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    Recently decided on a change from the echo so i thought id give the zoo! ago as i kind of prefer the lower bb. Really happy with this but i have hardly any tyre clearance... guess its time to cut some nobbles. Then... ... Now
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    I'm not guna bother watching this instead I'll just form an opinion on it based on Jordan Leigh as a person
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    On a completely different note: Im going to Dublin next month with a group of friends fully intending to find the the middle piece of as many fit Irish birds as I can and I'm as unfit as I have ever been. Hoping they've all drank enough Guinness as to not notice. #embracethegut Edit: Written up while eating crisps and consuming pint. Not even mad really.
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    5th time I have come back to watch this video, it just keeps getting better and better. You couldn't ask for a cooler street edit. Keep up being awesome!
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    Still having a lot of fun on the Inspired.
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    Wrong country, you were thinking Spain.
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    It's actually quite interesting how many similarities can be drawn between the Brexit shitstorm and f**kface Von Clownstick winning the US vote, both in the tactics used to gain favour and to a large part the types of people that voted certain ways. That plot of the way 18-25 year old's voted in the US election is also very similar (if memory serves) to how Brexit panned out with a substantial age divide. At least there's a chance that in the UK some sanity may prevail and we'll either just miss the boat and brush it under the carpet or Parliament and the House of Lords will get a chance to stop it in its tracks. The US are screwed until either Clownstick gets assassinated, impeached or actually holds office for far longer than he should. I have to wonder what poor Obama's thinking. Having this utter jackass taking over must be a complete embarrassment to everything he's tried to achieve over his terms or indeed his entire career.
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    I can tell you all this... It really feels terrible to be in America today.... I can't believe that we voted for this. I might move to the UK... I hear there's this thing called trials over there.
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    Yeah everyone can just vote again in 4 years and fix it... Try telling that to the families of the dead soldiers sent to fight a fake war under Bush & Blair. I'm not saying Trump will do the same, but he's a loose cannon and it wouldn't surprise me if he did worse than that. And for the record I'm not pro-Clinton, I think they're both shocking candidates. And why do people need to "grow up"? What's immature about voicing genuine concerns? People that were "whining" about the EU are those that will be directly affected by any negativity that comes from leaving the EU - people that trade with the EU etc... These are worrying times and on social media people will talk about it. It's not immature. With the EU it was all about "Taking back control" - still nobody can tell me what that means. Most people still can't quote one EU law they want rid of. Now it's about "Making America great again" - again, nobody can tell me what that means. These bullshit, fear-mongering tag lines are there to make idiots vote. I'm not saying all Brexit & Trump voters are stupid, but those tag lines reel in the indecisive, lazy voter that can't be arsed to weigh up all the options. I respect those that do PROPER research before voting, but a good percentage of people just say "YEAH, WOO! LET'S TAKE BACK CONTROL MAN! BRUSSELS CAN'T TELL US WHAT TO DO!", without actually knowing anything on the subject.
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    I have to agree with Mike^. I wouldn't say Trumps built on racism, I'd just agree again with Mike that he's speaking up to the issues his country are tackling. The Mexican border does need a solid solution, the same way the UK needs a solid solution from the Syrian crisis. I'm not saying a wall is the way to go but I genuinely think it's a bigger issue then realised. I wouldn't say that's a racist view though. (Slightly off tangent but still relevant) After working in the motor trade I have an issue with the Eastern European influx we've had in the past 5-10 years. We have alot in this area particularly being so close to Sports Direct HQ, but garages, body shops, car washes and tyre yards are full of Polish/Russian/Romanian migrants who work cash in hand, long hours that generally just drain the UK economy of revenue, they offer nothing in return but still use the resources that are tax funded. We're a small island that fits however many times into N.America, imagine the drain it would impose over there. Again, I wouldn't say I have anything against Polish/Russian/Romanian people, but something does need to be done about this. I didn't know until I watched the coverage this morning there was a Muslim's for Trump group, he was explaining the vetting system that Trump propose to put in place for migrants, fantastic idea. I know America has pretty tough borders but the world's a different place from when those laws/rules were set, these need to be brought inline with the threats we face now. As for what will he do? Very little in my opinion, I think he talks a very good game but this feels to me like a tick on the bucket list.
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    Thanks and I even think, that I can bunny hop onto 1m by the end of this year. The wall in the video is 85cm high. All depends on the weather though. It is starting to snow now.
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    Can you imagine if she had got in, and her, Angela Merkel and Theresa May all had rag week at the same time. They'd be off to war with Putin fuelled by period pain and Pmt
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    Yes it is if the establishment is corrupt and self serving and needs changing. In the western world we have moved on from coups and uprisings and we do it by this voting method. We the world are in a very difficult period of our history just now and as I see it, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, or maybe I am just to old and cynical. Totally agree with your last point, but they all are.
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    No it shouldn't. Gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion should play no part in a role such as this. It should be all about who people believe will do the job best. Donald Trump didn't win because he is a male, Hillary Clinton didn't lose because she is female and Obama didn't win years ago for the sake of being the first black president. The majority of the world is slowly but surely breaking out of discrimination now and I'm sure when the right candidates comes along, there will be a first female, homosexual, trans, muslim etc. president of the USA.
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    Voicing your concerns about how you may be affected by a vote is fine. I was referring to the hate being fired at people who have a different opinion being immature. There will always be people who have a different opinions, but you don't have to be hateful towards them, saying they "can go f**k themselves".
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    Exactly as they planned it. That's why there's a right and a left. Keep people divided, there will never be anyone to overthrow these crooks.
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    People vote on what they believe will better their lives and benefit their country or even the world. Just like with brexit, the level of bigotry and hate from people who's opinion differs from the side that won the vote is disgusting and in a sense, hypocritical. I don't like Donald Trump, but I respect the choice those 50+ million people made. I don't like Clinton, but I respect the people's decisions who voted for her. I voted to leave the EU (i'm not at all racist or hateful), but I respect (and would have respected if they won) the people's decision who voted to stay. It's the whining people who don't get it their way that makes me sick. Grow up and respect other people's opinions. As long as everything being done is legal and they are not gassing jews, give Trump a chance to improve things with the republicans with their ideas. And if it doesn't work, people can vote again in 4 years and bitch about what was done wrong.
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    I too hate both of them, but I think if I would have voted for Trump out of the two. I'm not full on defending Trump here, but in my opinion people confuse racism with identifying real issues with certain people of particular races (the Mexican boarder, illegal immigrants, radical Muslims etc.). Although Trump may not have the best solutions, he does seem to take the issues a lot more seriously. The labelling of racism and sexism has got really out of hand these days, people need to accept realities. I do think that most of the racist, sexist labels come from Trump not thinking before he speaks, whereas Hillary is very good at learning her lines. 2016 seems like a big year for sore losers politically.
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    Perhaps after 8 years of having to put that before their family, they wanted to get away from it. Or, y'know, she's a selfish willy. Yeah, that'll be it.
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    Fuckface Von Clownstick. That is all.