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    It was exactly as described and I f**king love it. 64 Ford Fairlane 500, cali import on air ride with a rebuilt 289 motor, double barrel holley carb and stainless headers with stainless side pipes. It's been cammed aswell but he's not sure what cam it is, it's not very vicious though nice and mild. Batism of fire on the drive home with 200 miles between the purchase and home lol.
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    Here's a little edit I put together of my buddy Jon and I riding this past week. Nothing ground breaking but figured a couple bros on Inspireds havin July fun was worth a share. enjoy.
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    Hey guys, it's been a while since I really bothered interacting with other trials riders it seems but I got a ride out with one of the young guys in my village Joshy. He's impressively improving everytime I see him and I couldn't hold back from getting the camera out and sharing this. I stuck the clips together and kept them raw. I struggle finding music for my own clips let alone someone else's. Excuse my camera picking up someone swearing.
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    New works van, need to up my prices for delivery!
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    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PCJvXSVIlNE Hi guys, just a few clips Iv thrown together from the passed week. I went from 20 to 26 and already feel the benefits of the bigger bike. I hope you enjoy.
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