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    You know, I watch lots of vlogs online, and I've finally gotten to the point where I don't feel like a complete dork trying a few out. They won't all be trials, and I don't have an upload schedule like most vloggers, but the trialsy ones I make will be posted here...unless I get trolled haha! On to the first trials vlog. I built up a trials bike modelled after Ryan Leech's Manifesto/Moment builds from the early 2000s. That was one of my favourite eras. This is my first trials ride in 6 months, so I'm a bit rusty.
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    I need a beam screed as I have a load of concreting to do on the farm and it makes for a far better quality finish than doing it by hand. We rented one last time we did some and it was great, the trouble is it was £150 for 3 days and we need one for 2 weeks and then again later this year. They are £1500 new which is absolutely ridiculous and command decent prices secondhand. They are very basic, using an off balance shaft driven by the engine to vibrate the beam, bringing air to the surface and creating a decent surface for outdoors or for further trowelling later if you want it super smooth. So I delved into my scrap bin for my finest rusty off cuts, ordered some bearings, pulleys and a belt. I found a Honda GX160 clone for £50, shoved a new carb on and gave it a service and it ticked over as good as new. Some choppy choppy, melty stick, recycled belt guard, sloppy paint, crossed fingers later and I have a menacing, vibrating, piece of wood with an engine on top! Under £100, a day to build and it seems to work when running on a solid surface, it'll get its maiden run tomorrow
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    I think it was Evolve, yeah that section is fantastic. It is still how I want to ride on rocks, fail every time.
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    looks like it has a Monty 25" rear wheel? random! To add balance, I like the way the seatstays join higher
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    After 15-20 years of not riding trials I recently bought this Crescent Ilions! It's in a quite worn state and in need of some repair but the frame is in good shape, the wheels are straight and the old Maguras are working fine!
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    I've been thinking of building one up myself recently, got a weird desire for a Hex. Looks tidy!
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    From Tartybikes: "25" rear tyre from Monty, only suitable for use on their 25" rims with BSD of 537mm (regular 26" rims are 559mm). Please note that the sidewall graphic states 26", but this is the diameter of the tyre when inflated on a wheel, it IS to fit a 25" rim."
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    I had a spin on a hex fairly recently, they are super nice. I would consider one if I was looking for something new, it would be tough to move away from the Arcade though. The bike looks great, the mk1 fourplays are great frames. Have fun.
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    I'm a big fan of the Holy Roller 2.4 front and rear. I'm in the US and they can be had for relatively cheap (not the 24" version however, $$$ Oi!) I do only street and almost always near sand and the Maxxis compound stays supple for the life of the tyre. The Kenda (K Rad) compound gets hard fairly quickly and looses grip and Schwalbe tyres just wear out too quickly. I tried the Conti X Kings and Race Kings, but they have too much of an MTB tread and slide off skinny rails and don't carve concrete so well. The Holy Rollers are just too easy. They tick all the boxes for me.
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    I can relate to that too, after I got my 29er MTB a few years back and rode only that bike for a month or so my BMX was really dangerous! But after a while the swap between bikes goes much better.