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    been filming random clips with my gopro for a while now, not as happy as I could be with some of these (either filming or riding), but its time to start getting some stuff down for another project; Edited in an hour on my lunch break, and I am not going to use the clips in anything else so here they are for your criticism.. p.s. i know the quality is pretty cr*p. rendering settings, id you wanna watch in HD get over to vimeo. ta Vimeo Video -> Original Video
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    How much for an NSX engine and box (More than I've got I'm guessing!) Went up a hill, did a picture:
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    When you can pick up MG-1s for under £30 posted new why would you spend 4 times that for heavier, uglier, utterly horrendous pedals?!
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    Hi everyone, I used to ride trials about 10 years ago, and still had a copy of Evolve on VHS. I work in media now, and had the opportunity to digitise the tape the other day, so I've uploaded it to YouTube It's a biketrials classic, and a shame it wasn't viewable anywhere online, so here it is! Enjoy Cheers Rob
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    New video as titled by a young man in the video. Thanks for watching!! Enjoi
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    Had some financial issues so had to sell the Fazer, bit of a downgrade but still makes me smile when it gets going.
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    Federal BMX Stevie Churchill 2013 Some amazing UK riding in here:
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    Yeah, grips and pedals might be in order when the time comes... would finish it off nicely
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    Ahhhh....these were the days...half the crew is missing now
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    Is what free?? Weekend tickets are £25. No single day tickets. No tickets on the door/must be ordered in advance.
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    1. Timur Ibragimov 2. Pavel Borisevich 3. Michail Sukhanov
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    Should be getting a ticket this weekend
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    Adam, are there any plans for somebody to make an 'official' video of the event?
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    Get a decent magnet then? Also helps to spot any filler/ FG repairs.
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    Campervans are cheaper than normal vans And I'm an old git with 9 years NCD
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    look literally everywhere you can see and have a good poke about underneath, in the arches, inner wings strut tops etc etc etc... Load beds tend to rot (or all my friends with them have just been really unlucky) too so yeah, just go in with a screwdriver and an inquisitive mind.
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    This is so good, it looks like Hannibal's mask.
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    I thought the CD changer went in the glovebox on e36's? What's the best headlights you can get for these and what's pepperamis thoughts on aftermarket angle eyes?
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    Grant Castelluzzo & Mike Hinkens in Chick'n Nugg't
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    Are you sure it was EXACTLY the same?
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    Just a minor one; We've been posting updates to Facebook/Twitter using the hashtag #24tour this week while we're on the road. You can find all of these on the 24tour.co.uk home page. Unfortunately it seems you can't currently embed a Facebook feed in the same way you can with Twitter, so there's a link to the Facebook page with all the updates which is the main source of info as we go. Feel free to get involved with everything using the #24tour hashtag