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    How many pieces is he in now?
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    I feel we need to take a minute and just mention Jeff Lenosky by name again. Jeff Lenosky.
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    What a pleasure to go back on a 26 !
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    I watched that video soooooo much. Big Jeff does some incredible lines. Jeff in evolve and Martyn in chainspotting basically changed my life...
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    If you can get it looking as nice as that one to the right then you're onto a winner. Looks a bit of a skip at the moment though. Edit; Flogged the Golf last night. Easy, pleasant sale and got more for it than expected too. Ideal.
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    That was f**king awesome. So many memories in there, like that gap over the canal that Danny talks about that was on my (and I assume lots of people on here) wall for yonks.
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    well guys no nut november is officially over
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    Oh man, I've had a read through a few of these posts and it looks like I'm not alone being over 30 and practically a beginner. Haven't really touched trials since I was 17, and just took delivery of an echo pure mk6 today. Gotta say it's a beautiful thing. My brain still knows what to do but my body is a bit rusty, but the bike just felt great and natural after half an hour of gasping for breath trying back hops. Certainly not as graceful as I once was heh. Anyway, I'm glad to be back in the hobby. Anyone in a similar situation local to Yorkshire?
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    I thought that would clear no problem. (Or something) big jeff ftmfw
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    First ali then u, everyone tryna copy me. 26” since 1999 boyyyyyyyyyyy
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    I ordered some replacement Bilstein dampers for my S6 at the end of July, since then the seller has been telling me 2 more weeks, pretty much every 2 weeks. The start of December is long enough so I'm just going to order some coilovers (although 5x the price and they're a bit illegal without a certificate over here but I know a few local MOT (equiv) testers). The annoying part of the above is that I've been waiting on those to get to my mate so he can send a load of stuff out to me all at once, so since August I've had a billet, hybrid turbo and all the associated upgrade parts waiting for me in an office in Derby. These should now be with me by the end of the year and I'm pretty excited to have 360+bhp You see why coilovers are a smart choice anyway
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    I now need to watch Evolve. Anyone got a link? Jeff Lenosky.