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    What a pleasure to go back on a 26 !
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    Awesome as ever. Loved all the classic footage from the early 2000s when this site first got going.
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    well guys no nut november is officially over
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    Didn't want that to end even after 39mins duration.
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    That's sure a great backyard to have. Will check it out. I did wonder if it was the same guy who used to have loads of man made stuff in his back garden/field in Boxted (one trial on the old EBTC circuit...).
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    So well produced. Loved every minute of it. I almost wish I wasn't so much of an Akrigg fan, so that I would have seen those old photos for the first time in the documentary.
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    That was seriously amazing. It’s like the guy was born on a bicycle. So many famous people talking about him and about his riding, that is serious credit.
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    Cracking film. Great to see some of the real OGs back on film together for a natter too
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    It's far to bloody cold and wet for that nonsense at the moment.