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    Hi all, this is new setup for my street 20”.
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    This and GET2 illustrate my lament perfectly. Everything that is in there and now absent are what I lust after. I know the old-school riders generally tend to say the golden era of trials was a bit before this, but for an 06 starter, this remains the sport's peak for me. Desperately wish I hadn't lost my GET2.
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    The "golden era" ran between Porter riding trials and not.
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    Offer in on provisional next house hopefully accepted and we can get the ball rolling. Should have the ability to work from home if all goes well and build a nice workshop at home!
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    I love that the comp and street scene used to get on together as one, (with some exceptions..) imagine seeing Tim turn up on his steel Pashley at a comp now a days. watching this really has made dislike the sport today. What a bloody shame.
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    I think that from around 1999 until about this time was a pretty golden era. I was out earlier this evening on my enduro bike, hung out for a while by some of the street spots where I learned to ride my first trials bike almost exactly 20 years ago, and it was quite sad to contemplate that I can never go back to that time. Would kill to relive just one of those carefree days!
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    I wasn't being lazy, just drunk at the time. in hindsight the music is a bit shouty..
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    I've only cut down on crap food a little bit and I'm not in the gym every day, but some core work at home and heavy cardio every other day is working - lost 1.5kg this week
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    Fort Bill street ride, Friday night. Set up Saturday, comp Sunday. I heard Ben Savage was coming to lamp a local then run away.
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    Yeahhh I heard rumours too. Doesn't count just like an on off sideways.
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    The truth is out there. I have Ali's, Mikee has Ashton's. Geek oooot!
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    @Ross McArthur I interpreted bikes that aren't yours, not frames. But I did hold off until you broke the possible rules first.
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    WOW I guess that's my life complete. Thank you very much mr Arthur your my hero! Now I want to see a backflip set grab! Please.......
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    Eddie's cream pashley. Ashtons beast from the east And the red and white justice .
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    Drunk from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Skills.
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    I remember Waking up at around 7 am with a tent hang over to TRA and wayne doing some ridiculous stuff in buthiers, it was cold wet and damp, that gap at 6:07 is still huge.
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    Its interesting how much of a chore the bikes Look to keep on the front wheel unlike todays UCI numbers. Matts KOT does not look like it wants to go.