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    My ozonys curve v3 24 " My Limey 26" And my NHS bad boy I'm currently rocking lol
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    Coming soon a collection of Vids from Melbourne, Australia. Each episode will focus on an area such as; comp, street, group rides, natural.. Cheers http://www.epictv.com/media/podcast/street-natural--comp-trials-from-australia-%7C-southern-balance-teaser/261555
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    So I dug out an old camera to film a few clips of the Arcades first proper ride; and here's what I managed to lay down. Nothing too special; just me getting used to the new bike, and playing around *OLD* camera, so no quality hate.
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    Stand a bit further back this time. Now matter how "superior" your equipment, bad filming makes for a bad video.
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    there seems to be a beautiful irony that the photo of the prize seems to be a little out of focus though ?
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    thanks for the comments guys, pretty shocked it's this popular! Gotta thank Mark for taking the time to film and edit this, much appreciated!
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    i began reading all the old topics again,where everyone followed the jaf hype,heard of 3 frames cracking this year. in the meantime my old frame has changed the owner,it was over 2 years old when i posted it. makes all the posts from back in the days really funny to read,try it! edit:as someone liked this post,maybe its in fact interesting: https://www.google.de/search?q=jaf+bikes+site:www.trials-forum.co.uk&client=firefox-a&hs=nx3&rls=org.mozilla:de:official#q=jaf+bikes+marino+site:www.trials-forum.co.uk&rls=org.mozilla:de%3Aofficial
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    This is long gone as it was a piece of cheese
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    Looks really good Lewis Make sure you facebook/post on here each episode well worth a watch!
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    Normally Skodas are as boring as wax (aside from VRS's) this ones a bit more fun http://www.carthrottle.com/this-twin-engined-octavia-is-the-worlds-most-extreme-skoda/
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    Have to agree there. I actually found this to be my favourite video of Euans and didn't care whatsoever about the fact it was 1990s DV cam quality
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    please make a poll how your next frame will die! i vote for blowing it up on new years eve during the usual fireworks,and film it or get some rust ground off old steel scrap mixed with aluminium powder,gives a good thermite melt
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    In related gear ratio news, I think Ali's currently running 22:16 and that also fits with the wheel fully slammed in the dropouts.
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    If you've already got vertical dropouts and a tensioner, adding 1 more sprocket's not really gonna spoil the look of the bike. I filmed one line last year where I had to go 3 teeth down because I needed so much speed, there was no other option, it's just handy to have for the sake of carrying around the weight of a small sprocket, instead of going home and saying "I couldn't do it, gear's too easy" It's personal preference too, not everyone likes 22-15, I've always had easy gears and probably always will.
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    Sure it wasn't so you could post the price of another steel-framed bike?
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    this pretty much Ali is the rider's hero danny is the people's hero
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    This is where i have to disagree and have had countless arguments with my girlfriends mum and dad about this. They live a "better" life style than my family as they seem to think, cause they have a bigger house, a few more holidays and a couple of nicer cars. But they drill into my girlfriends head that "If you don't go to university your a failure and you'll never amount to nothing in life". Im like f**k off, are you really that self richous ? Ill tell you my experience with "college" and "university". I've had 5 or so jobs since i've left school and i'll go with the NHS as one of my examples. I worked in the Admin/clerical side of it, I worked with guys and girls, with Law degree's, engineering degrees etc you name it, i've worked with them and out of a building of 35 staff, 18 had degree's or masters in something they did at university and where are they ? Doing the exact same job as me, getting payed the exact same amount as me, and i dont even have 5 GCSE's at A-C. My mum has worked with them too from time to time, some are moving trolleys at Tesco and its not just a "filler" job, some of these people have been left uni 5-7 years. I'll tell you what i feel University is good for. Its good for people who still wanna feel young, You got out with your mates, get f**king pissed every weekend, and just plod through your work and then get your degree, come out of uni, even with a sandwich year, its not enough experience for these companys, so your f**ked and cant get a job. I know, so many people are gonna jump down my throat for this and the reason i believe success can be achieved without this thing called University thats so highly looked upon is sickening. My uncle, Only went as far as college and didnt even complete it. Then went to work for a company, worked his way up to one of the directors or something, then took a course through the company do enable him do run certain elements of that business. He now has 2 business's , 3 houses and more money than anything and hasn't even got a degree. So when, for example my girlfriends mum and dad turn round and say to me "You'll never amount to anything without going to university, what are you thinking?" I turn round and say "If you really believe, life is all about money, then your life is pretty f**king dull" Thats my two cents. If even on person agree's with me, Ill be amazed. Peace.
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    A bit of wanky juice always helps pal