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    if this is how you assemble/maintain your bike it's no wonder you break all the 'chinese shit' you keep banging on about every other post. buy some real tools, we don't live in the dark ages anymore.
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    I'm disappointed that this isn't a thread where you and some friends are playing a tune on bikes a la recent car adverts
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    That Golf looks ideal. Looks to me like it's got the weber carb I was talking about already on it too. Glad you'd paint the bonnet though! If the insurance is good then go for it, there is noticeably more space in the Golfs, especially in the back. I used to be able to get a 24 or a short stock in the back of mine with both wheels on. I still miss that car. I got a few photos of the Scirocco this afternoon after giving it a quick clean to remove a years worth of barn-crap and oily finger-prints. Can't wait to get my new wheels on:
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    Been a good while since ive been on here! have not riden as much as id like to this year...busy with work and other commitments, more focus on my health and fitness but it seems to have helped riding too anyway - inspired after a recent group ride in kirkcaldy to kick start it off again, i decided to get my act together and do something myself so here you go...3 years of rding in and im prett pleased with the result - still love the bike (!!) and looking forward to see what 2013 has to offer on it
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    so they broke with no load, while they were in the air? i smell bullshit
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    Please post the results of properly securing a Hollwtech II bottom bracket with a hammer and screwdriver please.
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    Don't even care I didn't make it on video! Loved tonights little ride with Carl and Frazerrrrrrrr lazerrrrr blazer. Need to make more of these little clips and get back into riding.
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    You are a complete 'instrument'...
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    Completely explains it.
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    Are you on drugs? I just read your post saying you broke 2 sets of forks doing trackstands and now this.
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    not really true, I've been riding for 15 years and still cant use a magura for comps as I still get terrible arm pump.
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    You'll have a 2000mm WB with a -70 BB by the time your finished. Edit:
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    Just seen this on Bills facebook Check it out.. I think its been a while since he last brought a vid out.
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    Maybe you're really fat?
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    Yes, you can use the same spokes. Just tape or zip tie the two rims together and swap the spokes across, one at a time
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    I hope you get it sorted :/
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    This wheels not so little, but this is awesome.
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    Enlighten me Dave, when did I first know what trials was? I don't think I'm 'above you', I just think you're a tedious, argumentative fanny.
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    I getcha Strange you'd go for orange though, when any of the other colours would make the bike look less 'off the shelf'.
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    Just abit shit at the minute. Seems like I spend most my time helping others out and going out my way for others and the first time I really need someone or something I'm abit stranded....
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    Hi guys, think ive finally finished my echo 24 which I have rode for around 6 months now whilst slowly upgrading parts. Think its around 8.2kg. SPEC: Frame: Echo 24" (with spanish bb) Forks: Echo urban 4 bolt (disc mount ground off) Front Wheel: Echo TR hub, Halo spokes and nipples, Viz 2013 front rim, Kenda 8 block 2.1" Rear Wheel: Echo TR hub, Halo spokes and nipples, Viz 2013 rear rim, Schwalbe fat albert Cranks: Echo TR (Echo sl crank bolts) Bashring: Echo SL Freewheel: Echo SL Pedals: Trialtech magnesium Headset: Echo SL (rockman topcap) Stem: Rockman mod stem 150x30 Bars: Trialtech Sl carbons Grips: Trialtech foams (thin) F&R Brakes: 05 rawed magura's with heatsink yellows cnc F&R Chain: KMC 610 HX Cheers guys
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    Had the morning off of sixth form today, so figured I would go out and session the pallets/ wooden stuff in my garden, but went outside to find they were completely frozen over This is a short, and VERY simple video of me just seshing the steps outside my house, similar to the Kerb Comp from way back. The video doesn't feature any big moves whatsoever, but it was the only dry place I could find without travelling I am going to make an actual riding video very soon for anyone interested, so let this video wet you're appetite if you will http://www.vimeo.com/55553414
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    I have plenty of steel to make it just need the main lengths, got the rest! I just need to make it long enough for my camper/pick up to get on! I will go for beefier steel than what the company have used...look at the bow in the photo I put up The other option is those see saw designs, but I think I prefer this, I can also make different ends for different heights/angles depending on the vehicle going on Haha, Dan thats the only reason I want it... BUFFTING
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    Thanks for the comments again guys! I have made a small video today, however it is definitely not something to get your hopes up over, I will hopefully go out and start filming a real video at the weekend/next week Anyways, here it is: http://www.vimeo.com/55553414 Edit: This is all I could ride today, since everywhere was completely frozen, and I couldn'y go anywhere as I only had the morning off sixth form!
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    I'll be up for it if I can winter-proof the bike
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    Urbans should be fine then while you improve.
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    get 4 bolt forks and fit adaptors http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/rim_brake_spares/neon_4bolt_to_vbrake_adaptors/c5p10859.html
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    Maybe the cold russian climate makes the forks brittle. I jest..
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    This 'clerictgm' person is really starting to get on my nerves, just saying. Edit (19.56) - I hate eating late, its only late to me because I go to sleep @ 9 ish, and it just puts me off, also my step dad is being a right tool to me recently, treats me with no respect what so ever.
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    Yes it´s easy, but stupid at the same time...
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    Could have been a lot worse, glad you're ok. It was a great car, but still just a car. Can't see form the pics but it looks like the safety features (whatever they are) kept your head in one piece? Came in here to post an update on the Die Hat Soup. Removed interior behind front seats, ordered a steering boss, two 190mm rally lamps with HID bulbs and new front Vredestein tyres. Rear Fuldas seem to have a lot of meat on them so no need yet. Holes bunged up with fiberglass and cards, installed a really pro strut brace. Car caught fire a few times but it's ok. Kind of reminds me of this...
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    So, one of my local competitors was overheard mouthing off about me 2 weeks ago in terms of ranking for a key phrase in Google that I didn't really care about. Clearly, I started caring about it, so I've decided that I'm going to have his number 1 spot for 'SEO Sussex'. 2 weeks later, and with no work other than creating a page that is built to the right specs, I'm coming for you Mike. Also, I have just got back from being the other side of the door that I posted 2 posts back. It's much bigger from the other side.
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    Haha, i guess it was run out of talent , and thinking back vetec may of actually kicked in at that point , lost the rear end , corrected it , fishtaled went up a curb, then went up a dropdown curb flipped me up , rolled it twice luckily I never hit anything considering I landed on the other side of the road, got out with a bruised left arm and 6 stiches in my right arm , I urge any of you who have a stripped out car to please put some form of door card on , I cut my arm on a screw cover , a nice round smooth cover which really opened my eyes up to be fair , considering in my 106 it was completely open with bits of sharp metal all over the place. Got to get selling what I can off the car now , don't have a clue what to get now , maybe go sensible , maybe buy a drift car , I even thought of getting another s2000 , shame I'm saving for a house next year so I can't see it being untill late feb untill I get something new with a 5k budget. I'm ok though lads, bit gutted that 9k has been lost but it's not the end of the world, least I'm alive.
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    Been informed that the forks are covered by a 6 montg warranty from the original date of purchase. I bought mine late august so Im covered if they do need replacing.
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    I think the element comes with a trialtech hub with a trialtech 16t freewheel. However the hub is unbranded I believe (I may be wrong)
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    Says 416g on Echo's website!
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    If you don't really know what you're doing I don't think you should be building a custom bike.
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    More than you earn per year :wink2:
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    I don't know if I hate people or hate myself.
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    Wanted to cover Avicii Levels...I like recording every now and then and having a laugh with video