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    It was exactly as described and I f**king love it. 64 Ford Fairlane 500, cali import on air ride with a rebuilt 289 motor, double barrel holley carb and stainless headers with stainless side pipes. It's been cammed aswell but he's not sure what cam it is, it's not very vicious though nice and mild. Batism of fire on the drive home with 200 miles between the purchase and home lol.
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    After creating the last edit everything seemed to decline riding wise instead of the launch I had hoped for. Clips have non the less mounted up over various rides and my frustration for the decent days of riding became ever more longing.. Impatience got the better of me, hope you guys enjoy this...shitemoji
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    I hate to break it to you, but I don't think you've cut them all the same length.
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    Short edit from lost clips after Eurotrip from Ukraine to Paris on my Smart Fortwo back in 2015. 25 days, 7000km and 4 countries. I'm eager to make this happen again. Hope you enjoy watching. Great thanks to https://www.instagram.com/looking4satori/ for editing.
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    lets play who can hook and go up to back all day. BORING! and as for the standard of observing.
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    That's it, I'm reporting you. I'm telling on you, I'm getting you done.
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    mite do that and try slow mo it if i can then can see what im doing and not doing
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    Love that gilles killed it on Giacomos bike. Definitely the weakest comp of the year glad there was some footage.