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    That's because everyone down there keeps taking up climbing or standing on skipping ropes!
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    With new bars and stem thanks to the Tarty boys.
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    ^^ Haha, that was ridiculous. Does anyone still have the picture of Kev(fishfingerer), Joe (Rothwell??) Skoze and a few others in some weird half naked sausage fest sandwich?? Dunno why I remember that. I was using my old computer the other day and it moaned about lack of HD space and things I could remove/tidy up. It was a sad day when I deleted my 2.5gb folder full of trials videos :(. Had to watch TRA England one last time! I dunno where I fell out of love with trials, think it's just getting older. I know when I was 15/16 (shit, 13 years ago!) there was nothing else I even cared about! I lost out on a few years when I turned 18, then got back into it major when I started riding with Ben Robert's, flipp, Josh and revolver. Went on a few big group rides then I just stopped. Guess I was about 23? Just lost the love, built a MTB and never looked back. I bought a leeson about a year ago then sold it after spending money on it realising I was never going to use it. I replaced my trials with MTB and enjoy that far more then ever, the scenes good, it's more accessible and it's something I enjoy on my own as much as a group. I do kinda miss it, hanging around Nottingham city at 2.30am with Tobias and whoever else came along was awesome. Just guess life gets in the way and you get the same enjoyment from other hobbies that you once did with trials. Hobbies that don't include helicoiling f**ked brake mounts, replacing snapped BBs, trying wheels and fixing chains.
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    Took full advantage of calm, sunny winter's day and headed for the beach of course! Link to the day's riding here ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfkIx1cty5U&t=4s Thanks, good to be back - enjoy! Ben
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    This is one of my favourites.
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    It's nice to have a look through this thread and reminisce at all the (old) faces! I'm glad this forum is still going and people are staying in touch to some degree. For the record, you may remember me as 'Scopse' or 'Gok Wan'. Not sure why I chose either of those names but I do have fond memories of what was a pathetic attempt at a threesome with Simps back in the day and it somehow found its way on to an equally terrible trials video that somehow didn't get taken down by mods for an astounding 2 days.
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    You all suck! Just about to chuck my arcade on the roof of the car and had down to Portland. Don't ride nearly as much as I used to (job, wife and two kids will do that I guys) but still enjoy it when I can. To be honest I haven't been on a group ride for a long time and was put off a lot of the local ones by some of the people who were attending who I'm embarrassed to be associated with (or have trials associated with) and I do miss having a laugh with the old boys...
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    I think this is a very interesting setup. Rear hub and rotor and disc tab are custom made and he told me that it flexes only a bit more than 20''.
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    I'm typing this on my phone And as you can see Each line seems to be Just fine
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    Great transformation of bike since starting of post, I think you should go for arcade bar for more performance in skills and quality.i hope your frame will also last long
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    It's clearly not the forum. This line is fine. And so is this one.
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    I tend to follow trials of the motorised variety these days. I still read the forums a lot though. It's a bit strange these days when I walk around a city centre and there doesn't seem to be any riders about anymore.
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    I found it on an old hardrive a few weeks back. After initially laughing, i then felt violently sick Ha
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    Bought inspired new forks 2015, too bad white ones were out of stock. Also new BBB stem and trialtech chain