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    Ha. That explains it! Yeah it was the offcuts I'm interested in... skips it is then. Thanks dude. And thanks about the frame! Got it built up: Light! All this chat of the top mount, and it was the bottom one that was the issue About 10 mins of playing about on the car park and a few small rocks / low walls, and I found the above.... arse. Super disappointed. I think the butting must have ended close to the dropout, so the tube there was 0.6-0.7mm thick... But, I decided there were positives, in that I had found it early so would be able to fix it rather than have to fit a new chainstay. In terms of heat treatment / heat affected zone (HAZ), in theory this is reduced as you need to put less heat into the tube for the TIG braze. However, my testing showed there still is a HAZ and that it's not really much (if at all) different to normal TIG welding. One benefit I can imagine though is that the ductility of the silicon bronze filler material is huge - something like 65% elongation to break. Steel is around 20%. So, in theory the fillets are 'stretchier' and could load up the tubing less. In turn this could make the frame feel 'springier' and more compliant. This certainly ties in with how the bike rides - it is so nice! It just floats over those awful eyeball-shaking vibration-inducing micro bumps. There's a descent round here I know well which is pretty smooth but then the last few hundred metres turns into fist-sized rocks. You hit the section at about 20mph and previously it was a real effort to maintain speed and just hang on to the bike - pretty scary to be honest. But last night it kind of floated over. Hard to explain. I guess this is what the 'steel is real' brigade have been on about for years. Here's a badly out-of-focus photo from a quick blast last night. The bike absolutely flies, both up and down Happy bunny!
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    So here the bike is now as it stands. Graphics added to the Matt black frame, I have some in the post for the forks. I have to say, it is incredibly good fun to ride, I completely forgot how good bunny hops are with front suspension. I’m running forks pretty hard. The 70mm stem sits just right, short enough to make the front poppy, but long enough to keep it feeling Trialsy on the rear wheel.
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    With the first competition of the year coming up on the 27th of June, I dug out out the old wagon, pulled the brakes and squished the tyres. Still seems to be working!
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    Once you've applied to the bank to remortgage your house, then paid for the hubs, then received the hubs, and then enjoyed their beauty before buildng them into wheels, and finally taken them out for a ride. Just you make sure, before that first gap to a hand rail, that you've got that email saved in your inbox... /cynicaloldman
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    Unit move complete. Over the moon to have all my cars back under one roof and with plenty of space to spare too! Second lift is on order and hopefully fitted by next week. One very tired, but relieved Samuel. Between 6 of us (trying our best to keep to the rule of 6 job were all currently landed with) we managed to move everything out inside 4 days. We made an excel inventory of everything I’ve got down to individual parts, totalling 357 (not including part quantities). I’m amazed that it all fit inside the old place!
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    Hi guys! My name's Andy and I'm new here. I see for a trials-forum some of you also have an interest in cars - which I do too! I think we might get along. Below is a picture of my track cars, neither of which work, seemingly ever. Even if they did, they'll probably be considerably slower than my company car. Andy P
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    Got some higher rise bars on it now and is a lot nicer
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    I’ll let you guys know how I get on with it
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    Picked this up in December as a replacement for my Audi A6. Feel a bit like an old man in it sometimes!
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    It's just a B5 Audi S4. Rwd, saab engine, diy dry sump, holset hx40 turbo, vems management, bmw 6 speed manual, nissan S14 rear diff housing, cusco RS LSD. Widebody is all metal and all my own. Andy P
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    It’s a great feeling mate. Absolutely stacked out at the moment and the bookings keep rolling in. Plenty of repeat custom too! It’s great to be making a living on the cars I enjoy the most. I dug the white DC2 out this weekend just gone and gave it some love prior to a trip to Oulton Park yesterday. Oil change, rear pad replacement, new exhaust and swapped in my short ratio box (more so for the plated LSD but I’d forgotten just how hard it pulls with it in!) First trackday in well over a year and a half. Went really smoothly, car performed impeccably and drove home without any major issue bar my idle valve playing up a little.
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    Back for my annual nostalgia post. You know you're getting old when you can post a video of yourself riding 20+ years ago.
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    A few finishing bits and the build is complete! I should point out my aim here was not a replica. I was looking to build a 26inch street bike, my yellow Giant remains a replica, but this was about having a bike that felt familiar with modern components where needed to deal with the type of riding I have in mind.
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    Estate agents are a complete scam. They literally provide a place to list an ad, show a few people around, then charge you for the shit your solicitor is already charging you for. Can't stand them.
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    Bought one of these: It's amazing. Now spending far too much time learning how to properly use it and pretending I'm a barista
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    Aaand another (bonnet now fastened down...) Thoughts on recolouring my alloys? I was thinking Anthracite but I'm not sure if I like the contrast that silver gives now...
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    "More likely than not" looks to be 34. If you wanted to be very likely, you're looking at around 65. X axis is number of packages, Y axis is probability.
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    What do you call an alligator wearing a vest? An investigator!
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    I wanted to make an instructional video on how bunny hops work and how to learn them for a long time... now I finally put together everything I gathered over the years. I tried to analyse the technique as detailledly as possible while still keeping it simple. The video shows a couple of steps you can take to learn the whole thing from zero. Good luck Part 2:
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    Trials basically teaches you how not to jump in my experience. Trials is all about front wheel high and you basically have to unlearn that habit when jumping so that the bike stays on a natural trajectory with the jump. I've also found that riding trials for about 25 years has made it pretty much impossible to remove any limb from the bike to do any form of trick when in the air... just doesn't happen!
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    Hi Guys, I am taking another stripped hub into hope to get sorted out but I have this week seen 3 other riders have also stripped their hubs. If anybody else on the forum has had this issue or knows somebody that has could you drop a reply in this topic. When I went into Hope about this recently I was told it's not an issue and I was the only person that has had this problem. It certainly doesn't look that way. I'd like to just go in with as many examples as possible to try and get this resolved somehow.
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    Hi all, more custom build spam! Having done a few builds over the last 12 months I decided to change the lineup of bikes to suit some different styles of riding. Pure trials isn’t my bag anymore, and I like a bike that looks like a bike - nothing against modern comp bikes at all, I’m just past the point of hitting any personal bests haha. Watching @jamesb got me seriously contemplating a front sus do it all bike. I started trials on a jump frame with manitou forks way back in the late 90s and I’ve always fancied going back down that nostalgic route. I’d been hanging my nose over some jump bikes on eBay looking for something with a reasonable bb height and that all important beefy rear end to manage a disc brake for trials. Mentioned the idea to @Ross McArthur who suggested a Giant STP. How I’d missed this is beyond me, Jeff Lenosky was a big influence on me as a kid getting into trials but I’d never stopped to think about his Giant, always recalled the days of him riding for Schwinn. 2 days later and a bit of eBaying I ended up with this as a base: I know... she isn’t pretty, but all I really wanted was the frame and fork. I figured I could sell some of the bits off. The 24inch rims were a write off (which I knew about). But it had Hope big un hubs which I managed to get some money back for on eBay.
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    Both will look good. Silver need cleaning more often
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    It's funny, as soon as I start a thread saying "weekly video" I lose all motivation. I still got some clips though and put this together.
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    I disagree, the problem with trials is even simple techniques take a long time to not even master but get started on so a lot give up early on. Anyone can jump on a hardtail/full sus and fly down a hill or go to trail centre and have fun and it's an instant pay off.
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    Colour update!! New (main) colour is 'Sprint blue' - I used to own an Audi TTS in this colour and absolutely loved it. So here we are! Not sorted the fixings for the new bonnet yet so excuse the fact it's not fastened down.... Black vinyl stripe to come soon and then sadly put a reg plate back on the front. Chuffed!
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    Finally got my new frame set. All City Electric Queen, fully rigid steel frame, single speed, 27+ (or 29). Wanted to take a big sidestep from the industry mantra and get something I actually wanted to ride. Loving it so far!
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    This is called the Coupon Collector's Problem: Answer = 5.14%
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    A good mid school techy street vid with a good tune
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    @Adam@TartyBikes It was the bashring bolts. Tightened them to 8nm and the creak has gone. Legend thank you Rich
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    Spent 12 years away from the north, moving back in a month, seems house prices in the have all but tripled since I left. God dam footballers
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    I partially agree with you guys. I think trials gives bad habits too. I have also problems at jumping, this is my weakness on a MTB for sure. I really noticed that riding pumptrack. I used the wrong motion. And I can't remove my hands from the bar too! But on the other hand, I think trials helps me on technical jumps, that require one to be really active (you can either use speed or an impulse). Here is why: The motion differs from the bunny hop slightly: the steps stay the same, just the execution periods change. I understood this recently. The first steps of the bunny hop are to lower your chest/body (1) and then to push against the ground (2). Then you move your upper body backwards to lift the front wheel (3). But if you want to go really high, somehow you have to "push against the ground". As you do during some static hops too. When jumping a kicker, you will do the same. But the pushing (2) is more relevant in this case than pulling from the bar (3), due to the kicker and the angle of your body with the bike/ground.I understood this while trying to bunny hop higher. So trials helps me a lot there. As soon as I understood this, I did some progress in DJ. I am still not good, but at least I think I understood the correct motion and it works well on some doubles on the pumptrack . One other relevant aspect: in DJ, you have to move your hips forward, to land front wheel first and to fly a nice curve in the air. This is similar to a bunny to front. You have to drive the motion of your bike. Trials helped me to get a better impulse with my legs on the jumps. I noticed this on jumps where the impulse has to be really quick (for example on a jump directly at the end of a berm) This is based on my experience and as I said, I am not a good jumper. So please feel free to correct me!
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    I bought it then I sold it. I think I sold it someone here. Gutted I did but had to. Anyone know where it is these days. Would love to get it back.
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    TGS Uk scene still very much alive. Coventry ride.
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    Much as I love Danny's riding, the mentalness of this is just mind blowing:
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    A lot of riders re-do things for video recording until they get it smooth. I personally really enjoy seeing people just scraping through by the skin of their teeth. Post clips, or videos with the time of the clip you're referring to! Starting with a clip of Benito from way back when that just popped up on my Youtube suggested videos that I'd forgotten all about. 0:20: The other one that immediately springs to mind is one of Porter's taps on a blue MBK that I can't find, and Damon's up-to-front at 0:36 that completely disregards the laws of motion and had absolutely no right to work:
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    Really? No-one? Kyle's tap at 2:18:
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    That is so rad. A true old school street trials bike. Been considering putting a longer stem (90mm up from 35mm) on mine to see what its like.
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    Decided to get an estate agent in to see if was worth doing any work to the house prior to putting it on the market.... a week later it's sold! Went with Yopa for an estate agent, local bloke and his daughter working effectively self employed under the larger companies banner; their prices were what attracted me £500-800 less than others had quoted. Everything with viewings and offers goes through the Yopa portal and is really easy to use. Got an offer accepted on a house which will suit us to the ground, driveway, garage and garden. Most importantly not in the middle of Plymouth. Needs no real work apart from specifics we want to do and good location for taking the dog out: https://www.primelocation.com/for-sale/details/58115114/. Everyone in the chain seems lined up ready to go, just crossing everything that no one pulls out!...
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    Build day had arrived. I was still a few bits short of what I’d set out to do, so used some spare bits here and there. I wanted to run gears, although it’s a pro2 trials hub. I figured this would offer versatility for trials and park riding With 6 gears ranging from 18t down to 11t this offers fine tuning! And yes... it makes it competition legal haha (showing my age now!)
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    Alright? long time caller n lurker or watever, decided to make a youtube chanel, its not quite trials but thought itd be relative u kno like einstain n that. Anyway i did some videos. Enjoy
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    Looks good . One big change I found when first learning was stopping having locked brakes so that I was effectively 'rocking' up onto the back wheel. The way to do it is to start in a balanced track stand (or small correction hops or front/rear wheel shifts) and then release the back brake and put a bit of power through the cranks to raise the front wheel and basically drive the rear wheel forwards to bring it beneath your centre of gravity in order to get into the backhop position. By doing it that way you're in full control and using the motion of the wheel to maintain balance. If you just rock up with locked brakes you're locked into judging where you end up by where your weight ends up and also fighting the left/right momentum that will throw you off balance. The timing is critical for releasing the rear brake, inputting some power into the cranks, pulling up with your arms and then finding the balance point and then applying the back brake ready to start hopping as needed. Trying to stay more relaxed also helps as being stiff will make it far harder to maintain balance and also tires you out far faster. Once you're happy with that technique it's only a small step to repeat the 'brake off, crank impulse, brake on' which is required to start forward pedal kicks. I think the important thing there is that you will want to allow the front wheel to drop just a little as a sort of preload so that when you put the pedal kick in the rear wheel is accelerated back underneath you and back beneath your centre of gravity.
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    1999 was such a great year for riding! But then we probably all have happy memories of our earlier years. I definitely see 1998 to 2002 as a kind of golden era.
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    I've found my Torch hubs to be perfect! Probably on par reliability wise as my Hopes and a good chunk lighter! I did send I9 a proposal to ride their hubs, I would rather they kept the current engagement as an option but if these hubs prove to be anywhere near as reliable as my current ones then I'm ok with it...IF!
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    Yep, +1 for doing some stretching. I found a really basic 5min morning stretch routine on YouTube that did wonders for me. It really doesn't take much to start get things moving in the right direction. Went climbing for the first time tonight and man alive, my flanks are achey today... skin held together which was a bonus, although I mulched my hand into the wall and have damaged something in my hand/wrist. Proprioception was turds the whole time yesterday, but fun nonetheless! Buying a house is also pretty sucky - we got past the possible issues flagged in the survey, but now we've found from our solicitor that their solicitor still hasn't replied to stuff that was asked way back at the start of the process. Still waiting for the Property Information Form which we should have had from the get-go. The fact they're really dragging out supplying it is a little concerning, and also fairly ironic considering they were giving us grief for "holding things up". Usual solicitors/estate agents email ping pong shit going on, but we're hopefully still going in the right direction.
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    I was appalled to find a quick link on my Hex too. I got rid of it pronto! The pinch bolt is highlighted in the photo below. It's underneath the bike, but not one of the 2 bolts that hold the plastic tensioner part to the chainstay. If you want the absolute best chain tool available, get yourself a Rohloff Revolver 3 tool. It has the ability to re-rivet the chain pins for the best security possible, but it's pricey. Another trick for the tensioner is to put 10t jockey wheels on instead of the 11t that come on it so you can drop a link and/or straighten the chain a little bit more.
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