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    i like them. those weights for a standard bike are ridiculous. i'm also a fan of you tarty guys keeping the bars at the neutral angle cables-shmables.
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    The main benefit is a fixed geometry, no alignment issues and most importantly a rigid way of securing the wheel to the frame. With horizontal dropouts and especially snail cams, the wheel can move around on big moves. Never been a fan of snails but to be honest, I can't find one fault with the Echo grub screw system. It's a joy to set up.
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    Prototype frame courtesy of Echo, to be released some time next year. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to test it till early January as I'm going home next Monday, if the frame arrives this Saturday I might just have enough time to build and test the bike.
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    Sold my road bike Cost me about £100 to build, sold for £120. Poom.
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    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Sounds like a good excuse for making some tubular control arms too
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    Bagged myself another 306! X-R D Turbo. Stainless custom exhaust, nicely made. GTI-6 wheels Bilstein front shocks/springs & rear shocks Completely rot free 10 months MOT £250.00! Needs a heater matrix but theyre not bad to replace and ive got a brand new one for the sum of £19.00. Stripping the Civic to replace the shell so this means Im not in a rush to get it done in a weekend as Ive done in the past.. although Id like it done within the next 4 months if possible in time for the summer track season. Drives real nice too. Bosch pump is easily wound up, wastegate easily made to remain closed for longer.... Might go for a track day or two in it while the weathers kack as well.
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    The Echo grub screw system is almost perfect in my opinion. Although it has not been 100% issue free. For me the problem was that the grub screw would bite into the aluminium axle, and the chain would lose tension. I later bought a pair of Neon 'grub screw caps' and all my problems were gone. Dunno what this would be called but it's basically a CNCed crescent shaped bit of aluminium that sits between the grub screw and the axle, looks like this (I think the snail cam in this pic is just being used as a spacer): I don't know whether the Mark VI also uses this thing, but it works really well.
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    It's Susan Boyle with Honey G as the support act, that's why he didn't mention any names.
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    Yeah, you'll get it down sooner than you think. Word of advice get yourself some shin pads and helmet if you haven't yet. I know a lot of riders think shin pads are for wimps but if you rip your shins open like I have done before, the pain, hassle and downtime are really not worth it, and trust me it will happen especially if you've just started. 661 do some nice ones. Knee protection is up to you, 1 out of 30 times it's the shins that take the hit, usually the good foot side (I've never ever hit my left shin since I started in 2000).
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    Sounds like you got yourself a good deal then, the previous owner was legit. About the lacquer flaking off, old Echo frames all had that lacquer finish. My old 24 inch Echo frame and forks did too and had the same problem, which kinda lowers re-sale value. I sold the frame but I'm still using the forks (6 years later!) and they are just fine, stiff as fook. Echo dropped the lacquer finish in favor of anodized aluminium finish, which is no used on the entire Echo/Zoo/Gu range.
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    Cheers for the input guys yeah thought it was a bit steep when a got to looking especially when theres a mint newish looking inpulse on eBay for £450. A bought the zoo in the end (looked in person) for £300 though it’s pretty clean tbf the guys had a ongoing injury . There’s only a couple of tiny marks on it from where the clear lacquer has started to kinda craze just age related though. Apart from that the bikes solid good bearings no play or roughness it’s mostly echo and zoo parts
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    I know you are trying to save a bit of money but personally I wouldn't recommend a second-hand trials bike unless it's from a mate or, at the very least, unless you can test-ride it before money changes hands. And the price has to be right. Trials bikes are supposed to take a beating, and you never know what a second-hand bike has been put through. This bike is pretty sturdy. Old trials frames and forks were slightly over-engineered for strength, so it will probably be just fine. But 500 quid, that guy must be kidding. You can buy a brand-new 26" Echo Pure MK6 from Tarty for 640 quid, assuming you are in the UK: https://www.tartybikes.co.uk/26_inch_trials_bikes/echo_pure_mk6/c47p13461.html I'm sure Tarty could deliver the bike with other brakes of your choosing e.g. a rear Magura HS-33 and front Avid BB7 + organic pads. That was my set-up on my 24-inch bike a few years ago, very affordable and reliable. Currently running dual BB7 on my mod and loving it. This way you'd be getting a modern-geometry bike which probably would be a lot lighter too, and you would be sure there's nothing wrong with it, and if there is Tarty will sort it out.
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    I’d personally be a bit dubious about it being Legit, unless he’s shown you plenty of pictures or you have the chance to see it in person I wouldn’t be too keen on handing my money over. I could be wrong but don’t normally see a trials bike of that age looking that clean.. Just be careful. If he’s asking for a bank transfer or a friends and family payment through PayPal then I’d steer clear as it seems too good to be true. If it is legit then I’d say around £350 for a bike of that age, provided it’s in as-new condition! You can pick up a more modern geometry bike with a good spec for around the same price.
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    If it's Susan Sundfor I'll like your post
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    £50? The hyperlink in your post literally says 15, so I assume you've got something extra up your sleeve? Not that I've looked and I assume there's something written in to stop it, but I wonder if it'd be possible to keep switching between them, collecting the bounty then moving on. If you had half a dozen companies you could make it cyclic with a few friends and all profit. Wishful thinking I expect - probably a minimum time period in there.
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    Aaaahh, I get you now. Thanks Mark and Adam for explaining that. I can imagine pulling my hair out with it slipping in the vice. Very clever solution to that, you guys have obviously done a few of these