding in the trials market. . I wanted to build a trials bike MY way. I wanted it to be fun, playful, able to handle natural riding on rocks, but also able to hit a kicker or do spin moves in my shows. I’ve always thought that the thin steel tubing style looked super proper so that was a no brainer choice. I went with blue because why not? It looks amazing and I wanted a friendly, eye-catching color that would pop for the crowds when I’m riding. Frankly, it just looks so cool too. I wanted my brakes quiet with more modulation so I made the move to go dual disc with a large 200mm in the rear for maximum stopping power in critical trials situations. For maxium chainring clearance and minimal weight I went with a screw on style crank with an 18t cog. I didn’t want a full saddle but I didn’t want a seatless bike either so I settled on the super rad mini pivotal “seat” which I’m very happy with. I think the clear looks badass haha. Front end is a 110x10d stem with a standard high rise trials bar. Had to side with the ultra light and strong @crewkerz carbon trials fork for maximum performance and had to go with Derby Rims 35i carbon model rims for tons of strength, perfect width and lightness. All the matte carbon is so incredible. @hopetech hubs front and rear for the sake of keep it real and I’ve always loved the reliability and sound. . This is the sickest frame I’ve ever seen in my life and I really can’t believe the build that I got to put on it. Overall I’m ecstatic with how it turned out and I’m even more eager to see how it rides once I get things dialed in. . Huge thanks to @reebcycles for the dream frame and to WebCyclery & WebSkis for supporting me with parts. . Looking forward to riding into the rest of 2021 with a lot more style.” Let me know what you think!
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    I heard he gapped his way there.
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    Hot tub works Took 3.5 hours to heat, then we spent 3 hours in it last night. Eyes, nose and skin don't get battered like normal which is a bonus. The water coming out of the heater coil was boiling (!) so that should kill any nasties. It even maintained 36 degrees for over an hour after we'd stopped feeding the fire! Next upgrade: a better, more insulated lid, in two halves so we can keep it partly covered for winter use.
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    If that was me it would turn into an expectation vs. reality meme... vs.
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    May as well update my situation. I'm still living with my fiancée, her mum and her mums boyfriend in a two bedroom flat. It’s fiiiine, we all get on and there’s zero tension (as far as I can tell) but I’m desperate for my own space. The housing market is still awful and there’s nothing coming up in our budget in any place we’d want to live. However due to a turn in events we might not need to look for a house after all. Sadly Jane’s elderly Aunt died last month (at 93). She was diagnosed with cancer just in February and refused treatment...because she was of sound mind and knew what was coming she made sure her will was updated and put Jane as her power of attorney. She didn’t have any children of her own and was fond of Jane and her brother so has left the estate to them. Jane is keen to buy out her brothers share in her Aunts house and for her and I to move into it...fortunately none of Jane’s family have any objection to this. We are waiting back on a survey to tell us exactly how much the estate is worth and that will determine how much we owe her brother so nothings set in stone yet. The house itself is a 1960s detached two bedroom bungalow and is lovely! The rooms are big and it’s in amazing condition (her Aunt was the type that puts notes on the batteries in the clocks saying when they were installed...meticulously neat and tidy). It has a single garage which is perfect for my bikes and has garden space all around. The bonus is that it’s got a great potential to convert the loft into another two rooms (either making it a 4 bedroom or 3 with an office) which would be amazing. The area it’s in is considered one of the poshest parts of Glasgow, it’s rare to get a house here and all the neighbors are retired rich types...we’d be the youngest in the area by a long way. They’re all very friendly though, a minister is across from us as well as a Jewish and Indian couple who are all very nice people. The downsides are that it’s a lot further out of town than I’d considered (though does have easy motorway access) and there is zero riding (trials or MTB) out of the door, I’ll definitely be needing to drive to do any riding. Its also next to a road so there is some traffic noise, especially at school times as there’s a school just a few hundred meters down the hill. It’s only a 30mph zone and not a main route so not too bad the rest of the time. It’s sad that Jane’s lost a family member but with all the hardships she’s had I think its a lovely gift from her Aunt. here’s hoping we can afford to buy out her brothers share.
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    The first house we looked at fell through because of the roof thing, but once we found the next one we were interested in it all went through easy and lovely. Only "drama" was that the inspection found ~£2k worth of work needing to be done (wall ties and a bit of flat-roof above a bay window), offered asking price - £2k and he sold it to us for asking price - £3k because we "seemed like a lovely young couple"
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    Game of thrones, what an absolute pile of turd.
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    I bet this 1.9 Alfa is cheaper to run than most German options. Probably not as refined, but sexier, if I may say so myself.
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    Eyup lads, nothing spectacular but banged a few clips together from radfest, made the best of the rain, any feedback is welcome, good or bad!
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    Ah yeah, true true. Turns out my reading comprehension is directly correlated to my hours of sleep...
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    Somehow managed to remove the rear sprocket and fit a 13t so I could lose the tensioner. Slightly pointless as will be switching to a Pro 2 soon anyway and possibly swapping the front brake as this just rubs constantly...
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    This is a house load of wood, just need to get round to making the kit.
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    So I've done many a revision since this was last updated; wheels and tyres, 8 speed 11 - 32 cassette, dual pivot extra deep drop brakes with cartridge pads, pedals, bars, stem, some homebrew lock on grips, Avid SD 1.9 levers & a modified Triban threaded to threadless steerer tube conversion spring to mind plus more. This is the version we've settled on for the longest as it works, though we're still working through my stash of seats to find one, if any, that truly works for her ≥ two hours elapsed time, and I'm still chasing her hand going numb through trapped circulation. It'll no doubt not stay like this but that's for later in time. Mam would appear to (keep) surpris(ing) herself at her capability [that I knew was there, it just needed unlocking - she has surprised me on the occasion or two I should add though]. I'm just going to add pics in no particular order from this point on. A special thank you/ show of sincere appreciation to @gage-mann for donation of the tan wall 28mm Tofu tyres to the cause. Combined with the early 90's Exage hubs/Vuelta Airline v4 30mm deep rims I snaffled with a large dollop of good eBay fortune they look f**kin sick. Connor If you read this the bag & pedals are 'yours' too. When my "situation" gets right side up I owe you both alcohol and/or a round of ice cream. Every time I click my Bryton into the mount on this thing I can't help but raise a rye smile of the ridiculousness of having a quarter turn on a bike that looks like this.
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    Agreed. The points made need to be linked to the data of who's being affected. People have had strokes after having the vaccine- that's bad. However what age were these people? In a normal year how many people over the age of 70, day, would've had a stroke? Considering basically all of those people are double jabbed you can't now attribute that to the vaccine and decide that it's the cause. Equally, she's saying there have been 300,000 yellow cards submitted linking side effects to these vaccines but I would suggest that literally no one knew they were even a thing before the pandemic and for the vaccine rollout people have been made very aware that they should report any side effects and so they have. Of those 300,000 I bet 95%+ are people reporting mild discomfort, mild cold-like symptoms or whatever which are of no concern whatsoever. My main concern is that the whole jab related nervousness is going to fuel the whole general anti-vax shitshow and you're going to have a generation of people who don't want to get their kids vaccinated against measles or whatever because of this.
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    Personally... Definitely the latter. Even older if I could. But definitely petrol non turbo if I wanted reliability. I have a 2000 MR2 with 133k on it, faultless, and a 2001 Micra with 25k (!) on it, also faultless. Both been on track days and driven back home. The 2009 VW Tarty van is currently on 130k and in for a turbo and manifold... the cost of that job will be more than double what I paid for both of the above cars combined
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    It's been used for various things since 1989 - it's not quite the instant new wonderdrug that the mRNA vaccines are being portrayed as. Not that I'm saying it's the same thing, but that was exactly the line of response people used when seatbelt laws were brought in in the UK. That was the biggest argument against it, but the second was people saying that they felt that they could be more dangerous in the event of a crash. Just on the vaccination passport thing, the concept of requiring vaccinations for travel to certain countries is nothing new, and hasn't been for decades. Again, not saying they're the same thing, but it isn't some new plot - it was and is standard in many countries for various diseases. In terms of this whole idea of it being some huge overarching plot to enslave us all, it just doesn't add up. The government haven't even been able to build a railway line they've spent billions of £s on and dedicated over a decade to. They seem to be f**king inept at most things, and largely populated by opportunistic people who happen to have either been born with the right name, have enough money in the family or went to the right schools. It's just another example of Hanlon's Razor to me - "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity". It's a massive public health crisis, and unfortunately the people we have in power are f**king inept at dealing with most things, let alone the largest public health crisis in our lifetimes. I don't agree with Boris on many things, but I do when he said that Matt Hancock is "totally f**king hopeless". It's not really surprising that we haven't got a great track record of dealing with it with people like Johnson, Hancock and Cummings playing substantial roles in how things are done. Just by way of a comparison, I think it's generally acknowledged New Zealand smashed the shit out of dealing with the virus (although even there people called for their PM to resign for her handling of it because they said that it was an over-reach). They have a smaller population so naturally it's easier, but the early and decisive steps they took stopped it in its tracks. Just look at the system they created for paying workers in businesses that were forced to close temporarily - not hard, but something the UK government totally f**ked, and continues to totally f**k. We could have done so much more in the early days of the pandemic but politically it was viewed as too damaging so we didn't, and everything from those decisions has cascaded and led us to where we are today. If they hadn't kept the borders fully open as long as they did, we'd have had fewer cases. If they'd enforced isolation/quarantine for arriving travellers months earlier than they did, we'd have fewer cases. I mean they said they were specifically protecting care homes, then forced them to accept a load of patients from hospitals without even testing people. There have been so many mis-steps along the way that mean we're in the shit situation we're in now, and that's why I just don't believe it's some Machiavellian plot. Just to be clear as well, I don't particularly agree with the vaccine passport idea. I don't really have much of an issues with the vaccines themselves (they were given a massive headstart in terms of creating a vaccine by getting the gene sequencing for the virus back in January 2020 so they knew what they were dealing with, and to me it just shows what's possible when pharma and governments all exclusively turn their focus on one problem and then throw unlimited time and cash at it), but I can see why not everyone would want to get involved. I'd definitely put it in a different category to masking/social distancing. While I don't think vaccinations should be mandatory, I can see why masking/distancing was/is in some places as those are simple, proven, effective, non-harmful ways of limiting spread that some people weren't willing to do until it was turned into a law. There was that chat before it was turned into law that it required people to just "use their common sense", but that clearly doesn't work. To use a local example, during lockdown a minibus full of mixed households from Cheltenham turned up at Storey Arms to walk up the Brecon Beacons. "Common sense" wasn't at play there. You f**k yourself on the Beacons, mountain rescue has to come and get you (not an uncommon thing there), that then immediately means you've got X amount of other people on that rescue team potentially exposed to it who then have to isolate until they're tested, while their close contacts will also have to isolate. That's just one possible aspect of it that could lead to causing issues for others. A lot of people don't seem capable of thinking of anyone or anything beyond themselves, and this sort of situation isn't one that gets resolved with that kind of thinking.
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    You don't need to eat any humble pie, what drugs you choose to take is entirely up to you. The fact society has been conditioned to think it's OK to quiz someone on their medical records and pressure people into it because they're "mass murderers" if they don't is disgusting imo. It's simple for me: have your vaccines if you want, wear a mask if you want, distance if you want. I'll be sensible and avoid people if I'm not well (I'm isolating as I type this, actually, cancelled a week long holiday with my parents because of it). Nobody can tell me what I should do, it's my choice. It's all massively unethical and I'm surprised it's even legal. There's far more at play here than just health.
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    What’s wrong with just getting a negative test before traveling? I think it’s discriminatory, mainly for those who can’t take it for medical reasons but also to those who don’t want to take it, I worry it’s the start of bigger issues of control. Ivermectin is a drug that’s been around for decades, has proven to be safe and showed real promise of being effective to treat Covid in humans. Sadly for some reason that escapes me any talk of Ivermectin was censored and funding cut (which limits legit papers and opens the doors for bias) I’m sure mrna is safe in humans but I’m not volunteering for human testing without being paid. look, I’m totally willing to come back in here and eat a whole load of humble pie if I’m wrong but I just don’t feel like I want to be part of this vaccine with the evidence (medically and politically) that I’ve seen
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    Radfest 2021!! The big summer trials comeback of the year, the relaunch of radical bikes in essex. The first day may have been a washout, but the Sunday went off! Contests, jam sessions, meeting all the old friends, what a great weekend. I managed to film throughout the day, get a bit of everything and see most people, whilst riding myself which i was happy with. Featuring - Ali Clarkson, Charlie Rolls, The Chai, Tom Mitchell, Nick Goddard, Euan beaden, Matty Turner and pretty much every other trials rider in the uk right now! Video segments (Featuring a mix of riders) - - Saying Hi to every rider I could + Random charlie Rolls Riding - Boon comp + Down to Front Gap comp - Full riding edit - Kicker Comp - Goodbye from Tom If you/Your friends are in it, please share it around. Big thank you to Tom + Molly at Radical bikes for organising a great weekend and Thank you to Trials Addict for their support and the Ticket!
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    Waiting on the lawyers still, they don’t rush do they!
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    Thanks for the kind words Matt, glad we could help! - Ben
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    Glad to be of help, David, and thanks for your order!
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    New bike day is a happy day. I’ve been aiming to get my bike license since 2008 so it’s so surreal to finally get the keys to my first proper bike.
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    Because a lot of it is down to how efficient health boards are, I think it depends a lot on where you are as much as anything. My sister got her first and second doses before my Mum, as an example. Just the difference between living in a Cardiff health board and living in rural Wales. Heard a few stories of things like that happening. People are f**king morons/this is why we can't have nice things.
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    Ok, so came across this on 'I f**king love Science' and it's got the grey matter working. The logic behind the reason it could/should operate is fair enough but the explanation of how/why it might work doesn't really follow in my mind and it reminded me of the aeroplane/treadmill classic but with a twist. Definitely an interesting one...
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    Time to post my yearly link to - https://www.arthurcaygillcycles.co.uk/product/ashton-edd-tongue#.YNrlJJNKjqs the build is horrible but the frame is NOS! As for the stickers @Ben Davies didn't you have a run of them?
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    Try every session something different. Don't try something out of reach, but try a small variation of a line you already master: changing the approach, come with a different angle, etc. Spend money on bike parts that makes sens. I had really crappy parts on my bike, that prevent me to ride as much as I wanted. For example, I had a TryAll bar that I used many months, despite it hurts my wrists. I hesitated much too long before changing it... I think the current parts are much better than it used to be years ago, but still sometimes it make more sens to spend extra money to obtain quality and durability.
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    Composite pedals can be plenty good enough. If you go super cheap on them they probably won't be great, but pedals like the HT Nanos are nice. I've used them on all my bikes for the past 4-5 years or so and they've been reasonably faultless. One developed a little play, but tightening up the nuts worked fine. I killed it by hitting it into a rock really hard, pretty fast on my mountain bike. It upset something in there, possibly a bent axle or something... they were a good few years old at that point though, and I don't think many pedals would have dealt well with it. The new DMR composite pedals (with the metal pins) seem decent too, although I do kind of prefer the platform shape/size of the HTs. For metal options, Hope F20s didn't feel great to me when I had them, the Crank Brothers pedals have felt like they had minimal grip on every bike I've tried them on, Inspired Team pedals are strong and grippy but don't have the biggest platform, and the new-style DMR V12s are in a similar position to the Inspireds. The bigger DMR pedals may be worth a look though.
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    Ignored my phone all day then got some lads round on Saturday evening for pizza/beers to replay the live feed. What a race. That had everything you want from a WC downhill. Tricky conditions, new bikes/teams, riders coming back from injury so not knowing who's in form, last man down winner Loved it.
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    I've had a 24" Triton with a very similar geo (1040, +50, 367), and that bike was really fun to ride. It was definitely more on a trials end of the spectrum. Compared to the Echo 24", it was a bit more bunny hop oriented because of the lower BB. It felt like a smaller version of an old school stock. If you've ever tried a 24" pure trials bike and loved it, and enjoy trying some street-trials stuff from time to time, I think you'd love the Jitsie 24".
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    In those sequin cushions I think you've just found the solution for all those difficult to buy people this Xmas!
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    Some interesting methods of SPAM bots right there....