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    Me on the tms evo 5 . I don't do the bike justice ,it can do so much more than what I am chucking at it . It's like driving a race car in 1st gear lol . Any ways had fun this year which is what it's about for me . can't wait for me back to get better so I can get back riding again . Don't take the edit to seriously it's a bit of fun , I am no Watson nor am I a uci hero . Just a old boy that don't want to chuck the towel in just yet . its a 2 parter so hold on for the F-ups at end . It's worth it just for the last crash lol. Enjoy a old man making a boob of his self .
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    Glad to see an update on binky. They are moving at a snail's pace, but I enjoy the process as much as the finished result, so I still like watching it. There's a thread on retrorides about a mazda RX3 restoration that's similar, endless tangents, crazy home made tools and amazing skills, but very little progress with the car. It's still a good read even if they guy's years away from finishing it. The last couple of evenings I've finished off my tube notcher: Got the cages a-pillar bars fitting nicely: And I did a few practice welds with different techniques: Getting there.
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    So I thought id post an update of whats been going on with the mini the past few months. Heres a picture before: I decided it was time for 10 inch wheels which also meant new arches, new arches meant welding up the old arch holes, welding up the old arch holes meant repainting most the car… you get the idea. There were also a few paintwork issues on the frontend that needed sorting out as well as a small amount of rust on the bumper lip so that was replaced, oh and a door skin required.. Started stripping things off, couldn’t go too mad as I had to drive it to my dads unit. Paint blister on the rear quarter The front panel mess. More on that later. The mess under the giant blister on the front panel. It looks like when fitting the grille I managed to crack the paint, a few years later water has got in a few places and 2 layers of primer had separated. Luckily the rust was just surface rust. Old bumper lip removed, sand blasted underneath and new lip fitted. Old dead door skin Rest of the front panel cleaned up Arch holes welded up (new arch holes in pic), side repeaters removed, all primered up. Same story at the back. About to get painted. Painted and home Reassembly Done Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of just how much work the arches took. They started out life like this: And had the outer lips removed, but they fit like crap so had lots of modification on the inside edge, which left the screw recesses paper thin so they had to be reinforced with more fibreglass. Probably 1-2 weeks work all in all.
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    Best looking one I’ve seen good work
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    PUSH!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7oQlA3QeGs&hl=en&cc_lang_pref=en&cc_load_ policy=1 If the subtitles aren't appearing, click the [CC] (captions) icon in the bottom-right corner of the YouTube player.
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    Cheers dude . By the way loved your retro build of your gt . Loved it . Made want a 12.5 tempest again lol
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    Picked up a means of occupying my spare time (on top of constant maintanence that comes with daily driving a track orientated car..) This thing used to use a litre of oil for every 150 miles. Eventually burnt a valve out. I plan to have it in as new condition as against a speedy repair. I like messing with engines so I’m keen to get stuck in One poorly B16a2. Lucky me also gets to spend the weekend fitting a replacement engine in a Mk2 CRX His high comp built B16B has spun a shell so he’s sourced a standard B16a1 to use in the mean time. Hoping to get the rebuild job on that engine as a spin off from doing this... B18c4 rebuild in the pipeline too, along with an LSD to fit in a Civic Ep3 Type R and a timing chain on an EP3 Turbo. Sometimes, just sometimes, I love my job.
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    Some nice hopping - afraid to say my favourite part was the kid laughing at that back slam at the end
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    I just can't get excited by it? I feel like everything is just ridiculously over the top for what is essentially a shell swap? By the time it's finished they'll have rolled out the petrol ban anyway.
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    Would love to see this in natural daylight colour. Tyre and rim logos arrangement looks better than having both logos lined up perfectly.
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    You're telling me that not working on a 2001 rust bucket vw lupo isn't the highlight of your year?! Haha
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    Ha ha same thing for me, I love this laughing little boy !!
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    Our local trials website from 2001ish still exists somewhere, rider profiles, pics, for sale section the works, I'll see if I can find it at some point
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    Ha, just figured out who this is! Looking forward to seeing it in action