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    After having the same wheelset for the past few years, my bike's been jazzed up a bit with some fancy new bits from Hope and Spank. Finally getting to live out my Steven Hamilton chrome-look wheels dreams... Thanks to Drop & Roll for the hook-up too
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    It's like the day Mark and Lard left Radio 1, I feel empty inside....
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    Friendly drinks with sexy hot York girl ended up with us kissing all night which makes me incredibly happy as she's like a million times out of my league. She's absolutely stunning. I hadn't seen her for a year and she's got better looking. So happy right now. Seeing her again next Friday
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    Yea I'd say you made it. Still funny though.
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    It is but can be frustrating. Have fun.
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    I was rather fond of this one! Steve
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    That was sweet man. Loving the bar spins. I've got to stick my saddle up and try some! I think a wee hip hop track over the top of that would have made it a more enjoyable watch.
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    Here's hoping it's still online in a fortnight. That or it finds its way onto the 'net for questionably legal acquisition.
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    I'm going to be on a train then without decent Internet for a week or two. Denied
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    Lovely kicks! Nub to bin was disgusting, I enjoyed it
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    Thanks mate hopefully itll do the job then ill treat myself once im really good lol. Just fancied something to get fit seeing the vids looks good fun.
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    Welcome to trials, and welcome to the forum!