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    Don't listen to them. String yourself along on the vague hope that she might miraculously change the way she feels. Offer to film her with her new guy when that happens, girls like nice guys. When it hurts, just cry into your pillow and tell everyone you're fine the next day. When you haven't heard from her for 24 hours, be sure to send her plenty of texts asking how she is and whether she still remembers the good times. Girls love reminiscing while they're getting ready to go out and take a length from a new guy. When she she tells you to stop and move on, because she has, don't listen to her. She's playing hard to get. She'll remember how much she should love you if you just keep forcing the issue. It's her friends, they're the ones who are keeping her from you, so definitely bad mouth them to her every chance you can get. Or, y'know, you could cut her out.
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    Grammar, the difference between Mike using your girlfriends guys, and using your girlfriends, guys.
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    Surprised it hasn't been posted, sorry if im cutting you up here @Bersha91 but i really enjoyed this, music was awesome too, love that song. posted a few days ago
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again; The best way to get over one girl is to get under another.
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    Topsy - my bottom wisdom teeth are the same, had one out at hospital under general anesthetic but they refused to do both because the other one wasn't yet causing problems, which it inevitably would and has now. I went to see a dentist before I left the country see if I could get into hospital to get the other one out and he was just like "I'll just take it out now" "I can just do it here" "yeah it'll be fine" practically ran out of that place, bloody cowboy. The amount of stitches in my other one and the potential for nerve damage suggests it's a fairly large job. Related - when I did have the first one out they stitched my cheek over the hole in my gum, which was obviously wrong and tugged all the time and got infected twice, looked like American Dad it was so swollen. Ultimately took matters into my own hands when they wouldn't fix the stitches and plain old ripped them with a fair old amount of alcohol in me.
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    I can't help but write "Horizons - straighten." For nobody in particular.
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    My ex used to be on her phone allllll the time. Really wound me up. I was guilty of maybe spending a little too long on mine on a few occasions but hers was never out of her hand, just scrolling through facebook and sharing random shit. Seems like theres a tiny lack of respect for the company she was with...
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    Best way to get over one woman is to get under another. You know what you gotta do, kid.