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    Scored this frame brand new mid october and have enjoyed it ever since, slowly swapping out my old tgs parts for new stuff! 20" Koxx Kloud frame Clean K1 forks (colour matched to frame) Jitsie Stem Clean ally Bars Trialtech grips Trialtech levers Echo cranks Jitsie freewheel Try-All caged pedals Koxx mini bashplate Breath front + rear wheels Kenda front tyre Obr rear tyre Front hs33 with coust pads Rear hs33 (splitter) coust pads Front + rear jitsie clamps Purple Ti stem, wheel bolts!
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    So apparetnly i'm moving to Italy! this will be my last video in Costa Rica, hope you like it!
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    Right.. I'm aware of how old this thread is. It made me build my own back in February 2013 and I've been meaning to post it ever since. I've now finally got round to doing V2 of mine. I had my skis bolted in and thing stopping them from moving too freely was the friction between the "hub" and the frame/forks. This wasn't ideal and allowed the skis to flip round in powder or if it lifted off the ground. And they don't work well the wrong way round. The flipping has been addressed with parts from my old mountain bikes rear suspension, the attachment method however has not changed yet... Maybe next year! Thanks to @Ali C for the video on the crank rubbers. Stuffed parts of an old grip into these to stop them from spinning too easily. Way better than the rubber strap (attached to the front now) I used last time, Bunnyhops are a thing now and manuals should be possible too, but it's so damn awkward when you've got a ski and not a wheel! The skis sadly got shagged a bit last year and need some attention. Hope I'll be able to visit a slope soon and make a fun little video with it too.
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    It was/is Bessell. Stan's Kloud 26" is still going too
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