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    With uni last year and a few post-uni issues, riding really took a back seat in my life. A month and a day ago (according to file properties of the first clip) I finally got back into a decent place and started getting back into riding. I got the bug pretty savagely and started filming. I lost an awful lot of power during that time off, and I think you can tell from the footage that my subconscious tried to cover it up by constantly hitting full-tech-mode. I'm acutely conscious of the lack of magnitude throughout, and because I'm insecure about it I'd like to point out that whilst some of the wimpy-looking things are exactly that, there's a fair bit of oppo, switch and switch-oppo stuff in there. Also, 85% of the clips were filmed on solo-rides because apparently no-one rides anymore. I don't want the above to come over as false-modesty. I'm logically aware some of the clips in this are up there with where I was before, but I just don't FEEL it. Also - if you helped me out with uni stuff, there's one clip you'll recognise. I was just a few seconds shy of a full video and had a burning urge to make it right now - I still very much appreciate your help, and it isn't meant as a slight on you at all.
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    Chai was coming up for a competition on the Sunday and asked about a Leeds ride on the Saturday.In the end he came up after work on the Friday, rode a couple of hours that night, and then on Saturday afternoon too.We decided making a video would be fun and to ensure we got enough footage self-imposed the rule of one clip each per spot (hence some of them being a bit weak ).
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    Chucking a mile long vapour trail out of the back of any vehicle is a good way of concealing its location I find.
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    See you in October Dave.
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    Hi, It's first time I'm building trials bike. I was choosing parts by reading this forum, so thanks everyone here. Marino frame and fork Hope headset and spacers, 70-25 FR/AM stem Inspired arcade handlebar, Propalm grips, Odi bar ends Cult Dehart tripiod seat and seatpost Saint m810 brakes, RT86 rotors Goodridge hose and Goodridge sintered pads (only rear for now but ordered it's for front too) Hope adapters and bolts Saint m810 cranks with KCNC bolts and race face boots Hope bottom bracket Inspired V2 Bashring Hope f20 pedals KMC Z610 HX Gusset Double Six Sprocket, Token lockring Hope pro 4 hubs, front with custom 15mm axle with 10mm hope bolts Spank spike race 33 rims Sapim race spokes Pillar brass nipples DMR moto dgger tyres Jitsie flipper Continental/Schwalbe tubes
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    can't believe people actually think the world is round.
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    I love how he comes along every 6 months or so spouting his shit. It's like he's been hidden away in a pitch black room researching then coming on here to relieve all. Like a f**king cancerous Bible preacher.
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    Speak to @Adam@TartyBikes he absolutely loves slamming rides... ItsIt's whatwhat mx5 s are for right?
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    I had a hunt through some old folders and found a picture of the Giant frame/forks I have, which came from Martin Hawyes. One of two (or maybe three) given to him by Giant, I think the blue was team only and not available to the public. The other picture is of Martin's bike at the Bike Show 2004. I did build mine up a few years later, around 2008, and it rode ok but not quite as refined as the early Ashton frame (chainstays were too long!!). (I remember asking Martin about the new frame at a BIU round he was riding it in, I think it was Addingham Moorside also in 2004, and him lamenting the fact that Giant hadn't fitted 4-bolt brake mounts - "The stupidest thing you've ever heard" I think were his words : )
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    This is always my favourite bit. The bit where you have the audacity to tell any of us whether any of our lives are even touching the toilet, let alone down it. Hey Dave: f**k off.
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    Persephone is two today, best 24 months ever! Couldn't want for a nicer child or experience; from birth to washing hundreds of nappies, it's all been amazing Currently snoring her little head off having crashed on the sofa!
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    Hey everyone, check out Mr Moneybags over here!
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    I think the main problem is acting like a condescending twat while talking utter bollocks in a poor attempt at English. Sure intelligence shouldn't be referenced against spelling and grammar but you've got to see that having poor grammar and spelling for one indicates that maybe someone who could've done gooder at school and therefore potentially has gained most of their information from the internet. It also makes it hard for anyone to really read what you're trying to get across and when every sentence/random outburst ends in an exclamation mark it reduces what you're trying to say to an inane rant.
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    I love TF. I love the fact the age group hasn't really changed and it's moved along with our lives. I can remember when I was about 16 and tf was all about scopse and Joe Rothwell banging bitches and drinking. Then the 18-21 period came along so it's all cars then after that it's turned to babies, houses, weddings and TheMan. Awesome
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    Good news. Hopefully the youth DH market will fire some life back into 24". Fingers crossed for a 24" Der Kaiser.
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    Seems like it'll be the perfect answer to a lot of 24" 'problems'. We've got some on order.
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    Lol, it's a beast, it's not going to the dump Solution was a weird chrome bracket thing for about a tenner, or, as I opted for, some gear cable outer in a lairy colour, ghetto zip tied to the frame. Haven't got it yet, but 1.49 fixes it
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    Do conspiracy theorists have to trade their understanding of spelling, grammar and language in order to earn their tinfoil hat, it is that just coincidence? If you truly wanted to get out of "the system" then why aren't you currently living totally off-grid somewhere else? You can't pick and choose the bits to get on board with, but I guess ranting online from the comfort of your western-civilisation home is considerably easier than actually doing something to change the broken system which you and your friends are privvy to.
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    Mannys for days One of the most stylish riders out there at the mo in my opinion
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    Pics of both? Link to the vlog?
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    I can't get up and over that concrete block with the flags on....... Something i still have my eye on. Nice vids, nice riding. Finally got my bike back out last night and went the quays, felt like ages since i been out, rusty ain't the word.
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    I'm curious, what was the solution?
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    @MadManMike hahaha I won one of these bikes from wimpy 28years ago..... F##k I am old lol I still got the bike but in red .
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    Ok. I got a 24" bike built up earlier this week and have had two fairly long rides on this tire. Still getting used to 24" and a rear disc, and have only ridden urban on it. The tire is legit. I've been running about 21-22 PSI and haven't got a flat yet. I've been running similar PSI on my der Kaiser and been finishing every ride for almost a month with a flat. (Yes, I ride like a sack of bricks). The Maxxis is really grippy, I rode in the rain yesterday with no complaints. Doesn't seem to have quite as nice of a feel as the Conti, but I'm going to drop the PSI another lb or two next ride and maybe it'll have more life. I haven't ridden natty on it, but it is really stable and grippy, so I can't imagine it would be bad. But for 24" bikes, I really think this is a great option. A bit heavier than some people are looking for, but for a reliable, flat resistant, grippy tire, there really isn't anything else for 24" bikes. For 24" pure lovers, this really is a godsend. I had to trim the side knobs to fit in my because frame.
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    Ketamine is a hell of a drug isn't it Dave
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    Yep, water building up in sills doesn't end well. This sill looked fine on the outside, the edge of the floor had some holes, this is what the inside looked like: And that's a galvanised car!
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    i was under the impression that was the only option, what with it being the golden years, we took what we could get. i had no idea there was trials specific ones?
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    Any chance I could get a copy of that email? Sounds like something to print and stick in your wallet
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    moving flat this week, gonna save me so much hassle comuting and make getting back up north way easier plus TFL have just emailed me confirming that i can take a bike on the tube if it's dismantled. so much f**king win!