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    It's been a while, but I've been beavering away in Bristol on a little something which I've finally finished and am happy to stick out for people to see. Take a look and let me know your thoughts on the edit. Massive thanks to Mark for pointing the camera, putting up with my crap, and making me try harder! Also huge thanks to Inspired Bicycles for their continued support!
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    I went out today to practice a little bit but all of the places were full of snow. I found this clean spot, then I had some fun on the steps. I know, my tyres were way too soft...
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    No worries dude, thanks for getting me back out and about again. It's been really fun! Also, high fives for putting out a proper video, and working on it for that long. Trials is definitely missing 'proper' videos these days, and this is a really good step in the right direction. Top job on the editing
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    I'm way too small for big bikes, but they're very fun for some things.
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    If you don't know who Drew Fortner is, he should be on your radar. He's only been riding for 5 years I think.
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    Come back when it's not a child's engine
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    This forum will continue to thrive as long as us old people continue to piss and moan about new social media platforms and the good old days
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    For me, that was a perfect mix of TGS and street, doing exactly what that bike was meant to do, be smack dead in between Bmx and trials. Trials stuff was great, bmx-y stuff was great, it was all great. Great great great.
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    Really enjoyed this from the intro right the way through this. Just doing your own thing showed really well in this edit. Similar mind set to myself so even more exciting in my eyes. So much trials and added trials plus one or two places we've seen before in edits and you either just rode them differently or just added so much more into the spot such as that last clip. Two of those clips don't count because you modified the section. Not a negative but it would have been nice for the bails and outtakes to have been at the end of this edit as it's a banger and it's would have been so easy to carry on and view those
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    So good to see an edit and it's a bloody good one too. Probably my favourite style, streety but without the trick checklist. That fakie out of the 180 at 1:09 though, that's your improve for next time
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    mine did this when the dust seal on the freehub body wasnt seated properly, i think similar to what was said above.
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    Mine does as well but the dropouts are removable. I think there must be another variation of the dropout that includes the other hole for the disc mount. My plans is to take some flat ally plate and make one.
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    Green seal on the freehub body not located properly.
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    Sat in a pub drinking putting the wills to rights. Been too long since I've done this with real mates.
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    so much style.... style like that only comes with power as crazy as his.