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    haha i saw the front high tread and automatically thought of Tricks And Stunts! "Its a common mistake everyone makes, there always, "ah front high front high"" haha love it!
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    Might I add that both of these pics were taken by myself
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    I thought that too lol.
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    Turns out that many of my BMW Challenge rallysprint competitors are ex rally/racing/hillclimb champions. I was stunned while talking to one of them who got his first title 8 years ago in the rally of Poland. He says that this seemingly amateur competition without a doubt houses the best drivers in the country. Many drivers from this series who haven't even come close to a podium finish at the end of the season have taken part in the national rally cup and won their classes, those who could afford it moved on to the rally championships and continued to win. I'm absolutely stunned by this.
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    Keep doing them until people say you do them too much, then do them even more
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    7' 7", been riding since the day after Christmas.
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    Spec: Ozonys Curve V3 frame Trialtech sport forks Echo rear hub Onza front disc hub maestro rims Try-All K2 forged stem TrialTech bars Shimano Deore front brake magura 2005 rear brake with cousts and tr clamps Trialtech sport lite isis bb Echo sl freewheel zhi cranks Flawless half bash ring echo tr platforms pedals in blue Try-All sticky front tyre maxxis minion rear tyre
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    Haha Adam said that when i took the photo
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    that: must watch for the interested trials biker,and a good laugh as well edit:hope you meant that one too lol
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    The thing is, my teeth are really healthy overall but this one was a weak one apparently and so it cracked on a pork scratching. Moral of the story, pigs are dickheads.
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    Brb going to go brush my teeth.
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    Are you serious? Just build a hypothetical wheel on this site. I just tried a frontwheel with a Hope Pro II Hub and Spank Stiffy rims. Now the Stiffy has an ERD of 478. Just by changing the ERD by 4mm results in different spoke lengths. ERD=478/laced 3x -> left: 229mm right 331mm ERD=474/laced 3x -> left: 227mm right 329mm Now 2mm don't seem to make a huge difference but they very well might. So in order to know what do do or what parts to get, the ERDs of the old and the new rim have to be compared. Nico.
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    Housemates are skanks. I wash up all my dishes by hand, not hard, I only use a few bits and pieces everytime I cook. Housemates leaves theirs for days. We get a dish washer. Housemates loads it up. Turns out dishwasher doesn't work. So instead of taking all the stuff out they leave some in there. It's been about a month since we got the dishwasher. Out of curiosity I open it up to have a look not knowing there was stuff inside, a gush of moldy air hits my face and I breathed in a little bit. Almost threw up. Shit inside is covered in green mold.
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    Not with that attitude Mr
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    The past few days i've been cleaning out the inlet manifold as it's got 126k worth of soot built up on it. It was so thick and wasn't helping things flow. Took so much time but eventually demolished it with caustic soda. Nothing worked as fast, even leaving it in petrol for hours barely moved it. After! Haven't had chance to give it a good run yet though as my insurance ran out yesterday.
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    'a photo from a while back'....HAHAHAHA
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    Probably around an inch higher but the trialtech has more upsweep and backsweep. I prefer the Da bombs.
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    it's very often the case in top level motorsport that the majority are there due to finances rather than Talent Alex, In the british touring car championship, I think only 1-2 of the ~20 car field are paid drivers, the rest all pay for their drives, roughly £250k per year. The talented ones often seem to be sons of team owners, driving for family teams (Matt Neal, Andy Jordan etc), with second team drivers being a paid entry. As a result, the mix of talent can be pretty wide spread, if you look at some of the in car footage from the back markers in BTCC, some of them really arn't all that!
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    CATS, providing hours of entertainment for thousands of years.
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    9Ft and a half and never measured this gap before don't know how big it is i just know its awkward
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    Not sure it lives up to its title, but... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=565611223495413