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    For the past few months, every day, without fail, hours after putting it there, my bike will roll forwards a couple centimetres. I’ll be in bed, it’s by my window- and sometime around 9/10pm, I’ll hear the very distinctive hope hub ratchet around 2/3 clicks. With no exceptions. It’s leant against my wall a different way every time, it’s been used that day at a different time each day, and yet it still does it. Genuinely freaks me out a little bit. Anyone ever have something similar?
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    giving it a wee shake to get the last bit out there..
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    feel like a massive killjoy asking, but central heating on a timer?
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    Sounds like you've got a ghost that really likes the bikes geo. Are you sure you're the only one riding it when you take it for a spin? Any massive improvements riding lately? I've got a kettle that randomly does the sound it makes when it's got the water up to temp, along with the sound of the switch springing back up, though nothing moves or gets hot. I started saying 'enjoy your cuppa' if I happen to be close and mind my own business.
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