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    Here's a little video I've been working on- both homage to Ryan Leech and chance to build some unusual lines. Thought some of the older riders on here might appreciate it :)
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    Having succinctly put myself out of action for a couple of weeks (bragging rights: broke a blue pallet with my hip, having hit it directly on the supporting block in the middle), I thought I'd put this edit together now rather than wait. Filmed over the past few weeks. Only the first half is riding. The second is crashes. Major grumpy face at the end is because that happened two-hours deep into attempting it. Edit: Worth mentioning that apart from three clips, all of these were filmed on solo rides. That's already achievement enough for me!
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    Hi all, this is new setup for my street 20”.
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    Hey everyone...I recently vlogged in Edinburgh with Adam McGuire and I managed to get enough good looking clips to want to add music and make a little edit. This was filmed in an afternoon and some of the riding is rough around the edges but the response I've had has been good so I plan on using Adam again to film something a bit more polished.
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    A few months ago I decided to start a documentary film series about Bike Trial. In the first episode I worked together with Charlie Rolls. The film will be more than 1 hour long, with many riding clips, interviews, tips for younger and older riders, and with many other extras. I'll publish a new episode in every month about different riders, including young superstars, old legends, street and BIU riders also, not only UCI. This is the trailer: The full film is 1 hour, 34 minutes. (7,3 GB.) You can get the film by supporting my project on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/biketrial_documentaries More info about the next episode coming soon
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    Finally got out and did some filming on my Czar Neuron 26 that's over a year old already. Glad I got all this in the can because I got a new bike this week so I'm changing gears a bit. I hope you enjoy it.
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    You know, I watch lots of vlogs online, and I've finally gotten to the point where I don't feel like a complete dork trying a few out. They won't all be trials, and I don't have an upload schedule like most vloggers, but the trialsy ones I make will be posted here...unless I get trolled haha! On to the first trials vlog. I built up a trials bike modelled after Ryan Leech's Manifesto/Moment builds from the early 2000s. That was one of my favourite eras. This is my first trials ride in 6 months, so I'm a bit rusty.
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    went up to stay with flipp for a few days, thought we'd make a video of it visiting the nerth. always wanted to use a muse song in a video.
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    finally got round to getting this frame repaired and re built. A new drive side chainstay fitted, rear disc mount and stripped the paint job off. Going to have some cable guides fitted in the near future. Lighter than my Fourplay it’s replaced and super short, very happy with it. Running 16/14 ratio and feels a little too easy so have ordered a 13t cog. Spec : Leeson 609 - later longer version inspired forks inspired arcade bars - hope 90x25 stem Hope headset hope m4 brakes middleburn rs7 with trials superbash Izumi super tough track chain shimano xt large pedals chris king SS ISO rear ISO front hubs on Halo T2 rims 36h Schwalbe table top tyres Sell Italia SLR Carbon Ti saddle - unbranded Carbon seat post Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do!
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    Really wanted to make something old school with loads of fisheye and front disc, so yeah, here it is! After the last video of The Blocks we put out there’s been a lot of building of additional stuff going on at Mount Hawke, so here’s a little film of me from a few rides in December. Any queries about The Blocks feel free to get in touch with the skatepark. Looking forward to the summer already!
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    Found the frame in a friends shed. He never built it up. So I bought off him cheap, decided to end my 7 year break from trials and build it up. Last bike I had was an Echo pogo stick, so this is quite different... On paternity leave at the moment, so somewhat limited funds meant budget build. Frame: Norco Manifesto, Reynolds 853 tubing. Fork: Planet X, CroMo steel Wheels: Halo, Supadrive hubs (we'll see if they last...) Cranks: Hussefelts Pedals: CB Stamp 1 Tensioner: I don't know Seat/post: Inspired integrated Stem: BBB 90mm Bars: Spank Spike 777 30 mm Brakes: SRAM Guide RE rear, SRAM Guide RSC front. Both 180 mm disc. Tyres: Table Tops
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    Thought I finally add to this topic. I must admit I've never been much of a car guy, I've driven vans for the last 10 years just so I can take bikes easier...the downside was that vans are expensive (both to buy, tax and insure) and they're pretty boring. Last year my van broke and I couldn't afford to fix it or insure it. Mark had been up in his MX5 and they seem really cool...I decided that I'd like to try one despite not being the most practical choice ever, the deciding factor was the low cost of fixing and insuring it (quoted £150 a year). I wanted a MK1 as they're easier to tell if they have rust issues plus pop up headlights are cool, I also get the classic car status for the cheap insurance. I looked around for a while trying to find a half decent one that would last and I eventually found this one. It's a 1990 Jap import 1.6, it was imported in 2000 and has been owned by the same older guy since. He didn't drive it in winter and always kept it inside when not in use, it had tonnes of paperwork and good previous MOT details and he regularly rust treated the under side. He said he loved the car but at his age was finding it hard to get in and out of it now. He wanted £2000 for it, that included the original wheels in good condition (just old tyres) and the hardtop, considering the condition I didn't haggle much. I can understand why people enjoy driving now, this is the first "fun" car I've had and it's an absolute blast! I'm not keen on the wheels so I'll probably put some new tyres on the originals. I'd like to keep this car for a while so I need to take good care of it, I'd hate to be the person that killed it after all this time!
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    Some people delete their videos who shouldn't. Some people don't who should.
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    I decided not to use them and washed them with disinfectant wipes when I got home No sign of rabies so far so far but my sense of smell and foraging seems heightened.
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    In April I snapped my Achilles riding and had surgery a few weeks later. (weird freak accident on my bike) I spent 2 1/2 months with my left leg completely immobile below the knee. (see atrophy) Today was my first ride since surgery. My riding was horrendous, but my ankle didn't hurt. I'm super pumped, had to share somewhere. I was crazy nervous before my ride.
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    Had a hankering for a short wheelbase 26”. Yet to fit brakes. Edit. The frame was ridden as a jump bike by a 5 stone 12 year old, so hardly has a mark on it. The white mark on the top tube is a lightning sticker. I don't even think its ever had brake bosses fitted.
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    went to ride the biketrial academy round 3 after a great time at round 2- offed myself on the saturday did a shoddy filming job instead. such a good time.
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    I am starting to get comfy on it. I've only crashed once so I'm not trying too hard yet, but here is the next vlog with quite a few lines in it. I felt like I was lacking a theme with this one, so it's just riding really.
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    It's been a while ! We decided to mix our clips again. Filmed in France and Estonia during autumn/winter. Edited by @zhenya
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    Connect bike to generator, use ghost to reduce your carbon footprint and lower electricity bills? Always wondered why movies focus around making ghosts go away, when they can be tricked into producing green energy.
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    Little video of me riding my new frame, Wanted a slightly shorter frame, The Jitsie is perfect. Big thanks to Trials addict for sorting me out
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    This and GET2 illustrate my lament perfectly. Everything that is in there and now absent are what I lust after. I know the old-school riders generally tend to say the golden era of trials was a bit before this, but for an 06 starter, this remains the sport's peak for me. Desperately wish I hadn't lost my GET2.
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    I'm pretty excited writing this, i'm picking this up Friday after viewing it last night and falling in love with it. Specs are: Facelift model 3.0 6 cylinder engine (265bhp) Red leather interior (just incase you missed it) Sat nav with TV Xenons It drove so well and I can't wait to have a fairly fast car for summer. I had an MX-5 last year for summer which was just amazing with the roof down but it needed a bit more oompf, figured 120bhp more might cover it. It needs some scratches polishing out but other than that it's in excellent condition. I know the leather won't be for everyone but I genuinely love it. Plans are: not to f**king turbo it. needs a new gear knob Thanks
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    Hi, I want to show you my first video with my new bike As you see, I can't really go big, but I like tricky situations
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    Biketrials in endless snow...
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    Flipp came down to ride the weekend gone, we rode Cov saturday and oxford sunday- couldnt be arsed lugging my camera around, so its just random phone clips 'twas a fun one. wasnt expecting the 20/30 turning up for the oxford stunts. shame we got kicked off pretty much everything. credit to John Shrewsbury for that rad second dropgap angle.
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    Add the weight. My [debatable] reasoning: The overlap of people looking to save every gram possible and front-disc users is almost non-existent overall, and even smaller when discussing not-20" riders. If weight's their priority, they'd also be better served not using a disc anyway. If you're looking at ~450g + disc brake, that's already a good bit more than ~500g (existing carbon forks) + rim brake. If you were down in the region of a 350g fork + disk brake it might be worth trying to compete, but discs are so much heavier than rim brakes there's almost no point trying. Adding 20g will have almost no impact on the people who would consider buying this product, but having to set a brake back up every time you want to get in the car would. (If I was in the market for a product like this, finding out I had to do that would instantly make me decide against it.)
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    Merry Christmas all 4 active members of TF. Prove me wrong you lurkers.
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    How many pieces is he in now?
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    doesnt really deserve its own thread, but i went out for a few hours in the morning for a solo stunt and filmed this
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    I need a beam screed as I have a load of concreting to do on the farm and it makes for a far better quality finish than doing it by hand. We rented one last time we did some and it was great, the trouble is it was £150 for 3 days and we need one for 2 weeks and then again later this year. They are £1500 new which is absolutely ridiculous and command decent prices secondhand. They are very basic, using an off balance shaft driven by the engine to vibrate the beam, bringing air to the surface and creating a decent surface for outdoors or for further trowelling later if you want it super smooth. So I delved into my scrap bin for my finest rusty off cuts, ordered some bearings, pulleys and a belt. I found a Honda GX160 clone for £50, shoved a new carb on and gave it a service and it ticked over as good as new. Some choppy choppy, melty stick, recycled belt guard, sloppy paint, crossed fingers later and I have a menacing, vibrating, piece of wood with an engine on top! Under £100, a day to build and it seems to work when running on a solid surface, it'll get its maiden run tomorrow
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    For the past few months, every day, without fail, hours after putting it there, my bike will roll forwards a couple centimetres. I’ll be in bed, it’s by my window- and sometime around 9/10pm, I’ll hear the very distinctive hope hub ratchet around 2/3 clicks. With no exceptions. It’s leant against my wall a different way every time, it’s been used that day at a different time each day, and yet it still does it. Genuinely freaks me out a little bit. Anyone ever have something similar?
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    The Alias 20.2 is here. Same as the 20.1 except for colour and 135mm dropouts. I built mine up about two weeks ago but only just got the chance to ride it. A chilly morning solo-ride doddering around Bradford and Leeds. Fresh wheels and everything greased and tight makes a bike feel amazing, but now it's me that feels rusty instead.
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    found these going through the computer of things i filmed/were on my camera, felt like making a video. featuring Mistawong™ Zach, and myself. some good rides in here. (think matt held the camera for some of my clips) fun times. roll on 2019.
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    Few clips from the year .nothing special just old me still hopping about . Enjoy merry Xmas every one.
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    This was too nice not to make a topic for. Got it off Ben Davies. I had one 8 years ago and loved it but I never liked the Pashley forks, too short and too much offset but I just rode it as it was as I didn't have any better forks at the time. With modern 410mm forks it's... 1013 +8 383 About 73, I don't have a protractor. Only had a little manual about but it feels so right already, I think it was the most underrated mid-school frame there was, the other big old school ones were all too dated and there hasn't been much since apart from a Hex which I don't like the bb height.
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    Howdy all, I've been super quiet on the forum the last few years, being much further away from trials than I used to be, having an awesome we lad who's now 3 1/2 (and shit hot on a bike I will add), and working on some really great projects. I've spent much of the last 3 years in Taiwan, not riding anywhere near as much as I'd like, but aside from the wonderful culture, scenery and food out here, the bike production capabilities and potential out here is inspirationally vast. I'm working on a couple of larger projects outside of trials, having been working on my 3-wheeler since 2012, and I have recently started with the production design for Podride. Starting with just wanting a middle-ground (1065ish, low bb, do-it-all) frame - geometry that isn't really available any more, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to get the Phat band back together. Testing on the 26" Union frames has been going really well - JJ Gregorowicz, Andy Ponting, Martin Pretorius and I have been riding our frames for quite a while now and they're super sweet to ride - mega stiff and strong. I've barely stopped the design work on them, and with a lot of updates over these prototypes, we're really excited to be making more announcements about these frames over the coming weeks and months. I was fortunate enough to get a small EU/University grant to cover some engineering work on Chopstick; the single sided fork I posted up about last August. The engineer who spent time on it is a self-acclaimed and imperically validated genius, and did some ground breaking work, largely abstracting the forces, geometry and carbon-fibre layups into some mind-boggling calculations, leading to a really beautiful design. We have been lucky enough to 'poach' him from his University job and are now very proud to welcome James to be working with us full-time. Just today I got to work on Kicker-Gear - two-speed sprockets; which will allow our bikes to have a trials gear and a higher-speed gear for (you guessed it) kickers, and for making generally getting around easier. There are quite a few considerations here, largely around hub compatability, so there's more work to be done and I'd really like to get your thoughts on it. The handlebars are another concept I got riding recently.. There was a fair few comments on Facebook about them, but noone wanting to give them a go! I really like how they feel and haven't caused me any discomfort or got in the way of riding. So there we go, there's lots more in the pipeline I can't wait to get sharing, This is only all possible with your help, so please share your ideas, critique, feedback, what you'd like to see happen and we'll do our best to keep some sweet things rolling out. So give us a follow, and stay in touch Mike. http://www.facebook.com/PhatWorks/