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    This is the hex I had josh weld a mount and inner brace plus carbon wrapped it. Still got the frame so I'll get some more closer pictures. It worked great for couple of years plus I dont think it ever cracked.
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    Some really impressive GoPro lines from Duncan
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    I quite want to know who you watched it with now... Also, guys, it turns out we’re all really bad at riding bikes... http://youtube.com/watch?v=X_vO84jH4is I realise this loses its impact a little when I can’t temember how to embed a video...
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    100% demo. I never make eye contact with the crowd. Especially just after I've landed something.
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    Switched the tryall 150x30 stem for a 145x25 bonz stem bb,cranks,freewheel,and chain have been added just need some brakes