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    I was going to start filming again, but I don't really care anymore so here are four clips from Bradford.
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    @niconj my slick tyres grip. Had a load of fun here on my birthday, it's just full of families with the school hols so didn't hang around to long. Look forward to going back.
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    woman walked onto a road (in central london) whilst reading her phone, and he colided with her at 15mph or so and she died. he was on a fixie without a front brake and he is a bit of a cock, but i was no different to him at 19, i never hit anyone but i used to tear all over the place like a proper fanny on a brakeless fixie. they're making a huge deal about his bike being illegal but i see no shortage of badly maintained cycles on the road and there is no real effort to educate or enforce safety standards, plus if you're riding brakeless fixed you've probably got a better skillset than your average dickhead on a bike.
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    Don't. She's an ex for a reason, stop being into her.
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    Subscribe too the channel for more videos from us stunters in the highlands of Scotland
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    Subscribe too the channel for more videos from us stunters in the highlands of Scotland
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    I think that is a fair point, especially given that lots of bikes have brakes that don't work, or in the wet rim brakes can go to sh't. Seems to me that the woman wasn't paying attention and this seems to have become a real disease. Every time I go out on my motorbike I'm put in danger because some dipsh't pulls out without noticing me. The phones thing takes it to another level - generally a lot of people aren't 'present' or aware, their attention is elsewhere.
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    Game of thrones, what an absolute pile of turd.
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    Discovering Rick and Morty. Love it so far. Also met a girl, we clicked instantly.
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    Classic OG rider. Whatever happened to that Wayne mohammet?? guy, he was in every video early mid 2000s then I stopped paying attention and now he's no where. And where's jack meek?
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    Jeff, I'd read the posts again in a bit more detail, you do look a wee bit silly chap.
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    Sweet shots Dman! Got a photo onto flickrs explore page again Very happy with the colours I managed to get
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    If it's those cranks the silver ring with 4 holes is the self extracting bit, you don't need a puller, I made this mistake I thought those silver rings were to stop the bolt coming loose.
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    Yes lads , the legend that is Neil G . Aka mr bottle cap him self . Banging lads more please .
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    I appreciate the share here Ross! Thank you! Thanks for the comments too guys!
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    Thanks! I went with an inspired Console 2015! it had a few dents, but it didn't look major there was no pain chips or anything of that nature. Hopefully she will serve me well.
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    Some lovely shots there mate.