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    I'm still trying to find my limits after breaking my elbow, but managed to get enough footage to pull together a wee video from my time in Bristol. I've tried my best to find new spots / put my own spin on the regular spots. Let me hear your thoughts Song: Can't you hear me knocking - Rolling Stones CRASHES VIDEO:
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    How do, my nice steel frame had decided to take on a bit of rust over the winter, so now the nice weather is on its way I thought it was time for a spruce-up. I used this paint a few years back, but decided to play with base colours this time and ended up on jet black. It does take away the drastic colour change in the daylight, but emphasizes it at night. Anyway, here she is- Cheers all.
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    Erm. You vote for your local MP. Voting that way IS the way everyone should vote. Someone to represent you and your local area in parliament?
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    I think on concrete he would've made that 1.50m
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    Crashes video added...I spent quite a lot of time going over the bars...
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    And that's exactly what I enjoy about the whole calisthenics thing and posting vids/pics for people! EDIT: Oh, and the big machine is just the lever frame of one of the signalbox's I work in
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    UCI 1st round live stream now.
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    It is possible though and not that hard with the right technique.