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    Hey peeps, Been saving clips for a couple of months to make this since riding an Alias. It’s Flipps old frame so been ridden a lot harder in the past (giggity) but really enjoyed riding it. Eddited on my phone and filmed on my cheap (fake) GoPro thing so pretty simply done. Hope you like it.....
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    Brand new video is online for your eyeballs to look at. Old school trials riders; points if you can name the video this song was used in before! Filmed in Jersey, Dorset and Cornwall, big thanks to Alex Dark for all the stuff he filmed, next video already underway. Enjoy!
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    intro is a little bit imaginate, but a lot of the lines in this are seriously creative. Defintely one to watch.
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    I'll see your old man face @Ross McArthur and raise you an old man gurn
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    Mega bump time! After almost 3 years the 24UK build is back on with a new and unused Hope Pro 2 hub.
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    I haven't seen those bolts for ages. That the correct Pro2 for that frame 100% haha
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    Possibly have it built before I retire
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    Took you bloomin' long enough!
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    Until someone mentions it and gives him the hope of some more attention...
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    You need help mate. Please speak to someone about this.
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    Quick blast on the Hex before work