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    Finally I got My Echo Czar Bike after waiting of 6months. Its my first 24"trials bike hardly bought it and Really Loving now looking forward for your support guys Specifications are as below:- Weights Only 9.75 Kg right Now. Echo Czar Frame Echo Urban Fork Echo hubs With SL rims 24" Inspired Riser Bar with Echo 30x100 Stem(Welded) Integrated Smoothest Echo Headset. Shimano Slx Hydraulics With 180mm Echo Superb Rotors. Integrated Chain Tensioner Echo Sl ISIS Crankset With Integrated Spanish BB. Try-all Cage Pedals(Gonna Put Heavy Pedals To Increase Little Weight) Echo 108 click 18t Freewheel(fitted In Crankset) drivetrain = 14t rear cog and front 18t freewheel. Inspired Seat and Seat Post. Last Thing ProPalm Grips(Highly Recommended By @Ali C) I am also looking to switch Brake Hose front in left and Rear In Left Need some tips and procedure what to do because i am new In Hydraulics don't know deeply about it.Please HALP! Thank You guys For Having A look ,I hope you Like It too...
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    After a loooong time waiting I have finally managed to pick myself up an Orange Five this weekend! Scouted it out on Facebook at about 7pm on Saturday and an hour later it was home with me It's only a 2010, but it was a mega good price and just on the other side of town from me so I couldn't pass it up. The older geo seems to suit me anyway because I'm not into the idea of this crazy long/slack stuff, plus I like the 26" wheels so it has worked out quite well really. Can't really fault it other than not having ISCG mounts and the fact it has a 27.2 seat tube which kind of limits dropper choice plus the current post (100mm travel KS) feels a tad flexy for my liking. Overall pretty darn chuffed! It's my first proper full suspension bike (or bike with any suspension for that matter, excluding bikes I had when I was about 10) so she's taking a bit of getting used to!
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    I am proud to show you this move. I am a modest old rider and I ride safely, but I like to create. I have never seen this move during 26 years of biking, then I claim the paternity of this move and I called it Kapla ! Now it's possible to try it with a lot of variant Thanks ! https://www.facebook.com/119840801444774/videos/vb.119840801444774/1106840676078110/?type=2&theater&notif_t=video_comment&notif_id=1479232064580383
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    Agreed, though I didn't mind the new series that's just been aired on Dave. A bit more like the originals compared to the other later series' with the wrong Kochanski and too much CGI.
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    I grew up on Red Dwarf too. The earlier ones were the best, later ones not so good imo, but it's a classic show.
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    Please just make a regular vid once in a while... Aurélien is a comp monster and still has some amazing style
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    Yeah. Seems reasonable. Thanks. @Kushagra Rastogi Too bad you didn't get the matching forks. I don't like the looks of the Echo Urbans.
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    To me that's a wrench, but yeah spanners are called wrenches, I'd say that's more American. I don't see where you got key for a nut though, a key goes inside something.
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    This was Not entertaining. #muchwow