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    My latest edit, I was trying for no hops, hesitations, wobbles or anything ugly in all lines, it takes a lot of attempts to get the lines hop free (for me anyway). Locations are, Bury, Burnley, Preston Docks, Heaton Park and National Cycling Centre Manchester. Music, Amorphous - The Underachievers ft Portugal The Man. Photos from along the way.
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    Hi all haven't been active on here for a good while now lol Here's a quick video of my mate from Inverness Brodie Ferguson, he hasn't been out riding properly for a few years now and recently got back into it all, mofos been going massive! He's not got an account just now so asked me to share... Let's us know what you's think... Also he's looking for a decent 26" for sale chow x
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    Rides pretty nicely for a 26"!
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    This bike popped up locally so cheap, that I thought it would be rude not to buy it. It had literally been ridden 5 times and had been sitting in a garage for a few years. When I got it, it was virtually standard spec. I have since changed a few bits to suit my preference. Loving it so far.
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    http://www.pinkbike.com/video/447747/ Been getting into Dirt Jumping.
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    Great watch, you've definitely improved a lot quite quickly. But the fact that you're missing a bolt on your bashguard ruins everything for me.
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    awesome stuff, the lack of correction hops makes such a difference! Keep it up!
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    Sunk 4 pints in the Piccadily Taphouse after a safety brief in Manchester this afternoon with a couple of the managers. Really feel like going at it tonight now! * Angry thread content \/ (though the wife is feeling tired and rough so probably won't happen)
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    Found these vids, liked them, no idea if repost?
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    I can't help but like the look of those Spank logos on these rims when spinning. Not going to get them though.. long live the anti-mainstream Nice riding style as well.. !
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    Hmmm... I wonder where they got their inspiration?
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    You guys should come to this - especially as there won't be a TartyDays this year. It's ace fun. Like. Seriously fun. Food/drink is also crazy cheap out there. Check this out: http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Czech+Republic&displayCurrency=GBP Perspective: Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course - £14.42 Or, if beer is your thing: Domestic Beer (0.5 litre bottle) - £0.42
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    f**k man is there something you suck at?
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    It actually sounds very mich like Hope as they sorted me out with a new axle and bearings.. can't say anything bad about them. What actually is pissing me off is me not being able to keep shit together.. such as bills. Especially when it comes to a 200€ hub. I never had to send something in as I usually fix things myself. I would have done that as well here, but there were no advance warning before the damage.. Just imagine what happened here: <hub blows up> Me: Oh hello there hope support. I bought a hub of yours like 2 years ago and now it suffered a collateral damage. Hope: Yeah sure no problem. Just send it in with a proof of purchase. Me: Uhh.. Their support is dope as f**k, I wrote with like 3 technicans who really tried to help me but having no bill or something was tricky, plus 2 years or something is bit off regular support I guess. I was trying to get some proof of purchase by looking up my email-inbox from two years ago, even contacted the shop I thought I bought it off.. no chance. In the end I was given the axle and bearings for free, which, having pointed out my stupidity, is a really really nice gesture from hope. A lesson was learned that way.
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    Yeah I think staggering the rim and tyre logos looks better than lining them up, but I'm too lazy to let my tyres down and start again.
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    Spoon it is then, £17 on Tredz in brown, sounds like a winner to me
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    Doesn't show off how good the paint job is.
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    It's pretty good mate, just stick with and it'll be even better I m good with people and some other things but I suck at pretty much everything else
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    Awesome The editing/filming work was really good! And your riding was very smooth and clean. I guess that what happen when you ride with Cocky
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    Gravity just seems to stop working occasionally for him. Crazy.
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    Picked up the 901 today. Pics once i've removed the bell and reflectors lol.
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    It seems like a few people have given it a go judging from the comments on FB when Martyn posts about stuff. It's rad that he's still being an inspiration to people even with a fairly drastic change in his circumstances.
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    Really cool to see this happening more (him riding that is). Loved the Danny clip. Would be nice to see how many people in similar situations to him are thinking they want to do things like this, then seeing videos of people actually getting out and doing it. Younger people especially.