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    Found the frame in a friends shed. He never built it up. So I bought off him cheap, decided to end my 7 year break from trials and build it up. Last bike I had was an Echo pogo stick, so this is quite different... On paternity leave at the moment, so somewhat limited funds meant budget build. Frame: Norco Manifesto, Reynolds 853 tubing. Fork: Planet X, CroMo steel Wheels: Halo, Supadrive hubs (we'll see if they last...) Cranks: Hussefelts Pedals: CB Stamp 1 Tensioner: I don't know Seat/post: Inspired integrated Stem: BBB 90mm Bars: Spank Spike 777 30 mm Brakes: SRAM Guide RE rear, SRAM Guide RSC front. Both 180 mm disc. Tyres: Table Tops
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    Hi, here are some pictures of my new bike featuring all the latest parts from the brand: new AS30 crankset, new ultimate 108 handlebars and new rims. Thanks for watching
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    Just finished rebuild my all time favourite bike thanks to Ben at Trials Addict, now time for some dirty droppy g's!! First few clips on my instagram: tgs_chriss GU Frame Zoo forks Trialtech Bars+stem Echo headset Trialtech bb Ko bashring Echo cranks Rear maggy - front vee Trialtech rims - rear pro4 - front echo hub WAW Vee Tyres
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    Im feeling nostalgic, now that i own a bike with a seat again, so heres my little tribute to some of the more handsome bikes from the past, they didn't always ride very well, but they looked lovely. Dimond back racing, never actually saw one of these in the flesh, looked amazing with the hot S though Brisa B26D easily one of the heaviest worst riding bikes i've ever owed, but they were beautiful so its okay.. Orange Zero, what a hero. when trials was on the verge of getting taken seriously by the mountain bike industry orange dipped their toe in the water, then the french changed everything. bloody Koxx
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    Hey guys, After a break from trials of more than 4 years I decided a few months back to get back into riding. Back in 2013 I purchased an Echo Trial 24 frame from Duncan Shaw. Needless to say the frame was in need of some love back then!: The bike remained in this state and wasn't ridden until October last year where I slowly began a bit of a restoration to bring things more inline with the modern bikes. I was keen to tidy up the look of the bike up somewhat and so set about respraying the frame in Matt Black (Charlies Stores special!) and purchased a number of new bits such as tyres, wheels, bars, stem, brakes, cranks, freewheel and more. This weekend I finally got round to the finishing touches and I am really happy with the result, the bike now looks and rides like it means business. Hard to believe the difference compared to when I first got it back in 2013! The only thing left to do will be to shorten the rear brake hose, but that hasn't bothered me too much in the few months I've been using it. The total weight of the bike comes in a shade over 7.9kg, which I'm really pleased with. I'm now looking forward to warmer weather and longer days to get more practice and learning in. I'll list a rough spec below the photos for those interested. Cheers - Lewis Frame: 2011 Echo Trial Fork: Bonz HS33 24" Headset: Trialtech SL Front Wheel: Echo Urban disc hub, Jitsie 24" front rim Rear Wheel: Bonz hub 135mm, Jitsie 24" rear rim Front Tyre: Schwalbe Rocket Ron 24 x 2.1 Rear Tyre: Schwalbe Fat Albert 24 x 2.4 Front Tube: Maxxis Ultralight 20" Rear Tube: Jitsie Light 24" Stem: Crewkerz WAW WPP RS 145mm x 15deg Bars: Jitsie Carbon 730mm x 110mm Grips: Jitsie Foam, Jitsie bar ends Cranks: Rockman CNC SL 170mm Freewheel: Jitsie Race 135 click Bashring: Echo SL half ring Pedals: Jitsie 7075 caged with Jitsie grip tape Chain: KMC Z610 BB: Echo Urban ISIS Front Brake: Magura HS33R, Heatsink Coust pads, Echo TR clamps Rear Brake: Magura HS33R, TNN LGM pads, Echo TR clamps
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    New bars, stem and tyres! Feels so much better! Definatly not designed for an old school build. Last picture is the old setup
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    Not my bike here but does anyone remember the sunn trials bike? Ed tongue was riding it before the pashley was born, there is an issue of mbuk with him doing an endo on the front and looking down at the camera, great intro article on the pashley in that one, I wish I could find a copy on the plus side, I have a sunn trials frame hanging up in my man cave
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    Fantastically light (compared to the 24" console), my new Hex, all shiny and glittering out of the box. Very good feel straight out, hardly any adjustment moving from 24 to 26", it rides so nicely! Frame: Inspired Hex aluminium Fork: Inspired Hex (15mm bolt through axle). Bars: Inspired Arcade High-Rise Riser Stem: Trialtech Sport, 90mm x 35° rise Crank: Hope Trial Pedals: Fire Eye platform. Brakes: Magura MT7 with 180mm discs. Seat: Tripod Kevlar seat with tripod. Rims: Inspired V2 Team, 26" Hubs: Hope Pro 4 Disc Chain Tensioner: Integrated Inspired Tyres: Continental Race King 26x2.2". Gear Ratio: 22/18 Wheelbase in this current setting: 1023mm Chainstays: 380mm Bottom bracket height: +20mm (50mm lower than my comp bike). A few titanium bolts too here and there... I reckon it is under 10kg
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    Here's the latest addition to my collection. A 2000 (I think) 221 X-Lite in very good condition. As far as I can make out, completely original except for tyres and grips.
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    There were these trials specific ones which went with the Pace RC250-T and its integrated headset. At 420mm they were too long for anything else and felt wrong. Not sure if Akrigg ever used these late ones but Danny & Adam at Trialskings had them, in the "Korn" video.
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    Those decals.. On a side note, the little television logo is now very similar to the 'TV' Emoji for apple devices
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    Been a while, thought I'd post a little bike update: Inspired Skye V3 Wrapped in vvivid vinyl Taxi Green (Chartreuse) Animal Edwin Flangless Grips Hope FR CNC 75mm x 25' Magura MT7 Macaskill x Shimano SLX 203mm Rotors The rest is pretty much stock. Hope you guys like! Click here for more pics.
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    Having built up my Ashton ET, I thought I’d look for something with a bit more trials geometry... and a rear disc mount. Still steering clear of Inspired at the moment. Ended up buying this from this very forum as a starting point: The 4 bolt mounts on the forks had been hacked back - I intend to finish this off nice and smooth, the rear chainstay/wishbone support on the frame had been cut off to allow for the rear disc calliper to fit - and these frames don’t fit particularly large callipers anyway. I continued to look for something else to help with the Frankenstein build and found an Onza Zoot - a mate of mine recently bought one and I really like the way it rides so I went and met the guy selling this one - top lad and it had been well looked after:
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    I’ve seen that grey zoot - looked ace! A lot lighter in colour than mine though! Yes I’ll be chopping the seat post out and putting the inspired one on from the diamondback when I’ve ridden it a few times. Also need to make sure the seat clears the tyre. Yes I’ll remove the pins from the mounts for vee’s but keeping the mount on there incase the disc mount cracks. And yes well spotted mate - Santa Cruz black pro 2 hubs was thinking all black for this if sprayed - here’s another I saw in black and I love it:
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    I think I can chuck my hat in the ring on this one . All ways wanted one and was lucky to get one of the low'ish numbers at 39. Needs a bit of work but some thing to do I guess .
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    Love it. Here is my pashley from many moons ago (early 2000) I'd love to know where it is now... Its what I'm riding in my little profile picture on here
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    They'll be learning footjam whips next
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    I think the death sentence for most is rot. Mine was pretty scabby towards the end. I made fairly decent money breaking it though, a good chunk of the parts went abroad. A working transtop is really cool for its age:
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    That's what the warning on the video is for. Paid promotion. Big dirty Adidas logo on his T-shirt paired with "Danny setting up his own go-pro on a tripod" concept - Click-Bleep. What can I say, it works as an Ad! And dare I say, the previously mentioned Dirty logo looks good! Instantly made me think of Kenny B. Its still orange.
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    It was indeed. Hacked away at some brake mounts as well, and then put it in the shed to rot with the rest of my bikes
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    Looking to sell my fourplay. Was bought as the pro spec but has had almost all the team spec put on. Looking for around £1000