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    Hi everybody ! juste a small topic to introduce you to my new bike and its whole custom paint/artwork. Futher you can find more riding video or pictures on my instagram : loic.boyer Let me know what’s you think about. Enjoy !
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    I don't see anything from this side of the pond so I thought I'd share a bit. https://youtu.be/b-UIFBYaEBg
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    Here she is complete with stickers, managed to get a cheeky little indoor skatepark ride in today - was so much fun, rides pretty well on the ramps.
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    What's happening my dudes? Well, this is, for starters: https://www.facebook.com/events/313547562587302/ This weekend I'm doing a non-stop DJ set for 12 hours, which will be streamed on Twitch. All details are on the event page linked above. It would be cool if you could join me for it, donations even better, but if not just come and hang out (And give the event a share, if you're feeling nice). 12 lunchtime 'til 12 midnight. It's gonna be a marathon!
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    Battery was too buggered. Got another one tonight and luckily that was all that was wrong Service and MOT coming right up
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