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    Mostly just because I wanted to build another bike but partly because I had a go on a jump bike while I was riding a pump track on my Trials bike and thought, this is way better!
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    Slowly getting there, fitted stem, bars, forks and pedals (Still need to cut steerer). Struggling to get the front tyre to sit properly in the inspired rim for some reason.... (Sorry about the potato photo lighting in the workshops crap)
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    As Ben says, they fit. You can fit the HC3 blades to any of the latest MT-series bodies as far as I know. I had them on a set of MT2 bodies with no problems. They were easier to install than the standard MT2 blades even, despite Magura saying they're not compatible.
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    I ordered one. The Canyon Stitched bikes are also worth a look, but I like the idea of a steel frame.
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    Got a wee bit excited there. Trial/Trail. It wasn't to be.
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    Surprised g man hasn’t deleted that post already
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    That's pretty close, instead of those plastic washers I use an aluminium washer from a hope or any single speed kit that fits on a hub freewheel. Stronger then those plastic ones.
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    2 BB spacers and then 3mm spacer on the axle. I tried 2mm but it just scraped so 3mm was pretty much spot on. Just gotta get a rear wheel now and then i can finish it all off!
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