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    Been riding this for just over a year, it’s been incredibly good. It’s literally done everything, 4000ft climbs, bike park laps, train gaps, beer runs, lake cruises, big days in the saddle, shuttle days... Kind of a bit peeved the new nomad is so radically changed, not that I’d go out and buy a new one anyway. Currently got it setup in full enduro mode, water bottle, tube taped to the top tube and New clever one up pump with the edc tool system. Got an absolute steal on some enve wheels too, torn wether to sell them to make profit or just ride them. I’ll post another pic soon with the new setup. It’s iteresting to see how many people on here are on mountain bikes now.
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    I used to feel the same way, but since embracing it all a bit more there's a good community out there (including riders from around the world though, rather than just the UK), and it's possible to see more footage from riders you wouldn't ordinarily see much of. I've discovered a whole host of riders who I'd never have heard of otherwise, and it seems that there are great riders putting out some good clips from all over the world now. Covers both styles too - I'd never heard of Joacim Nymann until I found his Instagram account, and similarly I'd never heard of Sintaro Otake either. It seems like it's given some of the bigger 'pro' riders more of an outlet to put stuff out too - Carthy's posted some wild stuff on Instagram/Facebook, as has Danny MacAskill. The general community seems reasonably good on there too, people commenting on each others posts and stuff - it's not the same as a forum, but I think that's more due to this being a relatively dated format now. There are still little group rides going on too - nothing massive, but still groups of friends meeting up and riding which is kind of the point. Works for me anyway - that style of ride suits me much more than standing around for ages at average spots waiting for the queues of people sidehopping the same walls they always sidehop to filter through...
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    It looks like a city from Flight Simulator. The 1995 edition.
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    Lads over at the Toyota garage are complaining I'm too "OTT" with the MOTs I'm doing for them. Rubbish. If they did the work properly the first time round before the vehicles come over for an MOT there wouldn't be an issue. They're only bothered because they end up going up in front of HR if their work is pulled up after it fails the test. My name I'm signing off on those cars MOT certs, be as strict as I f**king want to be. f**k being liable for some poor sods life.
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    Bench seats seemed like a good idea for car nookie, then I remembered we've been together 10 years so it's pretty much birthdays and if we're not too tired on Christmas..
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    I don't understand the obsession with every photo posted to Facebook having some dog ear, tongue, glasses etc filter on top. I read somewhere the dog filter makes you look pretty. No, it just makes you look like a dog, and a mongrel at that.
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    This link worked for me: http://eachvideo.com/watch?v=eQz3jZ16WQM
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    If even tackle fat Amy if it meant a sniff at the others..
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    Bonus fact, I'd play Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Alexis Knapp like f**king fiddles.
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    I have no shame in admitting I f**king love Pitch Perfect. I can't wait for PP3 aswell..
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    I know a few of you saw the video on facebook. Here's the aftermath: https://drivetribe.com/p/watch-as-the-nurburgring-descends-FK8XBOHbTU6bzxTw6zuiLQ?iid=UX4aqIrORHyUdZ9ublFiDA&utm_campaign=main+&utm_medium=fb&utm_source=organic
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    Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan don't appear to be on there, you could go there. those countries that are well known for their love of trials.... And borat..... And..... Donkeys......
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    That saddle looks better closer up.
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    Dude. Very sorry to hear that, not nice at all though despite being unsure, you did exactly what you needed to so take some comfort in that if you can. Getting booked onto a course is a great idea too, even if not to remember everything it'll give you a much better mindset should you be unfortunate enough for something else to ever happen in the future. Repetition/familiarity through a course makes situations seem far more tolerable in "real life", if that makes sense. If you know anyone who works in the emergency services, please get in touch and see if they can get you someone to talk to about it properly. Whilst you don't want to be replaying it, it's better to go through it in the right environment and defuse properly. Although very different circumstances, I went through something similar with my uncle (you may have seen in SMC last Christmas) and whilst my old man and Soph both took up the professional help available to them (Coastguard and Fire service respectively) I just sort of went it alone and tried to repress it all - not big nor clever, and I don't advise it one bit. If you want to chat about anything please give me a shout here/FB/WhatsApp/text/call/email/etc.
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    Stick with it Sam, it's your licence at the end of it all.