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    filmed a few bits for chai at tartydays this year. It's a little bit "different" video wise, Chai's riding is top as always. Let me know what you all think... thanks tarty and radical bikes for hosting us
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    some people are focused on looking good and others like to get the move done for themselves, two whole different sides of the sport.
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    was off the bike for the weekend, on the first ride back on it, crashed hard and broke my toe 5 minutes in. went home, and stubbed the broken big toe on the edge of table leg. honestly, the amount of hopelessness and pain from just a toe is still shocking me a few hours on. not to self: do not stub a broken toe.
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    Bit far to send a frame for powdercoat dude. Los Angeles is quite far from Liverpool!
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    Loving the first fast line and up at 2min. Pogo guys need to try and have some bloody flow instead of 8 set up hops for one side hop or gap. Do a Line and either fast or smooth. Sitting in a static hook for 25 seconds is beyond boring I don't care how crazy it is. GO. 20 and 24 inch putting out only good content lately.
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    Surprised this didn't get more attention. That tyre slide over the wet block was beast
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    Hmm. Does look a bit flat, but maybe the turbo is just running out of puff? I don't know (or care ) much about them though to be honest. Looks like a mega powerband though, bet it flies!
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    Should have just removed the catback and seen what it'd take - would rule out any restrictions
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    Not sure if he's still about but might be worth tapping up @dezmtberas he's a short arse who also rode an Austin. Will try to find a thread with his build as that was super cramped when I had a ride on it!