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    @greg1040 Check yourself oot... Also...dude...how can you miss trials? its still there. Get yourself get back involved. What has changed is the TGS'ers have stopped making videos like they used to, then blamed street trials for it. I moved to street trials as i'd been riding barges for too long and got tired of sidehopping / maxed out on my hops. The change to my inspired made trials fun again for me. Change is good for you. Don't be stuck in your ways.
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    I hope you're going to change that tensioner out for a shimano 105 mech with a 50mm piece of gear cable to sort get the right position...
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    I totally forgot to mention Ashton gave me a whole 24inch prototype bike to test for a little while which had the horizontal dropouts. I will have a browse on one of my old hard drives to see if I have a decent picture when I had it. Got some screen shots of it, but it is in the beginning of this video which we blanked out as it was hush hush at that time. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CXgEkoxVQ6M
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    The best riding bike I ever owned hands down
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    Do you feel the benefit of how smooth that Chris King is landing side hops? Pretty serious bling for the front of a 20" trials bike, that's for sure. All the young guns will be like, what dem bars m8?
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    Laughed hard at that. I loved how Clive was able to indulge Kris and Ed by building more or less anything they wanted. Perhaps if either of them had continued to ride trials seriously thereā€™d be more examples of innovation from L3350N 81K35.
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